World of Warships – WHOLE TEAM goes middle – not good xD

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I very much like 2 brothers map and I do like to go through the middle but I wouldn’t exactly advise EVERYONE to go through the middle. You need at least 1 strong flank otherwise you find yourself in crossfire. However, it does make it funny xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Patrick Joergensen

    This should be fun 😛

  2. Send this to Jingles so he gets a good laugh 🙂

  3. this is premium Jingles material!

  4. Why would you need to say anything? People see “Flambass” and “Two Brothers” and automatically go middle.

  5. “Is the old man going to be interested in this” Oof

    • If Jingles doesn’t pick this one up he’s neglecting his job as CC, and should be up on charges of Dereliction of Duty.

  6. send this to the old man

  7. an attack helicopter

    How many ships must go down the center?

    Screw it, all of them

  8. Flambass, please send this to jingels, he will love this

  9. Peter Arbeitsloser

    Next ranked season on this map would make a lot of people happy.

  10. Not good?
    *It was GLORIOUS!*

    This is like those Tog only matches in World of Tanks. Epic.

  11. “I creamed, I just F******g creamed”…4 seconds…sadly the longest that Monkey has lasted in a while…….In the game of course.

  12. The way I see it, 10 players were able to go through the middle with Flambass and Monkey. The story will be told 1000 times today with the biggest smiles.

  13. i wrote a ticket to wg support and they didn’t give my Siegfried!!!

  14. I can hear Jingles laughing at his own bad jokes now !!

  15. man what I wouldn’t give to see the other team’s chat XD

  16. Jingles just posted an EBR-105 video, he needs to see this

  17. You may not win, but those are the kinds of battles where you end with a smile on your face

  18. “Sir we’re surrounded!”
    “Good! We have them right where we want them!”

  19. I can imagine the enemy Roon secretly going through the middle thinking “I may surpise a couple of them” 🙂

    • I can just imagine their brown pants moment when they realise they are facing the entire enemy team unassisted!

  20. That was like a round of battlefield v with but with warships.

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