World of Warships – Whole lotta BALANS

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It's time to bring out the hammer, it's time to BALANS everyone with one of the most BALANSED ships in the game. The one and only… KREMLIN !!!

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Pulls up chair and gets out the popcorn
    7 minutes and 23 seconds later…
    that was quick

  2. Saw title. Instantly knew it would be Colbert, Smolensk, or Kremlin. ?

  3. 3:41 you need “balans” to counter “balans”

  4. first blood the smolensk
    flambass have avenge us… he has AVENGE US

  5. (In flex tape guy voice) THAT’S A LOT OF BALANCE!

  6. too short damnit I could ve watched this for another 30 minutes….

  7. Smolensk: tick. Harugumo: tick. Worcester: tick. Nice.

  8. See Flambass the spreadsheet is right, you got a whole lot of fun xD

  9. i just loved the semi-blind balancing of smolensk 😀

  10. That Smolensk obliterated… that feels good, revenge on op Russians (even if it’s with an other op Russian lol, but at least less op in comparison).
    GG mates. ?

  11. How are they Nerfing Kremlin? Damn it just when I’m nearly there…

  12. When they nerfed the Kreml and what exactly?

  13. I would love to see some more USA heavy cruiser gameplay

  14. Who needs the hand of Stalin after that first blood 😛

  15. 3:40
    By the order of the Kremlin and Stalin himself, go to Gulag.

  16. Why all people in this vid show their broadside, it never happen in my game

  17. “spreadsheets say they had fun”

  18. “The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.”

  19. I find it funny how he likes to mention alot of having overpens. I think he’s obsessed about overpen’s. Lol

  20. The two of you sure gave them a hell of a paddling, ?

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