World of Warships – Why Stats Matter

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, something argued about in , and they really do matter. Although, mainly to improve 🙂 Enjoy the video folks


  1. is this related to notsers latest video? oddly coincidental =)

  2. I;m here to play and enjoy a game…stats do not matter to me..

  3. after some thought it might be much more helpfull to watch other good
    players on YT or twich. since the stats are missing a lot of meta data. for
    exsample if ppl running away at the end or pushing agressiv to do a little
    more dmg or pressing a cap. reseting the enemy. also survival maybe is much
    more dependend on reading the map and planing the curse insteed of just
    angling armor.

  4. How many games do you have to play before your statistics can be considered
    “valid”? I.e., in WoT it’s reckoned that you need to have thousands of
    games under your belt before the WN8 is considered a usable number. Is
    there a similar value foe WoWS?

  5. Win rate ratio don’t matter in this game… cause you will always be put on
    shit team

  6. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    I have played this game for a year and I still do not believe in stats.
    They are, according to what people do to other people, evidence to say that
    someone just sucks. For them, any win rate under 50 percent is garbage.

  7. QuickyBaby said stat doesn’t matter, now I moved onto Ichase: stat does
    Who should I believe? XD

  8. Honestly stats do not matter it’s a fucking video-game it’s meant to be fun
    not a huge internet ego booster & if you can’t play a video game without
    turning it into some big slog for unicum level stats then please find
    something else to do with your life because I am sick of idiots like you’s
    telling me I am bad compared to yourselves simply because I do not feel the
    need to improve my game-play as much when I am already enjoying the game as
    it is. I am far from shit at most games, but I still encounter entitled
    morons left right & center every day & people’s attitudes on this matter
    annoy me endlessly.

  9. Stats matter, because the separate the players that don’t give a shit, from
    players that do.

  10. I play to have fun and I am rated “very good” but since I am pretty good, I
    like playing “hard” ships for the challenge, so my stats do not accurately
    reflect my skills, such as they are. For example I take out my Tachibana
    over the far less challenging Umikaze.

  11. imo anything under 50 battles dont help….
    also, for stats to be helpful, WG needs to add avg potential dmg, avg dmg
    against ship type, avg capture, and avg defense into the stats
    chinese server’s stats tell you how much damage player does against
    specific ship types, and it is so much more helpful

  12. Happens to me all the time. People say “lol you have 47% win rate I have
    70% your terrible”

  13. so i’m either really unlucky or i need to dial the aggressiveness waaaaaaay
    back. my hit stats are better than dreskar’s (farragut: 39% guns, 16%
    torps) but my game stats are terrible (42% WR, 22k avg dmg).

    same thing in my DM; my hit stats are better than chase’s even (34% vs 29%
    guns; 1.36 vs 1.07 kills; 86k vs 85k dmg) yet his winrate is 69% while mine
    is 45%. sometimes i honestly feel like MM is trying to actively screw me
    because even with the crates i’ve only gotten one super ever while i’ve
    talked to dudes who”ve gotten a dozen. and even that crate was just… 250
    flags X-P

  14. Teamwork is overpowered, please nerf. :P

  15. You can’t use win/loss because it’s biased. What do I mean. We’ll look at
    the stats for a player playing alone, a player playing with another player,
    and 1 player playing with 2 additional players. This introduces bias. The
    percentages are available on the website, you will have to take my word for
    it. A study using stats is more accurate when bias is eliminated. I ask
    iChase who is a veteran to the game what other characteristics can be
    included as bias. The more bias the less significant the study, iChase
    presents a case study in this video more or less.
    Since wargaming does not have a very good matchmaking system in my opinion.
    I would say these stats are significant the more games you play but that’s
    about it.

  16. Totally unrelated to the stats talk here… Wait what people complain about
    Nagato ??? It’s a mini-Yamato at tier 7. Huge guns, somewhat accurate,
    decent handling when maxed out. Only fragile a bit but if you don’t go
    waving your braodside for all enemies to shoot at it’s fine. Anyway… Had
    a wtf moment there lol.

  17. Ive gotten wows sjw’s yell at me so many times ingame and in forums about
    me saying bad stats (red / yellow) translate into a poor player every
    single time after a certain numbers of games

  18. I should also point out that the Nagato is probably one of the most
    interesting ships to look at, in terms of stats, in the game. I generally
    play her as an all-purpose ship, but I tend to get impatient with her
    accuracy, and that generally leads to overly close engagements. However, I
    do tend to find that, when I don’t play her like an idiot, she’s very good
    at defense and close support. She also has a peculiar armor configuration,
    favoring about an angle just a little bit outside the firing arc of her
    rear guns, since that way her citadel is much harder to hit through her bow
    that way and her side armor is still strong at that kind of angle. Or, at
    least, by my judgement.

  19. The other day I was playing Nagato on a standard battle and I noticed there
    were 5 Japanese DDs on the enemy team so I wrote a message to my team’s BBs
    to stay careful and not get torped. Out of nowhere I got some wisecrack guy
    in an ognevoi putting me down for having 28k global average damage(I mainly
    played mid-tier Japanese DDs and 28k is far, far above the average for mid
    tier Japanese DDs). I immediately pumped out 70k in that game and proceeded
    to challenge him to beat it. Then I checked his stats, and lo and behold
    “Key Vehicle – Gremyashychy. Most Played Vehicle – Murmansk”. Violet Stet
    Pedder, it’s real boiz. When I pointed this out in team chat all he could
    muster was “retard”. Incidentally I got top of the team and one and a half
    more base exp than him that game. Filthy elitist.

  20. Sorry but I can’t support any argument that stats matter. They only matter
    if everything you do in any game has a direct, 1 to 1, unhindered and
    uninfluenced correspondence between how good you are, and what your results
    are. You can’t treat them like a converging set of data either, where they
    get closer to representing your ability to play the more battles you play.
    That’s just not true. Want proof? My win rate dropped by a grand total of
    13% because of a 24 loss streak I had. That both dropped my average exp,
    and win rate. You may look at other stats like average damage instead, but
    that’s affected by the distribution of ships you play. Some ships aren’t
    made to do damage nearly as much as others. This affects average damage,
    and kill/death. Some ships also don’t have good anti air, affecting plane
    kills. Warships destroyed per battle is also misleading because you could
    do nothing but shoot at low HP ships

    Have you ever thought about this:
    Why do you think people don’t like playing against carriers? Because anti
    air is all RNG, while the only RNG with strike aircraft is whether or not
    the hits that you inevitably score cause fire, flooding, or detonate the
    target. They have the highest correspondence between player skill and match
    results, which is why you never see anyone say that carriers are either not
    hilariously broken, or useless

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