World of warships – Why I love Tirpitz so much

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Ppl often ask me which is my fav ship in the game, which is my fav BB in the game. Well ask no more cause the answer is here.


  1. I rarely get to view your streams. I love the fact you post these stream videos. Thanks for sharing and supporting the Community

  2. I’m relatively new to this channel. First off, I’d like to say thanks for the awesome vids, funny as hell, and learnt some tips and tricks along the way. Secondly, as stupid as this is, where is Flambass from? It’s really bugging me haha. I was thinking Sweden/Norway?

  3. tirpitz omg,this ship was hard nerfed few days after it was in the shop,years ago.

  4. why do you still play this game with all these ballless player camping back, expecting dds and cruiser to tank damage ?????

  5. Hey flambass, aside from the torps. Is there any significant advantage of Tirpitz over Bismarck?

  6. Do you have the USS Worcester yet?

  7. gosh darn Ive never met that TeaCupYuri dude but that guy seems to be super toxic…probably one of those “im unicum and everyone else is scum” kind of player. Good you were there to carry him that round, Flambass 🙂

    • where exactly was he toxic? He was a bit bitchy (especially with that omni comment), but that’s it. He didn’t shit talk anyone. other than that he provided smoke screens in B to those who asked for it.

    • X3N0N at 10 min he’s in Omni flanbass isnt

    • @Sicklehead88
      well first he rams into Flambass at 5:36 and Flambass clearly wasnt doing a “I’m the bigger ship here so I move where I wish a.k.a. bbs rulezzz”-dick move….perhaps he was drunk, like Flambass mentioned.
      Afterwards, keeping an eye on the minimap from 6:30 until 7:00, you can see that TeaCup first followed a straight path towards B but then at about 6:40 decided to suddenly turn slightly southwards, probably to stay away from the Chapa, ramming directly into the Martel who was pushing North on a straight line the seconds before that.
      Now tunnel-vision is not a rare thing to happen, bet most of us experienced it at least once in a video game so maybe TeaCup did tunnel-vision there and realized too late he was going to ram the Martel by turning away from the Chapa.
      Little later the Martel player goes on to thank TeaCup in an ironic way for the ram (yeah, might be little unnecessary given no1 came to harm) but instead of Tea apologizing (a simple “yeah sorry, my bad” woulda been enough) he replies with “it’s always OMNI’s fault” ( at 8:00 ), rejecting the accusation of any mistake done by him and instead apparently blaming the Martel solely for the ram.
      This just leaves a sour taste in my mouth…as I said, never met that TeaCupYuri yet but if I will one day, he’ll face a negative first impression by me.
      In my opinion, if you make a mistake in a video game, just say “sorry” and thats it for most of the times…but obviously being at “fault” and then denying any wrongdoing, even go as far to blame the counterpart and by this creating a “toxic”/uncomfortable atmosphere for the whole team…no need for that.
      On the bright side, TeaCup did a decent job for his team and definitely contributed to the victory.
      But TL;DR – this is only my personal opinion and quick impression after having watched Flambass video (twice, now), no in-depth analysis and also no one’s gotta give a sh*t about it either 😛
      have a nice day!

    • in my eyes, the part with “yeah always OMNIs fault” from TeaCup referred to some other player who called out “good game” to him in a sarcastic way. I could be wrong though, i’m not TeaCupYuri after all.

  8. Alexandre Barcellos

    Did you left OMNI???

    • Flambass Is there a big reason behind leaving or u just weren’t wanting to deal with the requirements/commitments of being in a top clan anymore? I can fully understand the latter if that’s the case, and hope it wasn’t some shitty drama that made u leave. That’s the worst :/

  9. Is she your favorite ship?

  10. Why did you push into 7 enemies without support into C? At least wait with your team. I also think defending the B cap was the smarter decision.

    • Cause it was clear as day that we can end the game than and there. We had far more hp than entire enemy team. Few kills and the game is won. I’d much rather have that than w8 for enemy to encircle us and torps and cit us from all angles and lose the game cause I was camping and hiding like a p*ssy

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      Also, trying to disengage would have probably caused him to sink as fast, as that would have required to turn around, exposing his broadside.
      There is such a thing as a point of “no return”.

    • Wait for what team? Didnt you see them hiding behind those islands close to A for 10 minutes? You cant wait for “teams” like that, then u loose with 500 XP. Now Flambass pushed and mopped the floor with all the T9-10s!

    • I hope you’re not in my team during ranked Glen lol

  11. What build do you run on Tirpz + what modules?

  12. Ahhhh good memories of Tirpitz! She was my very first premium ship I bought for myself as a Christmas present in december 2015. German Steel is still as good as I remembered it to be. 🙂

  13. “Imagine if these BBs with all that armour, health and firepower were doing something useful”.
    Sounds a lament that can be heard in every battle.

    • I stopped playin T8 just so I don’t get into T10 match and see all these pussy BB’s stayin in backlines tryin save their hp , make me wonder why do u play BB if u so afraid from goin frontline and do yr part ? I have more fun now playin Anshen and Fujin at mid tier’s .

    • hey man, if you’re on EU, than you can poke me and we can brawl together for ships and giggles 😀 darkopanczez is my alias in game

    • Asian server here . all Australia really has to pick from if we want an ok ping

    • :/ oh well.. nothing we can do about it :/ still 🙂 it’s nice to know “manly” players 😀 as Yuro likes to call us 😀

    • hahah most tend to call me crazy or kamikaze , but I figure whats the point of playing a battle ship with fantastic secondary’s unless you get in there and use them

  14. Fight like it was ww2 where spain, italy, japan and germany are on one side and the rest on the enemy side, and russia almost on its own.

    • There is a problem with some nations not in the game at all, and some nations not having nearly enough ships for certain scenarios, not yet at least

  15. How about 3 lol so enjoy your daily video. Keep them com8ng.

  16. your music selection is awesome and as someone who recently hit 50 I have no clue to the bands you feature. Would it be at all possible to list the songs in the description of your vids if that isn’t too much of a hassle?

  17. Just shooooooot!! 😉

  18. Flambass If you are going to make a vid about recommended ships for the next ranked season Would you mind sharing every build on all ships? Unlike last season. Such as dirpitz >:D And since there Will be t10s as well.

  19. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Flambass, what is the name of the new CLAN!! and will you be uploaded any of the clan battles Sir???

  20. “Amagi shooting HE…. okay…. okay” @16:48 is everything you need to know about the state of the game right now

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