World of Warships- Why I Have A 48% Winrate

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Title says it all

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  1. Drums make this painful to watch and makes no sense to the tittle

  2. So basicly the same as when my clan decides we go 7 Kv2s in clanbattles……. “For fun and giggles”

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      +Sea Lord Mountbatten Liked the taste of Molotov? Also, Shchors is likely the most unsuitable cruiser at T7 for a mid-rush. No armour, no maneuverability, likely only uses 2 front turrets, built for long range.

    • +Evangeline Anovilis True. But I chose to see it like this, I can either have yet another map, with 14 retards camping the rear line, including DD’s, while I try to win, or just do what I want to not shoot myself. 😀

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      +Kar4ever3 Frankly, in every match in which you are rushing down mid and throwing your ship away, you are no better than the retards in the back. Both types of plays screw over those who actually try to win the match. So, what moral authority can one claim to chastise border huggers or other stupid plays when one engages in this game-throwing behaviour? In a way, even less than the camper, for most of them may not realise that what they are doing is actually worthless. Most yolo channel rushes though are by people who know that it has the high probability of ending in an epic fail.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      +Evangeline Anovilis Yes I got a taste of the Russian line, but I’ve also been encountering the Moskva in CB and finding it surprisingly tough, and yes probably the worst ship to do a mid rush in XD

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      +Sea Lord Mountbatten Moskva is tough. If you don’t show side. From the side, it’s one of the easier to kill T10s and it is hard to steer. Expect a harsh transition from Donskoi to Moskva, that last ship is quite different.

  3. Lol, does this in randos, yet will ROFL stomp in CB’s

  4. Flambass is responsible for much WoWS insanity.

  5. 57% and going up. it’s all in the wrists

  6. When that’s done for fun…its actually pretty hilarious..but at the same time I guess i have a mixed reaction if I was one of the other guys on your team. I mean this game trolls us sometimes you do just have to say…fuck it..YOLO! 🙂

  7. LOL, love it!
    Have had the pleasure of playing both against you and with you…no idea nor do I care about your “stats” or anyone else’s…I just know that you are a great team player & adversary and we need more players like you in the game.

    Respect & Regards

    Notsers Southern Pirate Fleet / HMNZS KIDD

    Keep up the great Vids 07

  8. It somehow reminded me of all those old low tier Cap B brawls on Solomon Islands.

  9. Im sorry its all about having fun but im assuming you lost the battle due to your charge and then affected the rest of the teams enjoyment and gave them no hope of victory. If it was not for stats in this game it wouldnt be so bad but as we know its a toxic community where stats mean everything and plays like this affects others and i dont agree with it. There already is alot of team play issues with this game and potatoes and i partly blame WG for not having a correct xp system to reward team play over damage but im sorry mate these team mid rushes are great fun but it is a team game and as such we should be respectful to others in the game. Only time this is useful is if enemy lemmings to one side and you rush through to pincer them for a crossfire otherwise its just putting your team at a disadvantage for the rare time you may pull it off. I believe your win rate is more related to poor teams and bad MM rather than mid rushes. The real problem with wows and the only way around it is the special mods and hacks many use to cheat and carry games. Until WG abolishes mods in there game decent players who are honest will grind slowly to a decent win rate where others will shine using said advantages. I was quite bemused about the in game comment about the rest of your team. Im sorry i like you as a CC and like your videos but you really just put me off. Too many people in the game already that dont care for others or team play. Put yourself in the other players shoes where you have seen a team mate do this and begged him not to as he may have been your only DD and then quickly dies. Im sure you been there and didnt like it. Actually saw it on one of your streams so i know its true. Now fast forward to this moment. Anyway wish you well and all but i needed to say something and yes i know it was just having fun and im a piece of crap for raising it but these things work both ways and we cant be hypocritical. Peace out

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Well thanks for the very thorough comment, and I understand your grievances but I must point out that this was agreed upon by the majority of the team, I believe only 3-4 players did not participate in the mid rush. I was not the one to suggest it either (hell I was in the Schorchs, probably the worst cruiser for the situation) but I saw that the majority of the team was going for it and knew that the game was probably a loss and decided to have fun with it! I understand the way the community is, but as you saw even in the video, the enemy team was having fun with it too (Obviously its an easy win for them) because we did something different from normal.

  10. Hahaha ya me too lmao… im totally going mid next time im on 2 brothers its to much fun lmao
    Drums in perfect sync with guns lol 2:30

    Win rate isnt even colse to an accurate gauge of a players caliber anyway. The siple fact that one can hard carry and still lose proves it…

  11. Pretty danged intense right there!  Went a tad to soon I’m afraid and made it easy for the other team to commit to coming back. Sad about the couple who just wanted to spew chat cancer the whole time. Always has to be players who insist things be a certain way. No concept of war I suppose. Folks who whine or poke about the win rate of others have larger issues than win rate and win rates are easier and more fun to improve on than other larger issues. If a clan uses numbers to decide between potential recruits then so be it. They might not end up with a good group of folks though.

  12. Hahahahah I knew it was coming at the end , of corse

  13. Ludwig von Siegfried

    wish I was there…

  14. I dont care your winrate…
    the MM can be manipulated. There are many ways to take advantage of the MM.
    The only important thing is to play to enjoy, and I envy you that you can do it and enjoy this game
    GJ! Keep it up.
    Very good job mate.. see you next time in the ocean

  15. That was fun!!!

  16. I love the format but why do you have a 47 percent win rate?
    I am at 47 it just went up because I suck at dd but keep trying to be good at them.
    Also I need a clan like this all my clans seem to be boring

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Jerry Glaze I usually can only play on the weekends mostly, and when someone wants to try a strategy like that I’m usually first on board with it, I understand that most people want to stick with strategy that works, but I think it’s fun to shake things up every now and then!

  17. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Just wanna clarify that this was in good fun and not meant to be taken seriously!

  18. That was brilliant, I laughed the whole video wish I was in your team, People need to learn this game should be FUN.

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