World of Warships: Why Is Alaska Fun?

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I really like the Alaska. I’ve figured out why she’s so good – she’s clearly just a ship.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 US cruiser Alaska on the map Estuary.


  1. Saving Free XP for this one now

  2. It’s because she’s


  3. Secretly revealed the soviet ship before the soviet cruisers branch come out to the game. Gonna save the Free XP for em. LOL

  4. ‘Blow her load’

  5. 40k FXP away from her. Really looking forward to having this ship.

    Thanks for the video, as always.

  6. i sometimes ask myself, if bbs are tanky but stay in spawn and when they take 3k damage start to kite. are those captains insecure or just noobs?

  7. E6 and A8 both seem to have some type of estuary

  8. I’m wondering two things. Why didn’t you finish off that Tirpitz @ 8:51? Also why did you go directly into that cross fire at 10:00? (nelson and NC)

  9. you shouldnt have fired at chapa and do a drive by on NC and Boom! and even still alive to kill seattle!

  10. In the Alaska, i find myself quite often in the situation that im tanking the first 5 minutes in the game, because for some reason im the first ship in the line. While im tanking, most of the time i miss the enemy because of poor dispersion, or only do minor chunk damage to bow-in bbs. If i survive the next 15 minutes, im mostly just punishing cruisers which for some reason ignored me, radaring caps, and maybe tank somemore. Sometimes i instantly delete cruisers, but most of the time the shells just miss, or overpen. Im not saying Alaska is bad but… i play her for tankiness and utility, not because she is accurate. She is pretty inconsistent i must say.

    • Nautsyn I say she is a bad ship as a good average player at 62% win rate. She combines the bad things of two worlds…bad armor of a cruiser and bad dispersion of a BB. I can only advice to not buy this ship!

  11. Aah – my favourite map – Random Bit of Sea.

  12. @aerroon, the Estuary is found in A1 of this map.,… lol

  13. I have over 10K games on WOW and have never been on Estuary ever. How is that possible? The East river @ NYC is actually an estuary.

  14. “I am sure somebody gonna derp a shell into her by accident” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 LMAO

  15. It’s more that she is a cruiser killer matched against cruisers.

    All of the super cruisers have this advantage. Once WG adds an armor cruiser / battlecruiser / super cruiser MM rule…the advantage will become less.

  16. I actually like where your BBs are in comparison to the enemy BBs.. 2:45. They are quite a bit further into the map . they have good gun range. I wish my BB team mates would merge to center more often.

  17. Mmmhhh, yeah…
    Alaska definitely has potential, but in my XP’s, I found this ship very trolly and quite often.

    Considering I remember I bought it immediately when they sold it (like 80ish € instead of 120€ full price couple weeks later), and it was expensive nevertheless, I am more dissapointed than satisfied by Alaska overall.
    But still, it’s true u can have excellent games within.

  18. Amazing CIT HITS DUDE!

  19. “Frustration that shells dont land where I want” – Maybe try to aim better? Half of the times you lead too much and aim too high too.

  20. I find Alaska amazing and i dont know why you Said her HE is Bad
    You can get witherers in this Thing by Farming BBS pushing a flank (because ofc AP on bow in BBS is dumb) and the tankiness to do what you did, going between 2 BBS and getting Shot at by cruisers and still surviving for so Long makes this Ship amazing to Play when pushing in
    Also the possibility of bow tanking JBs and German BBS is great and the Radar is Just an extra Like on the russian cruisers It doesnt need to have It to be good but it Just makes the Ship that much better
    Also i enjoy running def. AA so you can obliterate t8 sqadrons before they Reach you and you dont need a Hydro since you scared dds with Radar anyways

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