World of Warships – Whos Kraken is that?

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It’s pretty funny when you don’t realize someone has and is about to score a Kraken….even if it’s you xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. I’ll take it if you don’t want it.

  2. Rogue is a crackup, I like him

  3. The legends of old say the first brave souls to click on a flambass video at 3 in the morning were rewarded with hearts…

  4. just tell Monkey to cut and paste a 1 on his damage… all the cool kids are doing it lol

  5. The Tank Commander

    Keep it up Flambass me boyo! The Tank Commander

  6. Chung mu is 5x times better then Yueyang…

  7. potatokrakeeeeen!! 😀

  8. Saludos de CHILE REQLO!!!!

  9. I love your commentary Flambass. Please never change.

  10. Its all fun and games when you know

    Its your kraken and you handed it for someone else

  11. Damn you disapoint me man the other day whit your rant and total disrespect for your viewers. I ended my sub and left that evening.
    But its like you said. You dont care do you
    I will problably still watch time you from time to time
    Not thaaaaa maaaaan anymore though

  12. I orgasm every time I see the YouTube notification that flambass has posted.

  13. i had such a good laugh, in deed what i needed today. And Rogue is such an awesome and funny guy!

  14. I imagined god coming down in form of the Mushi with Hatori Hanzos voice from Kill Bill. “WHERE ISU MY DELLETU BUTONU ???”

  15. Just commenting becuase i heard the creazer gets cash?

  16. I had an amazing game in HMS Hood yesterday. 6 kills, 9 citadels, 186k damage, double strike, first blood, 2x dev strikes, high cal, Kraken etc etc. Nearly 2.7k base. The update to Hood has transformed this ship for me! That’s a replay file I’m saving!

  17. this just in ghost steals kills

  18. Michael Søndergaard

    okay so ive never had a kraken so what happens when you get it?

    • you get some flags . you also get to feel good because you have killed nearly 50% of the opposing team 🙂

  19. I just love your obliviousness from time to time Flambass xD

  20. i swear RogueMonkey sounds like a guy i used to play EVEonline with.

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