World of Warships – Why don’t you just give up? Pffff HELLZ NO

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So someone in my chat saw the enemy team and asked my “why don’t you just give up and let them win?” Besides the fact that would be rigging the match which is not exactly legal, why the hell would I let someone win. Win means NOTHING if someone let you have it for free and if you cheated. I’d rather fight for it and lose.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. th3ultimatem0l3




  3. Why do i never get straightlining enemies… You seem to have caught some of that bad luck.

  4. Victor von Doom

    I, in a cruiser, plus 1 DD and 2 cruisers hold down a flank while the other guys in BB push the other side and just die

  5. Can’t win them all ?
    But nice try ?

  6. Spineking Jørgensen

    Cant lie, that kurfurst played well.

  7. Of course he’s using the islands… this coming from the Master of the Straights of Flambass

  8. Shimakaze just called me, she wants her torps back. Thx.

  9. Everyone wanted to see you go to the side with Trenlass. You must be skeered of him…

  10. Christopher Nguyen

    Hahaha trenlass was the conqueror on the enemy team

  11. These are the teams wargamings amazing matchmaker puts me in and people wonder why you have not so good win percentages. Yet 99% of the time I hear “your team relies on you” and I finish top 3. What can you do. Haha

    • What can you do? Ignore the result, statistics and just enjoy the game. You know – shooting guns, hitting citadels or getting citadeled and congratulating your enemy on a nice shot:) Who cares about statistics? We don’ play games for those – we play for fun

  12. 3 Georgia’s, a Zao, and a Kurfurst walk into a bar….lmao Flambass!

  13. why are the ships disappering??????????????????/

  14. you think your team was “special” ? should had seen mine the other day, me in a DD was the only one who sunk an enemy ( DD ) boat, they couldnt even manage to piss a whole into the snow, i tell you that for nothing…….

  15. Swiss Army Knight

    Come back with your shield or on it.

  16. “WTH is he doing in a Conquerer?” x”D

  17. The old NTC (paragon) is gone! WG heard what we had to say and they completely scraped it. Coltbert ant U.S.S. Ohio will be the first rewards. You will still need to revisit old ship lines in some way or form but those old, stupid buffs are no longer a thing.

  18. I enjoyed playing with you today (yesterday) on NA server in your Shchors. You should totally show that replay. 😀 There for Ranked Sprint or taking a break from EU?

  19. get gud CR33D GUY lol nothing to do but laugh or you will cry

  20. OldSchool Gaming

    A Stalin loosing a fight to a spotted DD, you dont see that every day…. It baffles me the lenght some team goes to throw a sure win.

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