World of Warships – Why Do You Hate Me Roma

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Hey all, I’m back! Also…Roma still hates me 🙁


  1. I am sorry to hear about this Chase. I hope you guys can recover from this tragedy.

  2. It still has the ugliest camo in the game.

  3. huh, never realiced romas high pen gets her through the german turtleneck, but makes sense.

    • It is all about a flaw in the turtleback of the Germania ships: if you fire from the front side, just as the autobounce becomes ineffective, where the first turret dives into the ship’s hull, there is a tiny window where you can consistently citadel tier VIII, IX and X German BB. It has been proven by, I think, Flamu in training room video using a moskova. Problem is that, unlike Moskova, Roma dispersion is so wonky that, albeit having more then enough pen to citadel a Kurfurst, you will probably not hit that spot before the enemy passes on and it’s citadel becomes effective. Being a Roma, I can also guarantee you that you will Never hit that sweetspot if you really need it, unless like iChase, you already lost the game…

    • That cit was not a function of the pen; at that angle the turtleback would bounce anything because of its angle and the auto bounce rules. That shot bypassed the turtleback with a in a million shot placement / dispersion, going into the front of the citadel.

    • I have gotten citadels multiple times on grossers with north carolina/alabama at ranges between 5-12 km

    • +fnglert
      yup. the citadel front ISNT protected by turtleback. the angle was just right to pen the side armor and then front citadel.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      You can citadel every ship through the bow, by hitting it at 45degrees to bypass autobounce assuming you have enough pen to go through the frontal citadel to begin with.
      This isn’t some German Battleship weakness. – its literally every ships weakness – like Yamato’s infamous cheeks.
      Also – Roma cannot actually penetrate through the turtleback (well no ship can penetrate German Turtleback armour at close ranges).
      The only way to citadel a German BB is either underwater penetration (which completely bypasses the turtleback), which can only be done by long range plunging fire – or at close ranges when a German BB “turns towards you” exposing the unarmored underwater belt/hull.

      The only way you can penetrate German Turtleback armour, is to hit at at long ranges, where the shells arc enough to impact below auto bounce angles – penetrating the turtleback.
      But yeah – you can also citadel German BBs through the bow – by hitting it at 45 degrees to bypass autobounce.

  4. Take it easy, hope it all will be fine. Roma was never a convincing ship, especially with the beer can on her top!

  5. Nice to see you back ichase. Sorry about your dad

  6. The Roma doesn’t hate it. She’s just a tsundere.

  7. Roma is trolly both while giving and while receiving, on the receiving end she’ll bounce for days on the giving end you’ll need the stars to along the earths gravitational field to be in the right place and RNGesus to be smiling down upon you, if all of those happen those guns are the scariest AP guns this side of a Yamato I think

  8. Hope the family life improves.

    Love the videos

  9. Really sorry to hear about your real-life issues, and also hope that you and shipfu…. I mean Roma can figure your relationship out.

  10. That Musashi just acts like how players in Asian server behave. Everyone fire at their maximum range keeping enemies as far as they can.

    • Asher Tse Also plays how most of my high tier teammates and enemies behave – if I didn’t know better, I’d think WG reverted the repair cost changes from however long ago it was

  11. I don’t understand how wargaming can keep saying that the Roma is balanced, everything from the sky that is ap obliterates her, good bow armor but esealy citadellable, let’s just nit talk about the guns, I can live with the horizontal one but the vertical must be decreased DRASTICALLY also, every time you hit 99% you over pen…… WHY wargaming CHOOSE either the overpen or the dispersion, ONE is ok, TWO IS TOO MUCH

  12. Best of luck to your dad mate. Hope he heals quickly.

  13. Roma is the ultimate troll ship. Overpens when it shouldn’t, sprays ammo everywhere. I missed a broadside Cleveland a few weeks ago from 7 km, not even an overpen on the super structure. I also put 9 shells into the side of a Yammy from the same distance that day, had something like 1 citadel, 1 overpen and 7 shatters…….ultimate troll guns. I have the same shocking dispersion you had every game in the Roma, but I never get those random shots with great dispersion you had

  14. lotsa love from our family to yours chase. heres to hoping for a strong and speedy recovery for your mum n dad!

  15. The tower looks so wierd

  16. That Musashi probably went to the forums to complain about how DDs and torps are OP immediately after the battle.

  17. She’s Italian, she’s against you the first bit, then sides with you when it’s over.

  18. Speedy recovery for your dad! Best wishes!

  19. You forgot to fuel it with limocello fuel! Lol

  20. I can’t seem to make up my mind if its good or bad. Trollish…

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