World of Warships Why Are You Still Playing

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So why are you still playing? Not you, the players enjoying the game. We know why you are. I’m talking about the people that play World of Warships and detest the other players, the mechanics, Wargaming and the works. If you hate the game so much why are YOU playing? I’m curious. I also want to help you enjoy the game though. So listen up while I socialize a concept.


  1. Welcome to playing cv. It was whinnyness that killed to cv

  2. In fact, I’m not playing WoWs right now, because I’m not enjoying it and am totally burnt out on the content it has provided.
    I have, instead, picked up WoT, but that game is even more toxic than WoWs, so I’ll most likely come back to WoWs if I don’t find anything better to play.

    Here is where I think it went wrong in April:
    April fools mode was fun, but not being able to complete any of the Normandie or Varyag missions in Clan Battles or Space mode made me feel like I was needlessly playing extra hours.

    (I’m not mad or anything, I’m just tired)

  3. Perfect. This should be on the WG main page. Player toxicity is nuts these days.

  4. I think I just might be 1 of only a few people who doesn’t rage … not even in WoT … its a game and should be fun . yes we play with many people from all over the world . and everyone has a different player skill and mindset some are Disabled and some are super fast thinking , some are tactical genus’s and some are not that’s the diversity of the game . yes the match maker is frustrating but they are trying to fix it . and they are working on the CV’s too . in my opinion if you are not getting fun out of any game you are playing then have a break and play something else . life is far too short to wast time on a game that is not fun for you … . have fun guys 🙂

    • “yes the match maker is frustrating but they are trying to fix it . and they are working on the CV’s too .” they are trying to fix what and in what amound of time?

    • Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

      To one of Zoup’s points, I don’t think the player base in WoWs is any saltier than for any of the other MMO’s out there. It’s a lot nicer than WoT, that’s for sure. I don’t rage, either. I mean, there are times I want to – but if I ever do bring it up, I end up trying to present whatever the issue is as a polite suggestion, or as a question. What looks stupid to me from where I’m sitting might make perfect sense from the driver’s seat of the other boat. Less salt and vinegar out, less salt and vinegar in return.

  5. Confused Let me get this straight this is a complaint about complaining. This in and of itself makes you a complainer. lol

    • erm I don’t think you understand what complaining is then lol, he is asking the complainers why they are complaining, then telling them what they can do about it…

    • Ivan TheTerrrible

      Maybe if he watch this vid few more times, he will get the point of it.

    • Baby logic

    • Most certainly do he is complaining about the complainers. Duh not rocket science here. lol, I know logic escapes a lot “sheeple” esp. Americans. If you discriminate a group ie. the complainers and give suggestion upon what they can do to appease you. It’s called a complaint. I do not have the time or resources to educate the masses but damn. You can soften it down or in this case dumb it down and it still comes to one conclusion quit complaining. (I have the Forest Whitaker eye at the moment.) * ask one of your more educated friends what that means.

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Capt Chemo u mad bro? 😀

  6. I was so positive with this game. Then i tried grinding us and jap CV line and blissfully tormented by saipan

  7. I pretty much ignore chat (except to say sorry if i run into someone).The only thing i complain about is AFK ships!

    • ^^^ THIS ^^^ “I pretty much ignore chat…”. I don’t play ranked any more because of the whining, and never bothered with Clans. Been hitting the scenario thingies lately just to unwind from work, and occasionally Co-ops if I wanna test a wonky config before taking it into other modes. Sooo much more civilized in there. Sadly, all the TKers are gonna get funneled into those modes now.

      Play a LOT less since the IJN DD split, and the USN cruiser and DD lines became of interest. Now the USN cruiser split and power creep into the USN DD gun boat line is just pissin’ me off.

    • Chat is worthless if people are using it to abuse others. I pretty much ignore chat for the most part, unless someone is directing me to “cap that circle over there” or “provide cover for that cruiser going towar cap circle A” or whatever. Otherwise, chat is an annoyance.

    • Joe Ciarametaro hahaha I usually give a “good luck and fair seas” and the my bad if I hit a ship as well.

  8. I was abused at my first T8 game. I stopped playing for 3 months. Then i just realized this is because of anonimity and it is the same all over the net. So i do not care if somebody calls my mum on names, usually i just type “feel sorry for you”. One guy sent me a message after that “I have the right to be angry when you make mistakes” and i said “I agree. Just think if we would play in reality not over internet, would you talk the same way?” then he went away…

    • You have to work at it a bit at first, and then you can become able to not be much negatively affected by shait people are saying to you ingame and around the net.
      For most of human existance we lived as hunter-gatherers in small extended family groups and tribes. So we are probablly hard-wired to consider what people around us are saying to us. Theese groups and tribes were probablly a very close group. Things are a bit different now. To say the least.

  9. I agree, but I still like to drive around with my middle finger up as a pre-emptive measure.

  10. Man this is true, some people act like babies. I get mad because of things as well but I remember this is just a game. People act they got money on their win. It is really annoying.

    • A) Many of those people ARE babies…or at least children.

      B) People DO have money on the win. Exp and Credits have monetary value (they can be exchanged for doubloons) and therefore are an incentive to toxic play.

    • dclark142002 I don’t think anyone has spent more than me, and I don’t get all toxic.

  11. I recently jumped into a T1 random just for the fun of it. On our team we have two guys who just stayed behind islands and watched while the rest of the team died. I asked them to come out of hiding and help.

    The amount of abuse I got scared the shit out of me!

    I’ve played the game since the first day of Open Beta but the hate I face in game right now is about to break me.

    I’ve also asked some people in chatt why they don’t stop playing the game if it’s that bad and they usually answer: “I’ve put to much money into it to walk away.” I answer: “Ever heard about a divorce? If people can walk away from kids, homes and somone they used to love, then you can walk away from this.”

    I love this game. It’s the players attitude I have a problem with. Hiding, playing passive and then complaining how much everyone and everything sucks.

    To those I say: “Of course it’s boring, you’re not doing anything. Get out from behind that island, charge at the enemy and feel your blood pumping. And maybe, maybe, you’ll win the game but you’ll feel a lot better and you will have fun.”

  12. WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO!?!?! Haha just kidding, absolutely agree with ya, it’s so a matter of perspective.

  13. Have to admit every now and then I get pissed off at other players actions, but then I make many mistakes myself. Thanks for the great insight always a pleasure to listen to you. And as an old adage I like to quote goes. “Don’t interrupt me while I am making a mistake.” — Fair winds and following seas

  14. Negativity far more contagious than Positivity unfortunately. So let’s try and spread a little love.  🙂

  15. I’m playing WoWs because it’s NOT WoT and their crappy economy system. WoWs is fair but enjoyable (and no gold ammo). And that’s why I play Ships and not Tanks.

  16. It’s addictive behavior. I dealt cards in a major US casino for about 4 years, and it’s the same thing here; we had regular players who spent more hours in the casino each week than any employee, and spent the majority of that time complaining and insulting everyone within earshot. They kept coming back for the same reason these negative players keep logging in to Warships–they remember the good nights they had when everything went right and they won big, so they keep fruitlessly chasing those memories despite being constantly beaten down by reality. The key difference is that casino games are inherently rigged in the favor of the house and an individual’s knowledge of the game only serves to lessen their disadvantage. In Warships there is no rigging involved, but it’s much easier for the average person to blame the game mechanics, the matchmaker, their teammates, or aliens working with the Illuminati rather than accept that they just aren’t all that good at the game & work to improve.

    Just like in the casino, few of these players even recognize these truths from a purely logical standpoint, and even those quickly lose sight as soon as they dive back in and experience results that don’t stack up to their unrealistic expectations. And just like problem gamblers, nothing you say is going to change their behavior in anything more than the extreme short term…they aren’t going to work on fixing their problem until something clicks inside to give them the desire to.

    • Uhrm…you do realize that F2Play platforms share much in common with casinos and rigged play…

      Psycological manipulation to encourage grinding over fun (so that paying customers get potatoes to shoot at) is a rig in favor or WG and an individuals knowledge of the game only serves to lessen the disadvantage if the player is not willing to splash the cash.

      I’m not saying it’s a casino (yet). Just pointing out that the general layout of the game IS rigged in favor of those who pay money…and the primary function of WG is NOT to provide an excellent game, but to make a profit off a ‘good enough’ game.

    • You’re misinterpreting “rigged”. In a casino, mathematical probability is factored into every game ensuring that barring extraneous factors (i.e., cheating), every game *will* net a long-term profit for the house. A frequent player literally cannot win over the long run, and can only hope to minimize their losses. Warships is not “rigged” in the house’s favor because the house does not play (excluding occasional events) and has no interest in who wins or loses. The game is obviously designed to make people want to spend money on it, but sinking real money into the game does not offer anyone an advantage beyond advancing through the grind more rapidly. Okay, and enabling mediocre or poor players to survive the economics of high tier play…at any rate, the game is absolutely not rigged for or against any player(s).

      If you want to draw a correlation to the gaming industry this would be closer to a poker room, where the house does not wager for or against anyone but instead takes a percentage of each pot (the “rake”), regardless of which player(s) win it. The operator of the poker room obviously wants to ensure a fun, comfortable, and efficient experience for their players in order to maximize the amount of rake they take in and keep the room full, but a good player can still win over the long run by consistently making better decisions than their competitors. And yes, poker rooms are filled with people who _still_ think the game is rigged because that’s easier than admitting personal fault and working toward improvement.

    • I noticed that I play more badly when grinding than when playing for fun after having grinded something. And thus when griding, I am more prone to rage over people (only when I’m out of reports, to me reports are utterly useless except as an alternative to rage).
      And really, people not wanting to quit temporarily because they invested money into the game are just plain stupid. The game won’t disappear in a matter of weeks, they can stip playing for a couple of weeks/months that’s no problem. Investment into the game is just long term investment to me.

  17. I’m playing very much with CVs, especially Saipan, over the past few weeks and i can only laugh about people in DDs who go where the whole enemy team with 80-100 point AAs is going and complain that i don’t support them xD
    But what should i do? Send my 2×3 torpedo bombers into AA where they get shot down within 10 seconds?

  18. In my experience, the toxicity of the player base has been high for a quite while now. I haven’t played in 3 months. Reason I left is one of the clan members felt I wasn’t pulling my weight, even though I was playing every day, grinding my butt off. He took it upon himself to ban me from the clan I was in and the clan’s discord channel. So maybe clans weren’t for me, I don’t know. But I’m not an elite gamer, I’m more of a casual WoWS player. But, I thought I was singled out, as there were about 6 of us in our clan who were casual players. But anyway, whatever, this is the first time I’ve spoken out about my experience on WoWS. Would I return? Absolutely. But the climate among the player base has to change.

    • Carl,
      Your experience is why I have not joined a clan yet either. Clans in my view add division to the player base. I am now a casual player also due to this. I do love the ships and in the end it is just a game. As someone who also took a break from the game, it really helped me enjoy it again. Hope it does for you also.

  19. I literally never care about chat

  20. Amen! I was in a battle last night where several of my teammates were so busy arguing about how shit the other was, they forgot the fight battle.

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