World of Warships: Whoops…

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: God of the sea and also the rather vicious British Tier IX light . You can have some pretty good games in this ship…until you do something stupid. Like I do in this one…


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  1. first like

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  3. we all have Opsie moments……… well played …. till then… ops . Not looking forward to the next patch.. if they progress with the firing thingy , but life goes on and I am sure smoke sharing will become a thing .

  4. Why no premium smoke though? Or am I a blind potato?

  5. Have you tried doing some game playthrough series? My guess is your commentary isn’t scripted in any way, and I bet it would come out great. If you ever dive into such things like Horizon Zero Dawn, Mass Effect, Witcher and the likes.. please record it 🙂

  6. Agree that DDs get a raw deal xp wise. Had a game in my Kagero, where I held played pretty much a scout role. used my smoke to shield friendly BBs, spotted for 80k damage, and used torps to shepherd enemy ships away from the flank. my reward? Near bottom in a win.

  7. I suppose the acceleration mod will be more useful after next patch, since sitting in smoke will be more common. I agree that xp for spotting should be added/increased not just for dd’s but cv’s as well. Personally i am not concerned with the stealth fire nerf since i am used to kiting in my dd’s anyway, i think it may even help team game play…..maybe.

  8. I agree on the DD economics. I’ve had battles were I’ve done little damage but helped alot in scouting, harassing fire, denying area with torps, smoking teammates and caping, and you still end up in the lower part of the list. To earn XP and credits you have to either do alot of damge or cap everything on the map, TWICE!

    I wonder if a bonus to distance traveled would work? It would promote active scouting and might help against camping.

    Remember: Not spoting anything is also good information.

  9. 9:54 those are not the Zao F3 torps. Those are the Ognevoi torps. 2X3 launchers. Zao has got 2X5 launchers. You may say, but Ognevoi has 4km torps. No no no, when she was moved to T8 She got 10km set.

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