World of Warships – Why Rank Can Suck

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A rank game of frustration for so many involved, eventually someone has to win the game. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. Ranked game is just a place to level up your saltiness to the game

    • I literally only had 2 games in my atago wich is an awesome tier 8 tier for tier and now this t10 bullshit

    • Rene D  Rank 15 you will need to use t10 already

    • A Martinez  Yes Ranked have more people that “try” to coordinate together at first but the longer the game goes on, you may see it fall slowly and RNG might just turn out not in your favour

    • Ranked Battles are for players who enjoy volunteering for torture tests. You must like pain 🙂

    • at A. Martinez, What is bad with the MM is not so much that you end up bottom tier or that there are more BBs on one side or something like that. What is the worse impact of a bad MM is the fact that it regularly put more if not the majority of decent players on one side.

  2. Thanks for the content Notser! Ranked has indeed been a pain for me the past 2 seasons already and I think there’s many like me who actually only play ranked until they hit a losing streak and then stop playing ranked all together for that season, to rather “enjoy” random battles…it just aint worth the frustration, rollercoaster emotions and time spent to maaaaaaybe hit rank 6 for example.

  3. here i am patting my own back and calling it quit grinding for rank at rank 11 xD

  4. Win two, lose two, win two, lose two, win two, lose two, win two, lose two, win two, lose two, win two, lose two, win two, lose two.

  5. How not to be effected by Rank; Don’t care about Rank, Don’t play Rank, and Don’t expect great things to happen in Rank. This game mode sucks and WG doesn’t care. I ranked out 5 times got my two ships and I don’t stress out about Rank any more. This Terrible game mode can go the way of Team Battles for all I care. And if you look at the past 3 seasons you will see less people are playing and less battles are being played in Rank. More and more people are walking away from this Terribad Game mode and the prizes are not holding people to the Grind. I wonder when WG will wake up to this fact. [People Stop Playing Rank, Think of your health and your enjoyment of WoWs]

    • I took a Salem over the modules – it’s more than a DM with better heal. It’s a PREMIUM DM with lower costs, a great trainer and yup, it has what folks call a zombie heal… which would in essence, make it better than the DM. But each their own.

    • Totally agree JRedBear… I limit myself to max of three ranked games a day. Stopped worrying about moving through all the ranks. My goal is simply get to the “safe harbor” so I can’t fall backward to 14 or even 15. Once there, everything else is a bonus.

    • hence why ranks sucks…that mentally and smarts is why u bring down your team

    • This ranked battle season wasn’t look amusing even WG put too many incentives for encourage people to play especially steel resources. I stopped caring about these ranked battle, higher tiers and kept playing ships like tier 5,6 and 7 because that’s where the tiers I constantly play like co-op and scenario mission I considered as fun playing tiers.

    • Chris Nettos, I’m not sure what the percentage of players have only the save the star in mind when playing rank. If you do not have that mechanism, you can be stuck aat a level forever even if you are the best player in the world but you only get bad teams.

  6. My problem with ranked play is I call out and chat saying that we need to stick together and we win we only need one DD to go chase the cap that’s far away everyone else go to the other or the closest but everyone seems to split up and we get outgunned and lose horribly while the other team stays together and decimates my team. You stay together you win you split up you lose it’s that simple.

    • Staying close together in two separate groups is ok but all in 1 group is not good in my opinion.
      1 group only covers 1 objective, the other team then has 2 and has the advantage. One group has no flanking shots on the enemy while you are taking flanking hits from them. Yes there is teamspeak and team play in clan but the basic tactics to win are the same as ranked.

    • My problem with ranked is when someone calls out to stick together and then people complain they can’t kill anything because everyone is angled against them. Or when someone calls me (in Moskva) out for “going solo” when I literally carry 3/4 matches by flanking the enemy and killing woosters and Des Moines no one else can shoot. Just today, some twat in a Montana called to “stick together for win” in all caps, complained that I was throwing the match, yet failed to realize I was tanking a GK, Moskva and a Yamato for 10 minutes while he was sailing broadside to all 3 and didnt get shot once.

      I literally say at the start of every match where I’m going and why I’m doing it.

    • DaKillerChipmunk that is not the case with me cuz i know when to pull out of trouble. I have the tier 8 IJN DD and have fast torp reload and i send out 16 torps to cover my retreat. I never get sunk and used this all the way to be rank 8 last season. So yes it works in higher ranked battles. When i got to rank 10 i use my shima and it was very effective for me to go to a cap by myself

    • Anthony Ware- you reached rank 8 and you were NEVER sunk in ranked,wow that is some record. I bet Notser and Flamu would like that record even in a DD. Why did you stop at rank 8?

    • Kneecapper wow you are to stupid for a response

  7. I just got rank 15 but I don’t have a t10?

    • WG thanks you for your salty tears. It fuels their Russian souls.

    • Um… no, WoWS is definitely not an RPG. Tier X is absolutely not an “endgame”. There are 9 other tiers in the game, in case you’ve forgotten, 4 of which (VI – IX) most people really care about. It sucks that you need to use tier X ships to fight competitively, especially when most of them are paper designs. It sucks when REAL ships from other tiers cannot be played against each other just because they’re not tier X.

      I don’t know the real reason why WG thinks tier X for most of Ranked Battles is such a good idea. Maybe it is a cash grab. Though you can’t deny that it’s just DUMB, there are people who are locked out of this game mode because they don’t have the unlimited time or money to spend on a GAME (pixels on a screen) they play for FUN. It is a valid reason why Rank can suck.

    • I have one tier 10 Hindenburg, but I have way more fun with her outside of ranked. Ranked is just not worth the effort man.

    • So Alex you level up in a German cruiser line with each new level ship stronger than the last and you then have to fight stronger opponents. You gain skills from a skill tree as you level up your captain. What of that is not RPG with you role playing a captain??
      There is no advancement pass tier 10 so WG has to put end game content in like this season’s rank to stop it’s top player base leaving.
      Your “real” ships can be player against other “real” ships it’s called random mode and it’s fun unlike high ranked games.
      Yes, I most definitely argue against you “it’s dumb” statement. The game is free to play so WG need ways to get players to buy items, tier 10 is one of the best ways to do this and if people have to get premium account or convert free XP to hit tier 10 on top of the high running cost of tier 10 WG wins.
      Why people feel they are entitled to play ranked every season without having tier 10 ships in a free to play game is beyond me as someone who understands effort and reward.
      Tier 10 is not available yet to all so unfair I hear, tier 4 is not available to all yet so what you all want- tier 3 or 2 or 1 ranked?
      Guess it’s just part of the modern entitlement handout generation.

    • Okay, let’s just assume you are right:

      World of Warships is an RPG, where I play the character of the captain. Great… what a dynamic character, he just tells me when the ship is flooding or on fire. He also tells me when my team is winning or losing… And a bunch of other stuff. Okay, what’s his personality? No idea. Can we level him up? Yeah, sure – choose this skill and your ship magically becomes stealthier, makes sense… not really.

      Tier X is the endgame of World of Warships. The most expensive tier, so it’s going to cost me continuously to play unless I switch back to other tiers or buy premium (which are not tier X). So I get to play random paper designs like HMS Conqueror vs Khabarovsk, more often than not. Yep, great endgame…already loving it. What about an endgame where you can competively play all the other ships you’ve collected, which is not only for tier X?

      I have USS Iowa and USS Fletcher sitting in Port, I collected them because they were real fighting ships with a real history. Is there a game mode outside of vanilla Random Battles where I can play them competitively? No, because they’re not tier X… what the hell.

      Look, I don’t expect WG to handout everything for free, but it’s not fair that they lock out players who either don’t have tier X or just don’t want to play ONLY tier X. There are other tiers with great ships in them that can’t be played because of this tier X only thing. Ranked Battles used to be for tier VI in the past, not anymore so I can’t play all those wonderful tier VI ships. Making the top 15 ranks tier X is a stupid limitation by WG and I hope that they strive to include, not exclude, their playerbase and their ships in the future.

  8. I don’t know… It seems the NA mentality in this game is somewhat different to the mentality on the european server… When I play ranked (EU), the chat is only used for the “Attention to square xy” and the automatic commands… no comments what they mean by marking a poition in the middle of the ocean with no tactical value whatsoever… No communication of tactics intentions. Also the motivation of players is going down right from the start when they recognize: “Oh, look! There are three guys in the enemy team who are members of very popular and good clans!” From that point in time, noone plays for a victory but just for keeping the star…

    • because communicating tactics is pointless, they all either lemming train to one cap and get killed or they all do their own thing and get killed… is really rare that the team sticks to an actual tactic that is mentioned at the start…

  9. Ranked sucks for me because Tier 8’s can only rank to Level 15 which is kinda dumb and I think it needs to be reworked so the battles are a mix of T8’s T9’s and T10’s

    • +Mike s Ranked is just 7v7 randoms tho

    • Do you really want to work at ranked that much? I think you are lucky not having tier 10 ships so no wasted time in ranked- it is the most toxic and frustrating game mode.
      To play you need premium account, lots of credits, a high level captain, lots of flags, a seriously high winrate if you want to achieve anything, lots of time for it and masses of patience.
      To get from rank 15 to rank 1 requires 55 stars, for simplicity excluding not losing a star for top loser it will take a 55% winrate player 550 games from rank 15 to rank 1. For a 51% winrate player it is 2750 games.

    • Playing ranked for the first time was the most fun I had with the game in ages and I was kinda disappointed that I was stopped at level 15 because I had a goal to work towards.. I have premium account and I have T8 ships the problem I have is the credit grinding it seems to take forever

    • Kneecapper u dont need a premium account nor a huge amount of credits. i play ranked with tier 10, dont lose credits and never had a premium account. it works pretty well. And currently my experience is that there is a very skilled teamplay in most of my matches (maybe lucky)

    • DocHock67, fair enough, good on you but are you winning most of you tier 10 ranked games and what credit flags are you using? I am guessing that you have a good winrate in randoms which is who ranked is really designed for.
      Last season I lost more than 5 million credits playing tier 10 ranked and had to play my premiums to earn credits to enter the next rank game. The 22k camo and 3x 22k premium consumables for dds killed my credits. Average credit loss with no premium for me was about 50k per game. DDs often win a game in ranked by capping and spotting which is not good for credits.

  10. how exaclty do the detonation Flags work? cause I had a game yesterday were I had the Flag equipped and I still detonated..

    • Indeed. Multiple examples from me in the last week. I always equip the flag on my cruiser and still detonate occasionally.

    • Did it say you were detonated? Like you got the achievement for it? If yes; then I’ve no idea why you’re getting nuked tbh, especially if you have Juliet Charlie signal. If no; you’re probably getting “devastating strike” after a couple of “good” citadels

  11. Dear Henry players, pick a different ship that can help win a battle.

  12. My problem with ranked is that it is only open to the unicums who have tier 10s and care way too much about it. I feel like if ranked were open to tier 6/7 ships than more people would play, including me and it would be more fun

    • Brendyn Bartos, the smoke has changed but tier 7 is still plagued by the fact that there are only 2 ship types in tier 7 ranked- Belfast and targets for Belfast.
      WG loved tier 7 ranked as their sales rocketed.

    • +Kneecapper, what’s the difference between Stalingrad and the rest of the tier 10s?

    • Far from truth man, the majority are the people that grind hard through 500+ battles to get that rank 1. Click battle – die in 3 minutes – go to port – click battle – die in 3 minutes and so on. Pure cancer.

    • HAHAHAHAHHAHA trust me. if rank 15 wasn’t irrevocable, I would’ve had my ass dropped back to 20. I had so many losses because of shit teammates in t10s, it’s not funny. Hell, I just has a friend who came pissed, cause he was at 13 and nearly gto dropped back back to 15.

    • Kneecapper, I don’t know why so many people have a fixation on the Belfast. I can easily be countered with a DD like a Shiratsuyu. From the few ranked gamed I played back then, Belfast was often one of the first ships to die. Maybe because of its potential danger, the enemy team tends to focus their attention on it first.

  13. Or just don’t play ranked

  14. You know what else is frustrating about ranked? Tier 10 restriction… The costly nature of tier 10 exacerbates the already frustrating nature of random team game modes. Especially when there is already another tier 10 ranked mode that allows for more coordinated top tier gameplay. So why, one must ask himself, did they give Ranked a tier 10 restriction? To extort more money from people. It makes no sense, unless you think of how they could be making more money on this. Some body’s gotta pay for those cringy music videos.
    Also the removal of the Jolly Roger from Rank 1 rewards.

    • By design Shadow….that’s why they will keep future ranks this way. Don’t have enough credits? Throw credit card at it and boom, instant spawn into next match.

    • @drock 12, well I would hope people aren’t stupid enough to outright buy credits with real cash, although I wouldn’t put it past some people. What I meant is people will either buy the flag packs and/or more doubloons to buy premium time or even buy premium camouflages and such. That would be more beneficial then buying credits.
      But yeah that is in essence the only viable reason to have a tier 10 restriction on Ranked Battles. Especially if you consider that so far, this season and the last one came right after the end of Clan Battle season.

    • You usually break even in ranked if you have any idea what you are doing if not just play randoms and dont annoy the people in ranked

  15. As the old saying goes, who needs enemies with teammates like these?

  16. O yeah, DDs that can’t cap or torp. CAs that will not shoot, radar, assist, and can’t kill DDs, and BBs that sit back and snipe at 20k+ and can’t hit anything. Ranked so much fun.

  17. My issue with ranked is that the selfish people who stay alive and rack up a high score are the ones who don’t lose stars, while the rest of the team that actually tried working together die and backslide. Ranked doesn’t reward team play if you’re on the losing side.

  18. help players = herd cats

  19. I reckon ranked should be an indirect format in random games. Like your experience etc earned in random will accumulate a total global rank as opposed of having to spend hours on end trying to gain one star or regain your position on the leaderboard the day before. I think this method will not only help more casual players feel some prestige for their time spent, but it will also eliminate the disparity in current ranked matches. This method can also help in matchmaking, you can have mirror MM (as rare as it is) but also allocate each player’s global rank on each team fairly. I honestly don’t understand why rank is determined by win/lose, it’s a ludicrous ideology that makes no sense in accommodating the skill of all players.

    Also I cannot believe that half the people I play ranked in have got to tier 10 … the things people do …..

  20. Nice to see videos where you YouTubers/Twitch streamers are human and make mistakes. I feel there is a elite thinking in WoWs nowadays where if you are remotly Close to doing something wrong you find your self being shouted at angrily and all my stats and flaws needs to be paraded, like its so obvius that everything that is wrong in the world is my fault. I love watching Flamu and sometimes even Flambass, but these guys are in so many ways the seed of these thought imho, that you have to be a god at the game your playing or your a usless potato, something that needs to be told how usless he is. I know Flamu have chilled down tons of notches nowadays and have the exellent Replay analyzis series and do solid ship reviews, but thats after years of spitting at the screen, being a front man for anger managment and something for gamers to look up to … or just laugh at. This is only a game at the end of the day. If i lose a battle or 10, who gives a shit, i will do something else and not play this stupid game thats all (Becuase it its really stupid, Always have been since beta days). People spend varios amounts of time to play it and therefore some is good and some are bad, accept it.

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