World of warships – Why do I always have to be the 1st tanking?

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I rly don’t understand why do I have to be the 1st one going in every single game, why do I have to tank even when for my team. It’s not the end game I have a lof of HP unlike my team, it’s the strat, mid AND end game. I always find myself in front of my team and it’s not cause I’m super aggressive sometimes, it’s purely cause others are camping.


  1. First !

    Rofl xD

  2. First one 🙂

  3. I have the Same issue with that :/

    It’s very Frustrating because as long as you can tank it’s kinda fine but when you die you know you lost the game ?

    I guess it’s mostly because the most bb Players are pussys or Idiots to actually tank effectivelly for the team

  4. I hit a Gearing with 4 (count ’em 4) 19K torps from my Fletcher AND DID NOT SINK HIM. When I sent in a ticket, I was told that it was damage saturation. Since I only sent two salvos, I can’t see how all 4 torps hit the same area (doesn’t seem possible since there is a spread between pairs). Working as intended, I guess.

  5. Lol, I guess it’s a OMNI thing to complain about having to push and getting focused in BBs? This happens all the time for the normal players tho? I even have to fight for caps in my Atlanta when in T9 battle as the rest is just camping 10km behind me! With a Baltimore it’s even more retarded as I have it happen that I’m being focused by 11 people (behind rock) while the rest of my team camps behind me… sigh (high tiers eh, so 5BB & 5DD and 2x cruiser).

    • Why in the name of God do ppl go “it’s an OMNI thing”??? What the hell does OMNI have to do with anything. PPL are playing like campers and it’s wrong, if someone complains about it, he’s right, but that sure as hell is not related to OMNI or any clan for that matter. If the OMNI is the only one you’re looking at than that’s where you’re only hear it. If others don’t complain about it it’s cause they are a part of it or they don’t recognize the problem, which still doesn’t change the fact it’s wrong and it should be stated loud and clear.
      I have no problem in pushing and being focused and that’s not the problem here. I do however have a problem of having to lead the attack EVERY DAMN TIME no matter the ship class or tier I’m in, game after game after game.

    • Ah, sorry, got in a couple of battle where I played with OMNI players and in every battle they complained (they even reached out on chat after the battle to show “how good they where” because I replied with “GED GUD”). It just annoys me that good players are complaining so much in game. I can understand you trying to educate the campers but I think this is not the correct way to do it, as you are just annoying them, So they will not listen to you. We might have to get a feature in game to get the attention of the player your trying to reach… hmm. probably have to put this on the forum, get a “pop-up-feature” like the report system (limited) so the target user gets a popup in screen to draw his attention to chat or map as they are target focused elsewhere.

  6. I have been having this same problem i end up being the only one pushing while my team stays way back in the spawn

  7. Me too, I’m usually with a team where our BB sits back and our CA charges in and dies early…

  8. I know how you feel with Battleships…. The other day I was in my Montana and I was 11K away from another Montana that was giving me his full broadside. I fired three volleys into his side… And each volley I got 1350 damage done each and I had a hard angle and he was hitting me for 8k to 10k damage… And no he wasn’t saturated, he had like 80% of his health. Was totally ridiculous.

  9. enterprise can take advantage of dogfighting expert giving her an extra 33.6 dps for a total of 369.6 dps which will beat shokaku fighters.

  10. Random Video Generator

    Flambass No worries mate battleship dictionary only got the words overpen, shatter and ricochet since i started playing WoWS

  11. “3-1-2 Enterprize”? Is that some kind of Trekkie nerd code?! ?

  12. Usually I am in the situation where I tank in an IJN DD

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