World of Warships- Why The Hell Do You Still Play This Game?!?!

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Hey guys! Today I answer a common question I am getting asked more and more these days. Enjoy!
Ross Rowley:

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  1. Yeah, I’ve drastically reduced the amount I play, just too frustrating with subs and CV/plane overload

  2. I am still playing because of the random operations. That should be the direction of the game from now on: operations/campaigns in PvE while still keeping the PvP aspect if people want.

    • Games that focus on PvP are easier to develop since there’s no need to program sophisticated AI. For a small company like WG that doesn’t have enough resources for better AI development, PvP development is the practical choice.

  3. Playing in tier 8 Vlad last night I lost 50% of my health from Sub and plane Torps before another ship took a shot at me, loads of fun.

    • @Skarhabek Greyrukh Your changing the issue that the op made, whuch was that subs in coordination with Cvs are oo, and they are. If they weren’t they wod be allowed in KOTS and theyre not, and our clan has 2 unicum CV players and even they say joiny attacks with sub and cv spotting is almost impossible to fight. The dynaics of thisjst be changef or the game will slowly crumble, doesnt hurt me I have well over 1.4 billion credits and tons of ships and time, but will turn off new players who are getting beat up on an alreafy dwindling veteran player base.

    • Special_Needs_Cannon

      “I think CV players are the most skilled players in the game”

    • @Special_Needs_Cannon sitting at the back of the map behind an island with no direct pressures on you, most skilled, no

  4. Not sure what CBs you’re playing because all the ones I’ve played have had the Louisiana in them, and its impact on every game was substantial. Spotting a DD that would otherwise be unspotted, causing it to eat damage. That aside from their strikes which chunk of 5k from a DD just like that. Those things matter a LOT in CBs. Sure it’s not like a fully-fledged CV but it’s game changing in every way, especially when you consider situations where one team has the point advantage but low on ships and is running away, the planes will catch and kill them with ease.

  5. Personally, This is way more relaxing than fast paced MOBAs and FPSs
    Also it has operations for occasional reliefs from intense pvp
    Not many games have that

    • There’s games outside of MOBAs and FPS games. And many of those games are FAR better than this game’s pay to win, cashgrab, nonsense filled clusterfuck of a “surface ship battle”

    • You know Dota 2 takes ages to win a match right it can last up to 3 hours even.

    • @taserrr Like what. What comes close to scratching this itch.

    • @James M There’s literally thousands of games out there. I’m sure you’ll be familiar with some.
      And if your desire to play pixel ships in an action mode is so high you discard other games that are far better, simply because of the theme, then that’s obviously a very specific problem.

    • @taserrr “I like games with war ships” “bro you have a problem, unlike me who watches and comments on videos of a game I’ve hated for years.”

  6. While extremely frustrating sometimes I have several ships I really enjoy playing. The Nevsky is my #1 right now.

  7. I stopped playing the game about a year or so ago, roughly around the time that subs dropped into randoms. I knew the second that subs were added into the Halloween event it was the beginning of the end for the game. It was only a matter of time before they ended up putting them into randoms. It really sucked because I beta’d the game and remember the good ole days when Yamato was the biggest and most fearsome thing in the game. If it was looking your direction you either turned and hoped it didn’t notice you or die in a blaze of glory. These days everything is too fast paced and everything has to have another mechanic. I started the game because i want to see a capital ship go broadside against another and blow each other up. Oh well I guess ill go back to Battlestations: Pacific or Midway

  8. I still play because of many reasons. One) I still have great Random battles where everything goes right, I play a great game and get complimented on my play. That’s a very satisfying return on 20 minutes investment. I don’t care about the Tier level as much, it’s just as much fun at V as it is at X. Two) I can play a game for 20 minutes as a break from whatever chores I have, go back to chores, then come back and take a 20 minute break again. That time limit appeals to me. Three) I have found nothing else that I enjoy as much. Four) While they are nowhere close to true historical accuracy, it’s still pretty nice to see those historical ships in my port and then take them out and play them, like Arizona or Ark Royal or Missouri. It’s just fun, and I try not to take the game too seriously, because after all, it’s just a game.

  9. Thank you for all your videos! Started 2 months ago and playing all the time, finally managed to stay alive during an all star matchup wow was that crazy. Target shooting is a favorie hobby and this game fills the need to be on target for me. Playing this on tv with subwoofer is a blast.

  10. I had a great time getting through all the 5×5 VIII cruiser Brawl Combat Missions- plus got over 10K coal!

  11. I just play the game due to the speed multiplication of every thing relative to naval simulators or war thunder. I like the 20 minute max time limits on matches. The game is arcade-y and simple yet has a lot of nuances for each ship. Pretty fun for me. I don’t really have a care about what they add to the game since it’s obvious WG will never stop their plans no matter what the community says.

  12. I started playing because of my interest of Navy history. Especially WWI-II era.
    Quite sad to see how it turned since CV-rework… and the addition of hybrids and especially subs. It might have become more enjoyable for CV and sub mains, but from what I’ve understood:
    All other classes are suffering from their spotting advantage, and obviously is killing the game.
    Just look at KOTS: Because some of the competitive clans are dead, because some has stopped playing. They have extended the sign-up by 2 weeks… TWO WEEKS! They’ve even sent mails etc to clans to encourage them.
    That their biggest tournament is failing is a disaster, since they had some E-sports ambitions. Remember: they “bought” the KOTS concept from those who started these tournaments in 2018 I believe?

    • Jugaloking69 Dope

      kots died the minute wg gained control of it. it was great watching the 2 last ones just before they took over. the commentators were invested but now after the white mouse crap the great players left.

  13. For me it has been the intrroduction of Hybrids. Ships that never actually existed in reall life and have completely changed the balance of the game. All I do now is dodge torpedoes and airstrikes. No point in hiding behind islands or spending time positioning your ship you are almost certain to be spotted and attacked.

  14. WG will not listen to the existing community, that has been proven time, time, time, time again. They don’t care about the existing players, they are banking on new players carrying them on. There seems to be a trend for us older players, get fed up with rank/random/clan and then move to basically playing Co-op just to fill that niche game style you mentioned; those that can stand just playing co-op stay and rest just uninstall and don’t look back. In seven (?) years of WoWS, I’ve never seen more people regularly playing co-op than I have in the past year.

  15. The CV’s and subs are frustrating to me, but I was willing to put up with them, adding CV’s and Subs back into ranked caused me to quit the game, because now there was no escaping. Before Subs were added, tier 6 was my favorite tier. Mainly because the lines are not high enough to really have their full gimmick yet, so things like HE spam, or 11km Radars don’t exist, so every playstyle was viable at tier 6, if you wanted to brawl, you could brawl, etc. when tier 6 got nuked by submarines, ranked became the part of the game I enjoyed, because I could just completely avoid those classes, but now they took that away, and it made me lose interest in the game.

  16. First game of the night the other night was a tier 6 Dbl CV & Sub I sunk 4 ships in my Ise 1 of which was a sub, was a hair away from another Kraken in Ise, was the almost dead 2nd CV who killed me by double fire & a flood. But what can I say, I love that ship.

  17. I am currently reinstalling after a short break with all these hybrid updates changing the way the games play out, and changing how a dd main must play. It’s still sort of fun at times for a short break and then there are lower tier or other options to avoid some of the craziest update changes of late.

  18. I havent fought a single t6 and up random battle for half a year now because really I enjoy random ops more where a cv and hybrid ship combo is beneficial to you and is actually fun besides theres something about throwing waves upon waves of enemies at you that makes it way more enjoying to me than random battles.

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