World of Warships – Why Change CVs

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Discussing why Wargaming wants to change Carriers in World of Warships. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. I really don’t want them to change carriers because RTS keeps the plebs in check and the good players good but carriers are really messed up atm due to having a terribly dumb player base. The same problem happened with SPG’s in world of tanks (minus the player number problems) but I have my faith in the wows dev team.

    • that’s the problem with not running some sort of skill based mm though.

    • TheLinkandmarioshow

      Thank you for saying what needs to be said

    • But at the same time we all saw what a disaster the big arty change was for WoT, hugely frustrating for those that are now getting hit 80-100% of the time and constantly being stunned vs the 1 in 50 games where RNG dropped the shell on your engine deck and one shot you. Also hugely frustrating for those in arty, as even maintaining maximum rate of fire and direct hits all game and you barely deal enough damage to kill one tank. Lose-lose.

      I’m afraid this is what will happen to CVs. Some all-encompassing revamp that will make them both terrible to play, and worse to play against.

    • Steve Hemmings Here’s what’s particularly dumb; expecting the unrealistic. Not going to happen. If you can’t understand for what obvious reasons why skill based MM would be extremely impractical then you’re not merely dumb; you’re dumb and dumber.

    • Your comment made me roll my eyes so hard that I pulled a muscle in my back.

  2. I’ve the rts style its different which is why I like it.
    One problem they have is got teir aa at the high levels. You cabr play midway in the first part of the game because every plane is gone at 6km.
    The biggest problem is the community. The constant whining from players that have never played cv. They get droped on 1 time out of 20 games and they lose there stuff.
    They blame cv for every loss when I have hax hundredes of game when we lost and I was the only one with a kill and no cv in the game.
    Its the whinnyness that sunk the cv.

    • Irrelevant, its CVs we are talking about and in CV games teh CV has too much say in the outcome of teh match. Almost always if there is a big difference between teh CV players then the team with the better CV player wins

    • brojajacra I would agree but the cv game I have in come down to the wire. As opposed to the hundreds of games that are one sided with no cv.

    • In the one sided games that have had no CV can you point to it being down to one player being better than one other player? No its generally down to the team playing like a bunch of individuals whilst teh enemy plays like a team. A good CV player will dominate and decide a match when up against a poor one. the stats, feedback and crash diving CV population proves this which is why WG is changing it

    • brojajacra does it matter if its one person or 5 people. A loss is a loss

    • It matters a Lot if one person can influence teh match so much, most matches with CV come down to which is the better CV player and not which is the better team. teams can be rallied and focused when getting beat but nothing can be done when you have a shit CV and the enemy CV is just raping your team with spotting and kills

  3. Carriers are so powerful 2 Des moines on one side switch them off completely. Why would anyone say that it’s 1v1? Most cruisers have a very strong ability to defend themselves not to mention super AA ships like Minotaur or Des Moines which are unteachable basically? I am a CV player and i can guarantee to you there are games where you are a Super Unicum player and enemy CV is super potato and still you can’t carry it. Your torpedo planes hit every 3 minutes not every 10-30 seconds. And Carriers were influential hence there’s 1 per side . Unless you want to go directly into the realm of fantasy then you can’t remove it as is. What is needed is matchmaking systems that matches skill ratings not what it’s now.

    • Hand Bannana in EU sever it remain the same, insane level of AA at top tier, i personaly like the idea of have low dps in the long range aa(a nerf basically) and increase the value depend how close the plane will be in the middle and short, at the same time decrase the pure alpha damage drastically for bomb and torp(and basically prevent devastating strike, so irritating for player(look the AP bomb…), also incourage to deal damage over time that require more skill and rng(sry for bad english)

    • You can’t use WR for MM. WR is not a measure or skill but a measure of how lucky you are to have the more competent team.. Using the avg battles played on ships on and make it the same on each side will insure both sides have at least equil battle experience to some degree. I have done research on this and the number that sticks out is always the sum of battles played ons team

    • A CV might not be able to carry every game – nobody does. Sometimes RNG kicks you hard in your balls but a good CV player will be patient, recognizing weak spots in the enemy team and exploit them while an average or even bad CV player will waste planes in useless attacks on ships within an unpenetratable AA bubble. Especially in the beginning of a game. When the game progresses ships will likely have lost some AA guns in the process by getting hit. And then comes the time when a CV can shine and some players will. A CV may even be in the position to capture caps because he kept track of where the enemy was and eliminating threats very surgical.

      If you watch replays of very good CV players you will see that they make a difference by a very big margin if they don’t get paired with someone of their skill. No other type of ship is impacted by skill that much.

    • Hofnaerrchen yes it’s true but i have more games when I get krakkens even clearskies yet Red wins losing 5 ships Green team is a total loss and most AA match up the only Ship the CV can attack is the enemy CV. Yes the the CV can dominate but it’s situational and that can be said for any other type of ship. CV’s total domination is a myth. Wg staff barely play CV them self’s and if they do they are bad at it . they do not consult ace CV players to make things better.

    • I love the cry about the “impenetrable AA”, but somehow never ever saw CV players crying about how they can drop ships from around 1 km with torps, leaving the poor victim with virtually 0 chance to survive and devastate him with 1 attack no matter what he sails… but I guess “fair play” is not what you want, just an absolute domination to roflstomp anyone and anything regardless of skill. If you want nerfed AA, remove the “point blank” torp drop too and make the game fair and square.

  4. I don’t play CVs because I can’t count on my team to assist me. CVs are at the mercy of their teams and teams just don’t care. Teamwork is non existent.

  5. honestly with the current cv gameplay i feel stressed out, so much micro management and things to do at the same time it’s work not fun and i really suck at it, so i gave up. In terms of getting the spotting under control there are so much missed opportunities. In real live bombers had to deal with cloud cover A LOT since you have always clear skies in the game you get this overspotting problem “simply” adding moving cloud patterns could potentially reduce the spotting of planes, esp. since they are now experimenting with moving weather effects across the map

    • IF you suck at CV then Play it i suck at Cruiser so i don’t play it >with OUT CV DD’s have to much power in this GAME

    • Actually i loved the idea of clouds and weather influencing spotting by planes…

    • i would play it more i mean i have 1 T6 CV but when you get yelled at because so much hinges on a good cv player there is no real time to learn, you need to be good or you get flamed to hell

    • Chupacabra2k10 I get yeld at if i get a kraken as a CV it’s all ways the CV’s fault trust me I have all the CV’s and CV hate does not go way you get use to it oh and CV dominating is a myth. You will get better if you play at least 100 game’s every CV tier and the ships you face with Heavy AA you have to know your enemy

  6. TheLinkandmarioshow

    No wargaming people aren’t playing CV less because every patch you nerf them again and again, they’re not playing CVs because its an RTS
    That’s right

    • TheLinkandmarioshow

      I’m a DD main kid and an IJN one at that, just because I don’t play CV doesn’t mean I can’t see how they’re getting fucked over everyone else. you can have good AA and hang around your ships with good AA. They don’t have too much power you just don’t have the common sense to handle them. If you’re really skilled you wouldn’t be dying to those drops because you’ll be working with your team to coordinate AA, and if your team can’t do that than your loss isn’t because of the enemy CV dropping on you but because your team was retarded anyway.

    • And I used to be in game development “kid”. I know how game balancing is supposed to be done and this is far from balanced. When a single player can decide the outcome of a match in a team-based game, then the game is not balanced. Period.
      In no other class do you have such influence over the match. I have clan mates who are super unicum in CVs and it’s laughable when we division up. 90% of the times we roll over the enemy team. In like 5 minutes the enemy CV has no more planes and our CV already killed almost all DDs on the enemy team. They strike the DDs in the first few minutes. Just when they start to cap and there’s nothing that DD can do if their own CV is not helping.

    • TheLinkandmarioshow

      so what you’re telling me is games where there’s a good team vs a bad team the bad team loses?

    • No I’m telling you it doesn’t matter how good the team is, if the CV is completely outmatched.

    • @holyender515 You are a potato.

  7. Notser if the CV is so unreadable how do you explains the 100’a of games that the red team kills all your ship and the green team kills one and NO cv in sight.
    My cv games normaly go down to the wire. Last night t games all were lopsided victory or loss. Expected my 2 cv games. They came down to the last 5 min.
    Please explain this to me.

    • Notser (and WG in fact) cannot defend this because it does NOT fit the narrative of nerfing CV’s for sh*tty players who drive in straight lines and want to roll a flank alone in a BB without a cruiser providing AAA support.

    • More Women Yep your spot on. And does not matter if its t5 or t10 they play the same way.

  8. Suggested solutions:
    1) Auto drop and no strafing at all tiers.
    2) Nerf spotting XP.
    3) HP and DPM buff the aircraft as the carrier’s XP increases (to reflect combat experience influencing survivability).

    • The Lazarus_project

      `so take away all skill used in manual control of aircraft- no. that sounds boring af

    • jsm What makes you think that WG hasn’t already tested those ideas and found that they didn’t get the job done?

    • I like this idea.

    • “Auto drop”? There is auto drop or what do you mean? No manuel drop? That would suck, because then it’s only click and wait. No aiming would be no fun. No strafing would be nice, because that makes the cv games to a 1on1 and that’s boring

    • Morten 85 If a CV player is able to drop torps manually on you as a BB player, then you have clearly fucked up and deserve the paddling you just got just as if you where sailing broadside on to a Yamato.

      Because that means you where all alone which is something that should never happen when you are in a BB.

      -From a BB main who plays CV on the side.

  9. I don’t think it’s the fact that carriers are rts that was making them become less popular it’s that it’s so hard to balance a carrier against other ships in terms of strike power versus AAA and keep it balanced in terms of skill/being overbearing. Therefore they’ve made aaa more powerful but that makes it unrewarding to be a carrier player. I feel sorry for the really good carrier players who are having their mode removed from the game.

    • Does this mean we can have a submarine?

    • The RTS style is exactly why I don’t CV.

      I’m severely dyslexic and I just don’t have the ability to micro manage squads. I’m really bad at multitasking too. So I don’t.

    • Some player love the RTS style. However, I not willing to play CV because AA is not balance. You have increase a bad ship AA by a bit and tone down the one that AA is too powerful. We don’t want to see a fletcher party fire only 2 second at the fighter. So a bad aa ship will not be that much penalize if they attack by CV too. Decrease the air concealment by 30-50%. To spot dd, you have to spot in 1.8-2.4km. Destroyer can run away more easily and the plane must get closer= can get fire by AA easier.

    • Christo Kutrovsky

      I agree with Tom Riley here. I am still working up the tiers in Carriers, currently a 9 American … and it is a huge gamble every time. If the ship is AA speced … then my planes just “disapear” before I even spot the enemy ship. If the ship is NOT AA speced … and curising away from AA speced ships .. then it’s way too easy to do a devastating hit .. especially with multi-torpedo squad planes.

      And the whole “strafing” of fighter combat … you can easily “loose it all” and then you are screwed as you have no defense for your team.

      I do enjoy the RTS controls, I do enjoy the “leadership” role… I do enjoy the team-play where I protect other ships and assist in their ability to prioritize and destroy targets. But still a huge gamble …

      And the hole .. experience gained / money vs. amount of work done … it’s is super un-balanced .. and I understand why. Highly skilled carriers will make a killing. But emerging good players .. will suffer. It’s very hard to progress.

    • Thinking about it I think it would be possible to keep the RTS interface and put things in balance. Basically nerf the damage done by airdropped torps and bombs, then buff the hitpoints of all aircraft/nerf all AAA. In terms of spotting personally I don’t think it’s too bad – you can avoid aircraft in a DD (i’ve sneaked up on quite a few cvs) but if people feel its a real problem then nerf it a bit. That way carrier players aren’t going to majorly affect a battle anymore than anyone else. People aren’t going to get upset about carriers being OP, and carrier players aren’t going to get bored after all their planes are gone/melted….Air to air not so sure think you could keep it, fighter on fighter would then become more important.

  10. The RTS style of play is the biggest reason for me why I really hate to play CV and stopped completely. CV is so much micromanaging and it becomes frustrating and not fun. I play to relax – not to get stressed. I welcome any changes that removes that type of play. Maybe I’ll pick up a CV-line if RTS is removed.

    • too bad your brain is at only dual-core ram

    • >shit at CV
      >”it’s the RTS’s fault!”

    • Biškø it’s WG fault not listening

    • SCI Again, what makes you think that WG hasn’t tried the ideas that many have suggested and found that they just didn’t work? Furthermore, I don’t trust the ideas proposed by excellent CV players. They’re just trying to protect their skill advantage, when it’s been pointed out REPEATEDLY that a major part of the CV problem is the skill gap between the best CV players and everyone else! They need to listen to the rest of the existing and potential CV players, not the exceedingly tiny number of players who are already excellent at them.

    • crucisnh isn’t that a bit of an overgeneralization? Also, CVs will always BE the minority. That will NEVER change. They just don’t want absolute swarm of fucktards swamping the CV. We’ve seen what an idiotic player base did to the battleship. So why make CVs more accessable? What will it achieve? The issue isn’t the RTS style. Don’t like it? Then don’t play CV. No one is forcing you. In a game where 3 out of 4 classes wield big guns, CVs always have been different, and always will. CV is hard to master, sure. But once you succeed, the reward is TREMENDOUS. The CV has to be one of my favorite experiences of all time despite being a CRUISER main. (The only two i don’t have are Zao and Henri). This issue here isn’t that the higher skill CV player base wants permanant supremacy. They DON’T. The issue is that the LESS skilled player base, the BBs or DDs that overextend and get deleted, they want to get their dicks sucked by Wargaming. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE SKILLS TO EXCEL AT THE GAME. BBS WILL FORGIVE YOU, DDS WILL FORGIVE YOU, CRUISERS RARELY WILL, AND CVS WON’T.

  11. 兄竜 [Big Brother Ryuu]

    Hahahahahhahaha, I knew it. I stopped playing a long time ago, not because it’s an RTS, that was the only thing I liked, it’s the fucking unballanced aspect of CVs that’s the issue… AA power creep, retarded stealth, RNG based fighter engagements.. CVs are far from OP, it’s that the existing playerbase is just retarded… This is why I can’t play these games. They encourage people to not learn.. just keep licking windows. And FFS any WG game is NOT team based… They say it is, but, if it truly was people would play as a team.

    • You’re wrong. WoWS is team based. But it’s kind of like a pickup game of basketball, or an all-star game format in any of the major sports, just without the talented players. It’s a team based game that has spotty team work.

      No matter what WG does, there’s nothing that they can do to force players to function as a team, outside of clan battles and perhaps ranked battles to a lesser degree. They can try to incentivize team work, but the reality is that there are a large percentage of players who don’t give a flip about winning. Sadly, these casuals just want to have fun by shooting up and sinking ships.

  12. I’m sorry but he’s completely wrong if anything I’ve seen the playerbase go up lately with carriers changing it to this Direct action style will completely kill the game and it sounds like they’re having trouble balancing the skill level for this new mode I like the RTS aspect of carriers it works well the biggest reason a lot of people don’t play carriers is because they keep getting nerves and the amount of a a that is around now you have similar problems with destroyers This Town match radar now people are playing destroyers less and less the way it’s going there’s just going to be cruisers and battleships I already play destroyers way less than I used to just because of the amount of radar you can be doing everything completely right and still get obliterated when some random dude pops his radar just at the wrong time wargaming I hope you hear this please do not change the carriers

  13. The reason no one plays CVs is simple. Imporve the rediculously depressed rewards for battles. T9 CV, 180K damage, Kraken, scouted the entire enemy team, clear sky, spotted dozens of torpedos = 2+K exp and a loss in credits. That’s why nobody plays CVs. Every “solution” has been to nerf the ship class, further driving folks away. Now you’re going to completely wipe out the CV population in an attempt to rebuild differently.

    • The rewards are so depressed in an attempt to nerf them. Like Notser says they’re so obscenely powerful, that if they had the same rewards as a cruiser or DD, you’d be set for life in just a couple games. You’d get spotting money on every ship, you’d get money for one-shotting Yamatos, you’d get money from shooting down a million enemy planes.

    • They certainly don’t need the same level of rewards as DDs and cruisers. Let’s be honest though, you can’t make a type a guaranteed loser and expect people to keep playing it. I love CV play as it is a nice break from the other types in the game. I tend to be quite good at it (though definitely not super unicom), but don’t play very often because it is just to expensive to do so.

    • EVERYTHING is SUPER expensive at T9 and T10. Its to stop the freeloaders and encourage spending, which in turn helps to PAY the developers and keep the game RUNNING.

    • “you’d be set for life in just a couple of games”  Whats wrong with this? you can get nearly a million credits by playing a single match in a Missouri.

    • You still have to be good at it. The game is a business. It wasn’t just created so people had something to do. People still need pay packets or game dies.

  14. You’re right about the skills not transferring over.

    Destroyers, Cruisers and Battleships have different styles and gameplay but they all share similar skills at the same time. Carriers do not use the same skills at all. Nothing really translates. Playing the other classes will not help you learn to play Carriers and playing carriers will not help you learn how to play the rest of the classes.

    • Thank you. I know and understand what CVs should do, I am just not good enough to be an asset to the team.

    • Too bad there isn’t USS Gerald R Ford with f15’s. 🙁

    • While true, but learning to play CV will help your gameplay in whatever ship you are playing at least while CV is still implemented in the way it is right now (positioning, how to dodge cv strikes etc), it is just a lot of players either don’t enjoy playing CV or refuse to do proper research before playing, i do believe quite a lot of people are in this latter category, the amount of times I have played against another CV which does not know what strafing is too damn high…

      But yes CV do contribute a lot to whether a team would win or lose if there is a large skill disparity between the two CV players.
      Perhaps the difficulty to balance CV to other ships is just because CV in real life was such a force to be reckoned with and this is a fact WG is stuck with if they want anything that resembles a naval action simulator MMO with CVs.

    • 6500 games in random, about 20 of those in CV. I know how to deal with CV strikes, all of my ships above T5 are basically secondary/AA builds because that’s the way I like to play. But even in AA monsters like Atlanta, Missouri, Bismark, Baltimore and Belfast, if your friendly CV is crap you are going to have a bad day.

    • I prefer playing with CV because they spot dd and torpedoes. At least you can shoot down planes and see them coming. Dd kill you before you even have a chance to kill them or defend yourself to me Dd are more dangerous. They fill the role of submarines In this game. Real live they where merely support ships. All other ship types fill there real roles dd don’t

  15. Notser, I feel as though you’re missing the point of all this. The reason CVs are dying is because WG decided to remove people’s ability to learn at low tiers, and make damn sure that every new line has strong AA. I still play carriers and I will continue to play them BECAUSE of the RTS movements and style. If WG would make low tiers have manual attack and let people actually learn, then this wouldn’t be half the issue that it is. With that said, since when does a CV make a game unplayable? Anyone who says that is both uneducated and ill-informed. Regardless of what CV is on what side, and who’s in command, there are ways to have an enjoyable battle. I will not bow to the morons who leave the group and dick-off on their own over at the other capture-point, or snipe from the back. I will not help you, I will laugh at you and let the enemy CV strike you back to port without interference. If people aren’t smart enough or unwilling to adjust their play to accommodate this type of ship, then they don’t deserve to be playing in the first place.

    • Duncan seal clubbing is why they stopped manual strafing and dropping on aircraft carriers and you know it. They have to find a way lock out high-level captains in tiers 4 and 5 in order to bring manual dropping back.

    • play030 I can take a low teir battleship and club seals all day long if I want. Why am i allowed and not CV captains?

    • Easy answer, once a player has had their first game in a tier 9 aircraft carrier, then the manual attack for tiers 4 and 5 will become locked, which will deny “seal clubbing” by the most experienced players.

    • seal clubbing is still a problem at low tiers. Anyone with even a little experience can get in a Bogue and utterly dominate tier 5 matchmaking

    • So? Someone in a Kamikaze R or someone in a Nikolai or “clubson” can do roughly the same. It’s not fair to trash a class based on a few players no matter what tier they play. If you don’t like it, then go play another tier and stop whining.

  16. Wrong. constantly being up tier’d and way over powered AA discourage players from playing CV. The counter to a CV is the enemy CV. Typical DD player wanting to be invisible all game.

  17. Notser, The CV population is low because of these reasons:

    — Poor and clearly biased balance between USN and IJN CVs.

    — Lack of a tutorial explaining even the most basic controls of the game. (Teir Xs that still don’t know how to strafe).

    –There has been nothing but a stream of constant nerfs to CVs since beta. (Loss of load out choices and alternate play options)

    — AA power creep from every new line of ships.(Even DDs now have DF).

    — Outlandishly poor economic compensation (Getting a kraken + Clear Skies will still net you a credit loss) you cannot play the CV line and afford the purchase of the next tier ship without resorting to playing other ship types to gain credits. Just to break even in credits even when winning requires mounting both camo and flags.

    — Lack of new content for CVs, There is only 2 researchable CV lines. Once you have grinded both there isn’t any reason for older players to continue playing unless they are willing to pay for premium content.

    — A still buggy UI that completely fails to show that your Aircraft are taking damage. invisible AA bubbles, strafes. Gimped perpendicular torpedo dropping at border edges.

    — Dog fighting that is based upon RNG and not HP (Ship AA aura deals HP damage based upon the distance and caliber of AA gun used, while fighter dogfights use RNG. a single catapult fighter can tie up an entire fighter squad for RNG amounts of time)

    — Commander/Captain skills, Some are completely required (Air Supremacy) that are extremely punishing to new players to who do not have them. And others are completely worthless (Evasive Maneuver)

    — MM problems: Cancerous AA fishing divisions allowed in MM. (A low tier cv divisioned with two upteired high AA ships completely upsets the team roster balance) There is no MM balancing based off of properly distributing AA stats across both teams, let alone by Modules.(one team having all the DF or Radar modules and none on the other, leading one side to favor the other) 

    — A salty and openly hostile player base raging against CV mains despite never trying the ship themselves, (Being a CV main will result in lost Karma and be subject to harassment both in-game and in-client chat) It is not uncommon to get flamed for simply selecting to play a CV and “screwing up MM’ for the other players both in divisions and at the game start. Majority of WoWs player base does not want to play CVs even just to learn how to counter them, thus leading them to cry for there removal from the game entirely. 

    It has also already been pointed out by other CC’s that none of the WarGaming Developers play CV more than 3% of their total games played. How can you expect them to balance the game when none of them actually play the ship type?

    • I think you are spot on. God bless you.

    • Yeah, it would be nice to know for sure if Wargaming has knowledge or if they are guessing. To be fair, Notser didn’t say that they have got those polls. And what about those players who already left the game. Wargaming would need to question THOSE players in order to know why they left. My bad feeling is that WG is only guessing. It would be really unprofessional to fundamentaly change this game mechanic only by guessing.

    • I love this comment. It’s true!

    • In order of appearance:-Than why don’t all cv’s players simply play IJN? -There is a controls page that has all hotkeys and functions explained, same reason you get tier 10 bb’s that don’t know how to press the ‘a’ or ‘d’ key and complain about getting torped. You can fix stupid.-because they were doing disproportionate amounts of damage-AA is not effective against high tier CV attack even with the so called power creep. A determined cv captain will nuked the best aa ship fully speced for aa, period.-probably because getting a Kraken in a cv isn’t a big deal, when every launch is a devastating strike..-probably put on pause once WG saw the RTS CV idea wasn’t working-AA bubbles are standard distances at long medium and short, you should just learn them and not complain about having a visual reminder-this is so profoundly dumb as this affects all ship types and players of them. Not a cv specific issue-again not a cv specific problem-because cv players hold the magnifying glass and we are all the ants, if there weren’t a huge problem with cv’s you wouldn’t have such a wide swath of the players base being openly hostile towards them.

    • have to agree with this, as a CV main that quit WoWs before they even added the british BBs I called it quits when I kept facing AA divisions designed to just fuck with CVs that it became unfun to play and looking at the current state of the game where they just added more AAA to ships then I don’t see why I want to come back

  18. Well I do believe 90% of the current Carrier problem was created by wargaming. That said, I also believe that the trip to WG HQ took away some of the beter judgment and impartiality you had regarding the game. You are sounding more and more like a fanboy talking when you used to sound like a concerned player talking, in some issues you would side by wargaming, but on others you had your own experienced views … and that unfortunately is coming through less and less nowadays…..

    Anyways and regarding carriers I guess we will have to wait for the next cock up from wargaming and eventually the complete removal of the carrier system from game. The game is currently plagued with problems and the removal or “RE- WORK ” of carriers is just one of them, the RADAR problem is another that is getting bigger and bigger by the day…and one that is not being addressed as it is a “non issue as per stats”.

    • You know what’s not fun? Getting a squadron parked over you in a DD, and no matter what, unless a cruiser or your carrier decides to help you, you’re SOL.

      Look I’m not saying WG hasn’t made this problem worse…AA power creep is no doubt an issue (and I say this as someone who plays USN Battleships as his main line)…but to some extent, I feel like the power creep, especially, is in response to how much influence a CV can have on the game. Notser has a point when he says carriers can and do have an overly large impact on matches—I’ve got a friend who I got into the game, who is working his way up the IJN Carrier Branch. He and I practice against each other a lot simply because I know at some point he’s going to get the Shokaku and start facing a living hell. Better to have him learn in a training room where it’s not going to screw him

    • The Macker lol… If you are getting radar detected every time you enter the cap because MM decided to put all the radars on the other side…. Or when there are 4 radars on the other team… I MEAN RLY? what’s the point of concealment when the other team can get free shots on you in some cases for a minute at a time? What s next? Camping dd’s ? If that is balance… I rather have none

    • soleno74 speck aa…. Or even ask help from a cruiser….. Play smart.

    • soleno74. Your Ad Hominem statement is not helpful. I know the mechanics of RADAR in game and in real life. However, do not conflate exploitation of the game mechanics with fair-play and proper risk vs reward. For example, RADAR cruisers risk nothing sitting behind islands and RADARing to deny a CAP. The lack of counter play to that situation is exacerbated when there are multiple cruisers that chain the consumable. I have no problem with RADAR being in the game but I do have issues with how the mechanics are currently being exploited.

    • I share your concerns too.

  19. Foe me it’s the skill gap and the Laggy UI that’s the problem . being a rts is no problem. so I still play in cooop to build up my skills .

  20. FYI, this video was an attempt to share topics of discussion that came up at the summit without breaking NDAs related to specifics. I have no ownership over these comments, I merely was in the room and discussing freely with others about issues related to the CV. Some of you think incorrectly that these comments come from me, I might agree on the whole that CVs need to change but some attendees had completely different views on what issues exist with CVs and I shared some lose correlations to their comments.

    • The problem it not the RTS view itself but the following:

      – As a CV , you can be completely dominated by a high skilled enemy CV in that ship class since they introduced that strafing bullshit and casual players just dont want to deal with that, specially because they get alot of toxic shittalk from the team aswell when it happens. This gap needs to be closed, skill should make you better, not godlike.
      The ships should not be designed for competitive ranked players but for the broad masses that play the game.

      -The controls need rework, you should be able to turn the drop direction before you place it on the map so you dont have to click and drag an arrow for example. The annoying micro management with manual drops and strafing needs to be removed.

      -After removing manual drop, increase the torpedo speed from 35 to 42 knots (historical accurate speed) , and drasticly increase the accuracy of dive bombers. Make the dive bombers of American CVs more equal to Japanese Torpedo planes while American Torps are weaker. A Saipan should have to think twice switching to the Torp build for example, unlike now. MAYBE give the two bomber type different attributes, for example dive bombers could be much more stealthy (high altitude above the clouds) before their strike. While Torpedo planes Fly low and have more troulbe with AA to compensate for their Damage.

      There need to be changes to AA to compensate for the removal of manual drop and the distribution of AA on the map. Some ships have too large differences in their min-max AA damage, examaples would be some british cruisers, Kurfürst or Graf Spee. Graf Spee specced for manual AA and consumable is basicly a DM at tier 6 that just cleans out the sky in three seconds, while one without AA spec is totally helpless with 0 protection. As a Carrier, specially as a beginner you have no way of knowing wich build it is without losing an entire squad to test it. It should be easier for players to estimate the AA firepower of a ship before attacking it so the min AA damage should be higher and the max AA dmg lower.

      -Add a little picture in picture cinematic window that fallows the Squad you have currently selected or maybe it changes to a cinematic cam when the Squads are attacking. Basicly you should be able to see more close ups of your planes and your carrier during the game without having to press Z/Y and lose complete overview of the battlefield.

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