World of Warships- Why I Love The Grosser Kurfurst

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Just a great game I had in the Grosser Kurfurst that I thought you guys would like to see, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Long live the KurryFist…

  2. I just bought GK yesterday

    Hopefully she can do better than FDG

    • She is way better than FDG but still she isn’t really strong among Tier X. You are the biggest ship in the game and you were designed for close range means CV and He spammers may shoot you to farm damage.

    • Eclipse Sama yeah I’m aware of that, and so far no luck on winning…

    • I too, looked forward to purchasing the GK, and like the countless others I was also disappointed. I dont think it is a bad ship, my playstyle could probably change and make a big difference. On paper the ship really isn’t that bad, the problem is its width. Plain and simple the GK is a fat boi that has an HE Gravity well as its heart. The problem is the guns aren’t accurate enough fo punish HE spamming cruisers at range. It is now my least used T10 simply because most matches turn into an act of masochism. She’s not a “bad” ship, she’s just very hard to use in today’s meta.

    • game wise, the Gk is an outstanding ship, good damage, good armour, good secondarys, hydro etc…but the HE meta shuts her down extremely she isn’t that fun to play unless you get nice mm

  3. German engineering is the best in the world!!!!

  4. Václav Posledník

    Mauntbatten doing Jingles work. It’s Ognevoi, not Gnevny 😀

  5. Hissi-Yang? never heard that pronunciation, the H is silent

  6. Mountbatten having some Jingles Moments. ;D

  7. That’s a weird looking Gnevny..

  8. 2 ships I love Gk, alzace.

  9. Do you use ifhe?

  10. Still did not say why you like the GK?

  11. I’m disappointed that Norfolk and Suffolk are not in the game

  12. Excellent job captain,,,I have similar issues going with the smaller group lol….Also often under constant fire in my Montana. Happy sailing !

  13. What’s the captain skills now for GK these days could be the best?

    • boring generic tank/conceal (PT AR SI CE FP BOS JOAT) build is best on every bb. but GK isn’t good so I run a full secondary build to have fun in the ship when there are fewer HE spammers (PT AR BFT AFT IFHE MFCSA)

  14. I just can’t get on with the GK, I seem to get BBQ’d a lot lately. I don’t doubt it’s me and not the ship but hey ho not feeling the fun factor ?

  15. The 140 main battery hits is mostly for DD and CA.

  16. Was just about to get the GK but might get the OHIA instead as tier 9 seems a bit better than 10???

  17. Which guns do you use on the GK?

  18. The most power crept tier 10 ship by far. Used to be so strong and now is shut down by anything slinging HE

  19. MasterVideoStudios

    people really seem to hate the Puerto Rico

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