World of Warships- Why Submarines Are Bad For The Game

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at how submarines negatively effect the game currently, and the biggest balancing issues for subs in my opinion. Let me know what ya think below!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. with this level of stealth they don’t need homing torps ! fire them in straight line and would still do better than brit DDs

    • Radio location skill going to be very helpful now

    • @Peter Smulders RPF doesn’t pick them up if they go underwater which is frustrating. I do have RPF on most of my DDs and some cruisers. Even more frustrating, subs can evade radar and especially hydro at will.

    • @MasterZ WG should make hydro detect subs at any depth, as for radar….well radar is the most unbalanced and broken thing in the game even more then CVs and desperately needs a rework considering it has no counter play or limiting factor outside of range and duration.

    • @neogoterra I mean they had the hydro do that in previous test and it was realistic to have that feature implemented. But SIKE lets give them every nonsence thing that we can come up with to ruin peoples fun!

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    Just get rid of the homing mechanism or buff the damage con for BBs… Do subs really need homing torps?

  3. Subs in epicentre games are particularly OP. They just sit and wait by the middle unspotted and destroy anything that has to come to the middle.

  4. Honey Springs Homestead

    You’re definitely right about sun’s being fun at times. I’ve been playing the tier 6 German sub some, and in a double CV game I took both CVs out and capped two bases. As for the new addition to deal with sub pings and subs having a penalty to pinging, I couldn’t agree more. Subs should have a limited number of pings that have a use timer on them.

  5. Range of ship hydro for under water targets should be made to detect further, ping shouldn’t effect torps already fired and also an active ping should make sub appear on mini map if a ship is within a certain rng from sub

  6. Wg must alow to players to choose the game with or without submarines.!

  7. Why complicate things? Remove homing and ping. Improve sub stealth mechanics instead..

    Now subs are more lethal to campers and larger less maneuverable ships that they historically were. What is wrong with launching the torps the same way as a DD?

  8. Yesterday while playing my BB’s I noticed I could not assign the Depth Charge consumable to any key or mouse button? Is this a new bug? A week or so ago I had my Fuso DC consumable set to the 0 button on my mouse and it worked fine but now I can only use them if I select it with the free cursor and click on the DC icon itself……very frustrating especially when those damn homing torpedos are so lethal and hard to dodge?

  9. Honestly the easiest fix is remove the homing from the torps… they are currently acting like mk48 ADCAPs being shot out of subs that historically had horrible torps.

  10. I would rather no homing torps and the ping was like a super short (10-20s) hydro, that way they could navigate and stalk.

    • THATS a great Idea and would make way more sence.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      No argument here…

    • This is great. I just hope no more argument if this happend

    • in fairness, it would also need to be a long range hydro – something that could be unique to subs, say 10-15km range, as after all subs were intel gatherers as well as raiders.
      knowing the position of ships could also be limited to just the sub itself.
      could also add the consumable of ‘firing solution’ to give a small damage increase to compensate the loss of homing.
      this would remove the need for ships to burn DC on pings, balancing that mechanic once again.

  11. The only fix to submarines is their complete removal from the game.

  12. Battle Boats with Captain Spud

    I’ve tried to dodge in a cruiser and the torpedoes did a 90 degree angle basically …4 citadels … yea …. This is not okay … maybe give ships dual damage con consumables so you can use either or both as needed 2 may give you enough time to escape a subs double ping attack…. Oh and that last attack that cruise just said fuck this I been flooded 2 times I can’t escape the ping I’m now double ping I’m slow from flood I give up lol

    • Few things more fun than executing a textbook torpedo dodge that is defeated by the torpedoes making a 90 degree turn *after* tracking mitigation. Nevermind the incoming salvoes of HE.

  13. Your video is a perfect example of why people want the subs gone. How much fun did that Zao have. Was there anyway he could respond. Pinged, torps, pinged torps, etc… He must have really enjoyed the experience.

    • @R Crd I consistently call it “World of ASW” when there are subs.

    • @R Crd I don’t know, haven’t heard many complaints from the CV players…weirdly….

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      @mihaitha another extremely valid point. And honestly……. WW2 era subs were not in instant contact with the surface fleet anyway. I realize it’s an arcade game but still…..

    • Ping is an incredibly powerful tool just by itself. Need someone to pop dc? Just ping them relentlessly. Battleships need to be tankier imo to deal with the many many ways they can get focused. More HP, better armour, or better fire resistance, I don’t know but BBs need help

    • @Michel Javert because they have no way at all to counter subs under water. Not that subs find out about it.

  14. “if you got three fires on your cruiser something´s gone sideways” – Yeah, I used dcp to stop homing (to not get DevStruck) and then the BritBB hit me with a HE-salvo -.-
    Especially enjoyable in supercruisers.

    But according to WG this is fine.

  15. I will have no trouble with subs in game once they are nerfed to be historically accurate.

  16. Ping cutting off at different distances for different classes might be the most ridiculous part of this trash fire, and that’s an accomplishment considering how poorly this has been implemented overall.

  17. Your play shows how extremely easy it is to abuse the ping mechanic continually launch magically curving dev strike torps and not face ANY retaliation. They are a joke. Homing should go away entirely and no cit damage and it might be doable.

    • Homing would be fine without the cit damage. In fact subs are little threat if you know how to handle them correctly. They stop homing a certain distance away. Just point your bow at them and turn away when they stop homing

    • @Josh lower And then show broadside to the enemy team and get chunked by a BB. It’s literally the same problem as with carriers. You either take your chances with the carrier or risk getting citadelled when dodging. It’s their ability to magically create crossfires with virtually no tradeoff that makes them broken. The carriers at the very least can lose some planes and their strike capability diminishes over time. To counter a sub you need a dd that also has to spot, cap, contest, smoke, knifefight other dds, dodge radars and the focus fire that they take when they are revealed. And if your dds die early which happens very often in randoms, the subs will basically have the time of their lives.

      As they stand right now, they are very bad for the game but we can only hope they improve. There are a lot of good ways to make them fair and if they go that way I honestly think they will fill into the game better than CVs. Having another class of ship that can cap and spot will lighten the load of the DDs somewhat which I think will improve the gameplay. The way I see how they should be is squishier and slower dds with less torps but with better ways to mitigate damage.

  18. What if ping makes you detectable to enemy subs for the full range? But puts you to the standard surface range detectability to surface ships?
    I think that would make more opportunities for subs to fight subs more often. It can also create an interesting dynamic for a sub that wants to hunt other subs. It would allow a sub captain to decide to use stealth more and sneak up on enemy subs.
    As a side note, I do believe the ping cost penalty on battery would have an impact. Would be intriguing to try something like that.

  19. If you are banging away with pings, everyboby should know where you are by direction. Anyway limited amount of pings, recharge by being on the surface. Unable to ping a head on DD, that way you have a realistic shoot out like in WW2. DDs are supposed to be the sub killers of the fleet (as currently configured). All of this ASW via airstrikes are just a band-aide for the sub problem.

  20. I just remembered that in co-op the bot subs would dive and just hide at the end of the game. Then the whole team spent forever trying to find a sub with no way to find it until it finally surfaced. I didn’t realize it would be so much worse.

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