World of Warships: Why Graf Zeppelin Needed Changes

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I show why I think the Graf Zeppelin with deep water torpedoes needed to be changed. In short, it just deals too much alpha damage.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin.


  1. I think the Yugamo was disappointed you didn’t help him with the Shoaku strike on him even though your fighters were *right fucking there*.

  2. 7:37 wtf enemy. 9-10 line

  3. …at this point I would must rather prefer WG to hold up any changes to the GZ until they finally do they mythical carrier rework. Hell, it would be perfect for them to rerelease it alongside the change. They just can’t make up their mind what it would do and its role in battle.

  4. I think deep running torpedoes would actually help, given WoWs currently has a BB over population problem.

  5. Yugumo didn’t like you because he kept being spotted by enemy planes. He’s not saying you don’t deal enough damage, he’s saying “Get those fucking planes off of me!”.

  6. Seriously, why not just give her both dive bombers & torpedo bombers?

  7. they need to remove 1 TB and add 1 DB, AP or HE or changable.
    also they should add another loadout with another less TB and an extra fighter

  8. Generally I don’t bother specing AA defence because I rarely see carriers at higher levels. It’s very frustrating to queue up my Atlanta, and get another no CV game. It’s almost a guarantee that there will be no CVs in that game.

  9. dw torps need their own icon, esp with the PAN line coming out

  10. Why you always get those potato Cv captains. If I play CV there is most likely a clan CV and i have to play so passive (the other CV too). And then they mostly have these arisupiority perk for 1 fighter extra, which i dont got yet.
    But anyway nice to see you again

  11. Rest in peas in peace? Rest in pieces in peace? RIP in peace? 😀 (For the smart ones around: I actually know it was a mistake..)

  12. Do you have a quick bind that selects all torpedo squadrons?

  13. R.i.p in piece
    ~aerroon 2017

  14. 12:15 “RIP in Peace” lovely~~ ^^

  15. If enemy carrier is retarded, every CV deals too much damage

  16. First up this matchup you are playing is rare. On NA I’ve been seeing 3-5 DDs per game at t7-10. That’s 30-25% of the enemy team you cannot harm. Due to the mechanics the GZ will always perform better against the type of game you are playing. In NA, it’s going to be t10 heavy AA CA’s that aren’t going to be touchable either.

  17. Figters are not weaker. With the perk giving the fighters bonus based on tier difference the fighetrs are actually quite stronger than shokakus. I was in a shokaku and locked GZ t7 fighters couple of times and allways my fighters lost and not even close.

  18. I liked the bomb Eclipse at the most. I didnt play any cv before and the circle bomb dropping is too boring and easy.

  19. Two words…its overpowerd

  20. By chance that Yamato had the best Torpedo belt in-game!

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