World of Warships – Why Pick French Cruisers?

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So my Twitch stream brought up a good point, Why pick a french over a soviet . I thought about it and just had no answer, because I knew the Soviet Destroyers perform all the goals of the French Cruiser much better. Speed, Firepower, Tankability through avoiding damage, and better torpedoes. The only thing they give up is the ability to use defensive fire and speed boost, but clearly they’re fast enough as is without the skill. I think the bigger issue is that Cruisers in general are easily replaced with higher damage, tank, or supportive cruisers who bring a bunch of consumables. I’m inclined to encourage more utility in cruisers to get more play out of them but what do you think? Hope this was interesting and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Soviet Destroyer Udaloi Replay


  1. If WG is not going to give the French cruisers radar, then give them the ability to jam it. I think it would be an interesting consumable. It would require teamwork, the French CA’s would have to work with their destroyers or any other ship with smoke and turn on their jamming consumable the moment their team mates get painted with radar. The enemy cruiser would conceivably only get a few seconds of vision before his radar gets jammed, and as a consequence he loses vision inside the smoke. The jamming would have the same duration of a typical radar consumable.

    But then again, that would require teamwork and coordination, so that consumable wouldn’t work.

  2. I would choose French cruisers because I prefer big guns. And I like BAGUETTES.

  3. NOtser, is so polite in chat, I would be raping the hell out of the keyboard, spaming yamato that he is a pussy retard.

  4. I like HE spam and burning BBs to death, and nothing against a good Cruiser v Cruiser. I have lot of fun with the my american CAs, their AP is just godlike and the russian cruiser are entertaining too.

  5. I would play my ZAO over the Soviet Destroyers – at times anyway! I would play the Minotaur and the British Cruiserrs over the Soviet DDs, again, at times! I would even play the Soviet Cruiser line OVER the Soviet DD line – again at times! Even the Des Moines, while it may be the lowest of the above mentioned lines for me – I mean maybe once I own the DM I might like it best, but still I would play the Des Moines over the Soviet DDs at times.

    Especially with the MASSIVE rudder shift nerf coming to the Khabarovsk! I may prioritize Grozovoi with a stealth build instead!

    I DEFINTELY am now PRIORITIZING the Soviet DD line, after I buy my Zao, I will be buying the fully upgraded Gnevny – and because of Leningrad and Okhotnik I now have an 11 point captain, which will likely hit 15 points by the time I am done with my ~9 million credit grid to buy the Zao, and then another ~3 million for the Gnevny!

    Those 3 lines in particular just feel very strong for their own reasons! UNLIKE the French! And especially with the MASSIVE rudder shift nerf coming to the Khabarovsk! So, I feel like MANY – but not ALL cruisers are in a perfectly fine place! Though the lower tier Japanese do need some love, especially the 203 Mogami and the Ibuki – they are both well behind what they should be at their tier. But Zao seems to be doing fine, Moskva is doing fine, even Minotaur, Hindenburg, and Des Moines are doing fine! Mostly, perhaps some SMALL tweaks and Des Moines will catch up with the rest.

    But anyway, I look at the overall game stats in the Tier 10 Cruisers, and for the most part, the are ON PAR – or ABOVE what they really SHOULD be compared to the tier 10 BBs. Yes on Average most tier 10 BBs do deal more damage than most tier 10 Cruisers, but they should be doing that, they have both the HP pool and armor – and that HP pool is bolstered by a better heal! STILL overall they BARELY do more damage than Tier 10 Cruisers on Average! Tier 10 BBs deal between 78.7k on the Montana and 87.4k on the Grosser Kurfurst – Meanwhile Cruisers deal between 61.8K damage on average with the Des Moines, to 79K damage on the Zao! So for all the complaining about “Too many BBs in Queue” I see very little problems with it honestly, I can ROAST them with HE in a Cruiser, or deal HARD broadside damage with AP!

    Anyway – you are talking like Cruisers are a FULLY UNDER PERFORMING class, when they most certainly are NOT! And I LOVE FIghting BBs in my IJN Cruisers and my Kutuzov – they are damage/credit PINATAS! Hell I love fighting them in every Cruiser line really – save perhaps the French without some LARGE changes…

    Because EVEN THE HINDENBURG – can deal MASSIVE ~10k to 15k+ Broadside AP salvos against Battleships within about 15 km or less especially, as the shells will still do penetration damage more often than not at that range, and it can do that VERY ACCURATELY every, what, about 9 seconds with the Reload Module that everybody uses?

    And looking at overall average damage done, Des Moines is the lowest, but still deals 61k damage on average every match, which is well above its own HP pool! Zao managed the most at 78,973 damage per game on average, which is nearly TWICE its HP pool! In terms of HP pool to damage done, Moskva even though she deals the second most damage of the tier 10 cruisers at 78,050 average damage per game played – MIGHT be tied or worse than the Des Moines in terms of Damage done to HP pool, because she has that massive 65.4k slab of HP! But in any case – I would say that overall, Cruisers are doing their jobs!

    I mean I don’t know how much the Stealth Fire Nerf effects the Zao, Minotaur, and Des Moines in particular, as they all had a rather large maximum stealth fire window – Zao especially. But from what I have seen – though I have yet to BUY my Zao – I am working on that now, I have seen them doing VERY WELL still! I mean between her ability to disengage after stopping firing, her great speed, and downright TROLLISH armor that is perhaps the BEST of any tier 10 Cruiser – as she often avoids taking broadside citadels when you would think she definitely would, but she also seems to RARELY EVER take Bow On Citadel hits as well – with only the Moskva being better at “Bow Tanking” currently! Des Moines could probably Bow Tank better if she didn’t have 27mm deck plates in the front, which while historically accurate – probably SHOULD be buffed to make her a more usable and flexible ship overall.

  6. Why would you pick a cruiser? Three words: “Moskva, Moskva…. Moskva”

  7. 2 words: Russian bias
    Don’t expect anything less from wargaming

  8. Honestly the entire game is almost centered around the question: why pick this over a Soviet/Russian ship?

    For the game to progress with more nations, the entire game mechanics has to be overworked and frankly, will alienate & piss off lots of long standing players. Current Soviet DD are so heavy, large & powerful (and they have decent torps at high tiers as well) they render lots of cruisers who aren’t adept at killing DD worthless. Historically the Russians had pretty poor performing DDs, but obviously none of their drawbacks ever made it into the game, which just makes them utterly broken.

  9. I feel the same way. Why bother with the French cruisers? I have no interest in them at all, though I’m sure others are very excited about their release.

  10. My Premium is out, and i will never buy an another 1 …

  11. Because they are beautiful ?
    Seriously as you mentionned, one of the biggest problem is the lack of protection with the higher tiers, the heavy cruisers.
    The light cruisers at early tier are fine being fragile. Hell in the entire line, they were the ones WG designed the best overall and were the most fun to play (before the massive nerf…)

    But Heavy cruisers have to be tanky as they should ! Look at the stats, datas and blueprints of those ships : Algérie had better armor protection than any other tier 7 CA, but in game she feels as weak as a Pensacola !!? Charles Martel (C5A3 design) was supposed to be a stronger Algérie with better or at least the same level of armor protection, but she has less belt armor !
    The characteristics of the Saint Louis would have made her very similar to a Baltimore, but she is light years away from her.
    Worse, she has the exact same armor than the Charles Martel ! With a tonnage displacing 3 or 4 thousand tons more !
    Even the Henri 4, wich is a pure original creation from WG, and supposed to be a Moskva-wannabe inspired by studies on battlecruisers has abysmal armor protection !
    And don’t even talk about the stupid citadel design standing out just under the turrets, transforming non-vital rooms of the ship into critical parts, which make it impossible to miss and renders the ship even weaker…

    It seems WG has decided that the entire French cruiser line should have the same gameplay from start to end :
    no armor, long range, only relying on manoeuvre for protection and shooting at enemy from the far end of the map… even if in order to achieve that they have to nerf the French CA protection to the ground.

  12. So what I’m getting here is the French Cruisers are weak so let’s tear down RUS DDs…

  13. I never gave the Russian DDs much thought because their torps were such crap at lower tiers. The US and IJN lines held more utility for me as torpedo platforms. US line with fast gun reloads was a bonus to bully other DDs. Thinking to compare Russian DDs with cruisers because of their DPM output never occurred to me. Guess I need to learn how to game… 🙁

  14. Sov DDs with repair. The trolliest thing ever in this game. Tashkent is my new fave because of this, at least until I get the Khab.

  15. Hey, if your a frog then of course you want to use em

  16. They should just fix CVs and everything in the world would be right.

    If CVs become viable = the BB population will decrease = CA players won’t be that afraid of playing so their population will increase, plus they bring utility and AA to counter the newly increased CV playerbase.

  17. Why not? Iz jus a gaem.

  18. as much as I love homey Notser – you have gone full time anyi-Russian DD

  19. Firstname Lastname

    No, no, no.

    Not velocity.


    Velocity is a vector quantity – i.e. you need to include a direction in addition to the “quantity”.

    Removing the direction makes it a scalar quantity, and the scalar equivalent to velocity is speed.

  20. Bussian Rias !

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