World of Warships – Who needs torps with these guns

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Mutsu is one the BBs I never rly bothered playing but it has rly good guns is quite deadly. On top that you DO have torps that rld VERY fast and can be quite useful in close quarters…if you let your enemies get to you that close ofc xD
Enjoy have fun watching 😉


  1. Something something early joke

  2. FlashBack / Striker99

    well balanced

  3. There’s just something about T6 BBs man…
    Had a similar experience with the Izmail. Instantly deleting things left and right. 170k matches at T6 is a good feeling..

    • @Gareth Fairclough what, the izmail? what ranges were you firing them at? Its a brawling BB, get closer

    • Same here in my warspite. 3 kills and 156k. would have gotten 166k of not for QE that burned me down.

    • This was in any BB, but back in the day before even Russian cruisers were in the game. Like I said, shots would go everywhere but the target, at any range. Close in, mid range or long range, shots would just rain all around the target. The Warspite (which was said, at the time, to be an “amazingly accurate ship, with guns that behave like lasers”) was one of the biggest fuckers for this. Shots would just flat out go everywhere.

      It’s part of why I stopped playing the game. Too frustrating.
      Fun to watch a good game, though.

    • @Sheppart92 Fritz It’s so annoying. My Sinop kept overpenning on a Amagi(!) at 11 km today. How is that even possible? 1295 damage per salvo three times in a row before I got killed off.

  4. Killing a pig at less than four minutes into the game. Sweet tap-dancing baby Jesus, that must have been satisfying.

  5. Omaha players: the masochistic spank boys of WoWs #HurtMeDaddy!

    • Pretty sure the Konigsberg and Nurnberg take that title.

    • @onebigfatguy no omaha and furutaka are easiest ships to score citadels on

    • I love the Omaha. Good range, nimble, and with an IFHE captain you can effectively melt both BBs and heavier cruisers. Also, the gun layout means you always have guns pointing at stuff so you can juke and dodge and still be shooting. Of course juking and dodging is mandatory at all times in the Omaha because it sure doesn’t stand up to being hit – but staying at 15 km range (while dropping a steady stream of IFHE 152 mm on people) means you have enough time to dodge most of the crap the red team hurls at you.

      Captains straightlining their Omaha of course get deleted faster than you can say Kii though.

  6. I think ending a game at 0 points shouldn’t be a thing… so many points still to farm, just out of the window ^^ (and often enogh seen it, when there was still potential for a turn)

  7. Re-Class Battleship

    Ara~, Ara~, you know how to steer Mutsu.

  8. so marvelous dispersion just only once

  9. I have seen some of my teams melt faster at tier 10.

  10. ahh hiei audio, i never replace kongo from T1 to T9

  11. Low tier us so much fun ???

  12. Works when top tier, try it in T8:)

  13. Nah I seen this on live , and I know what’s going happened

  14. Who else would escape from an encounter w 3 enemy ships w little more than a scratch…even after presenting all of the legs, ass and some p***y aka a perfect broadside…? I’m not buying it. Propaganda.

  15. Seal clubber strikes back

  16. Lo, I don’t remember destroying ship guns was a thing in WoWS…

  17. Nice video

  18. A match were the Mutsu boomsticks are overperforming as hell! Normally you get Overpens and Scatters in high numbers (you hab some of these salboes against König).

  19. 3:56 the Omaha is literally made of paper mache

  20. Hehe shown this replay to Jingles?

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