World of Warships- Why The Hell Hasn’t This Thing Been Nerfed Yet?

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Hey guys! Today we discuss everyone’s favorite TX Soviet Aircraft Carrier, Nakhimov, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. A tech tree CV that outclass FDR a ship to 33k steel, balance is that it is Russian

  2. Why they didn’t nerf it yet? Because it’s Soviet, it takes time

    There is one little thing why Nachimov has upper hand over other CVs. The catapult fighters and these brought by attack squadrons are ineffective against first attack almost always. They require some time to start attacking after launch and they patrol area in a circle pattern. The enemy planes must be really close so these fighters would start pursuit and until Nachimov it wasn’t such an issue. The problem is, all attacking aircraft can drop their ordnance before patroling fighters respond. That’s a huge issue, because if cv player can properly manouver against flak, target ship has little to nothing against incoming attack

  3. It angers me so much what they’ve done with CVs and aa. The concept is attack from within your long range but before your mid range aa so you lose no planes, you’re immune as you fly through the mid range and short range auras, and them they fly straight up at the speed of sound so they’re in your aa for about 2 seconds. Damage is unavoidable, spotting is unavoidable, fires are unavoidable, fighting back is impossible…

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten how do you layer AA? Long range is so short since the CV rework.

    • @DonGiovanni AA really didnt lose that much range. The behavior of aircraft is what makes the difference. No more 7km AA Atlanta sure but thats not really the point

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten true, but as a CV you have the option to pick your target. Why would you go for someone protected by massive AA of you have 11 surface ships you can choose from? You dont have to strike the blob, there is always someone sepatated. And even if you have to go for the blob, if you strike someone on the edge, with the Nakhimov drop style you are not inside multiple AA bubble if you use bombers or full immune with rockets. Worst case you lose some planes on return. Not to mention a bit later during the game when folks are usually separated and AA is damaged. At the 10 minute mark the whole map is free real estate.

      In my experience grouping up does not do much to a Nakhimov. Against other CVs it is nice and it prevents followup strikes, but if the planes does not spend much time in your AA range it does not really matter how many AA bubble you overlap. I was curious and FXPd her, even if I really hate CVs to see how I can counter her. I am by no means a good Cv player but I found it pretty disgusting. Find a BB, skipbomb max range for 15-20k damage, send in rockets for 10 more and repeat. I rarely used torp bombers because the other two is just so consistent and safe. Not to mention the amazing uptime with the rocket assisted takeoff.

    • Indeed, CVs aren’t enjoyable because the risk cost benefit of attacking is rarely worth it and at the same time you don’t have any real way to counter play them. Only real solution is to come up with a way that both sides can fight on close to equal terms or to have some leeway

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten when it comes to flak there is a max amount of flak that can be spawn near the plane flight – 9 to 12 max and ofthose clouds only up to 4 can be spawn before the flight path. So more ships in the blob doesnt mean more flak, it just means more long range constant DPS which is normaly very low.. but with 5+ ships it finally starts to do damage.

  4. 3:18 @SeaLordMountbatten if i’m not wrong, a normal penetration of either he or ap pen on a parto of a ship that isn’t saturated or a turret deals 1/3 of the maximum damage of the shell/bomb, that means nakimov’s skip bs have 23k effective pen alpha damage

  5. In the video you directly F-out after initiating an attack. You may use the momentum + boost brake on the skip and torpedo bombers to U-Turn your way out with as much as scratching most AA bubbles thanks to the high range. With a durability build chances of loosing any planes at all even to hefty AA bubbles are pretty low. That’s a rather annoying thing about it, though I’d still say encountering a good Haku is worse than any Nahkimov.

  6. Nachimov is broken when it gets close (or more often the case it sits behind an iland and the enemy gets close to kill it). Essentially you have an attack equivalent to 2 Squads of other carriers at once, but you can already start a new squad while your first prepares an attack. (this is also shown in this Video). If an enemy ship is sub 10km away you have more than double the DPM of normal CVs and we are not even talking about AA losses. If a Nachimov is left, you dont push it, your winning plan is to move away and decreese the DPM, but this is something Random players dont understand. Saw so many pushing the Nachimov only to be constantly attacked and quickly sunk. This is what you would call “broken”, when your gameplan is to move away from it.
    It could be fixed easyly by not allowing Nachimov to launch planes while the first squad is still attacking, this would prevent the situation where you are just dropped and (due to animation beeing 10sek+ and the rocketboosters of the planes) the next squad already lining up an attack. Mind you other CVs can do this sort of animation canceling as well, but they only drop 1/3-1/4 of theire payload and waste alot of planes.

  7. Tarquinius Superbus

    I preferred the old ways where the cv actually had to worry about his planes since they didnt regenerate and there were real fighters for cvs

  8. Highly amusing. The country that never had a carrier till the late 70’s has carriers better than the British,American and Japanese…. Go figure.

    Same with BB’s. There was good reason that the USSR only had the Gagnuts. They couldn’t roll plate thicker than 9 inches,they lacked the ability to produce the guns and were reliant on others for many of their designs.

    Back to the carriers,it took the USN,RN and IJN decades to work them out and have suitable aircraft. Balans my rear. The USSR had more chance launching dirigibles than aircraft from carriers.

    • amusingly, the nation with only 1 incomplete carrier has the most number of carriers. That nation despite being pathetic in war, also has the most tech tree ships, beating the USN, UK, France and Soviet…. go figure

  9. My question is: why hasn’t the Chaklov been nerfed yet? It hasn’t to my recollection at least.

    You have skip and dive bombers instead of rocket planes so you inherently have a more potent set of strikes. And while the torpedo planes aren’t technically labeled as tier 10, they *are* the tier 10’s planes, and can *easily* kill ships in 2 strikes. Like I dropped a Warspite twice and it couldn’t do fuck all, it just died. Chaklov in my opinion is even more busted than Nakhimov, doubly so when it faces tier 6.

    But United States and Hornet are gonna be worse. Because let’s power creep fucking Enterprise, great idea.

  10. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    To clarify some things

    1. I believe Nakhimov is OP due to the amount of ordinance she can throw at a target and her plane regeneration rate. As many have pointed out, I made plenty of mistakes that cost me planes in the match above. Yet I still had full squadrons until the very very end of this match. I do believe this can be remedied with a few small nerfs to squadron size and plane regeneration rate.

    2. Perception- yes perception is important. If you only play one or two classes in this game and are constantly getting obliterated by the other two classes you don’t play, yet never play anything else except for your main two classes. It is easy to form the idea that “oh those two other classes are broken, look what they can do to me!”

    Try that class out. Try to recreate what they did to you. You’ll learn just how difficult it is to play that class. You’ll also learn HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM. You’ll learn their weaknesses and their strengths. I cannot emphasize this enough. This has helped me so much as a player throughout my time with the game. It will help you too.

  11. The ‘div up with an AA buddy’ argument is also dubious; I was playing Salem in a division with my friend in Satsuma yesterday… we encountered a Nakhimov focussing our flank… he killed my friend in the Satsuma while flying continually over my flak and DFAA, then came back to kill me too in 2 strikes… I shot down 11 planes all game, and he never brought out an attack flight with fewer than full planes. My friend took 20k damage from non-CV sources all game… in Satsuma… and died in 6 minutes… there is no counterplay to this bullshit, the soviet CVs are perfectly designed to negate AA as it is currently present in the game.

  12. I had a match in my holland, against a terrible nakhimov captain, who had a hard on for me. I never shot down more planes in any match, 78 in all, never saw less then a full squad of planes being thrown at me all match long. there were whole flights of planes shot down by the holland, and he’d have full squads to keep throwing at me over and over again.

    it was insane.

  13. The reason I think the Nakhimov is OP is because it has the highest win rate in the game, higher than the FDR. If one ship is wining over 60% of the time, which is higher than a ship everyone says is overpowered, than this ship needs a nerf bad. And I think the reason why it is overpowered is that it is probably the easiest tier 10 CV to play. The mechanics on this ships allow the noob players to deal a lot of damage when they would fail in CV’s that require a higher skill level.

  14. Anyone remember when the balans CVs having only one attack per flight was going to balance them and make sure they would be high skill, high reward? That only works if AA can actually take down the planes, and with the balans CVs they can easily fire outside your effective AA range.

  15. I’d like to add that soviet CVs/Nakhimov can drop her ordinance from long range, reducing exposure to Flak and avoiding the high DPS medium and short range bubbles. Yes, ships with strong 6.9km long range AA will be painful to attack, but ships with weak, not-so-long range AA (i.e. Italians) or ships with strong short range auras are denied the window of opportunity to shoot down planes.

  16. I was playing Amagi the other day and had the utter joy of having a Nakhimov’s attention. His first strike was with the rocket attack planes, 10k direct damage + 2 fires. I DC’ed the fires and tried to engage the enemy. His second strike came in, with rocket planes, with my DC having about 15s left on cool-down. It did 8k direct damage + another 2 fires that ate about 2-2.5k of hp. By the time his third came my way a few minutes later, I was down to about 1/3hp due to the combination Nakhimov strikes and his teammates. His third strike consisted of skip bombers that did another 10k + 2 fires. He tried for a fourth but I was gunned down.
    Needless to say, I didn’t even get to do my Amagi’s hp worth of hp in return damage. So fun!

  17. The Russian CVs tier 8 – 10 both are equally broken. Rockets that can pen battleships and do a ton of damage plus start fires, skip bombs that hit like a truck… not to mention the planes seem near invincible.

  18. On any new ship WG introduces into the game, they “tweek” the RNG so it looks like it is a little OP. The low skilled player base sees that a ship is a little OP and then spends a lot of cash to get the new OP ship. After a bit WG dials back the RNG or shadow nerfs it and it ends up being so so. In the mean time the dick smoking CC’s and ass kissing forum posters trying to be the next CC defends anything WG dose and the shit of a game keeps rolling on.

  19. Surface ships need ACTIVE ways to play against CVs, and until then there will be no balance. Or it will be balanced in low tier and under or overpowered as skill goes up (or vice versa). I suggest fighters that patrol an area and target like BB air drop depth charges.

  20. Yesterday I was playing Satsuma with a friend in Salem. The enemy Nakhimov was flying planes over the Salem with DFAA and hitting me for 20-25k strikes every 30 seconds. Having an American AA-cruiser had no effect, as most planes shot down were after the drop and instantly replaced. I died before the enemy team could fire at me once. It has rocket boosters to ensure constant attacks outmatching cruisers for rate of fire and battleships for alpha damage. It has infinite planes reserves so that it can ignore losses completely. It has longe range attack patterns to ignore all forms of AA altogether. It has high fire chances and flooding chances. It has massive unavoidable damage outputs. There is literally no flaw or counterplay to this ship, no factor that it literally isn’t the best at. This ship has been carefully designed to exploit every aspect of the game to be perfectly uncounterable to compensate for fragile russian egos.

    • I’ve had the same issues in my Halland/Gouden Leeuw. Every other CV treats me as a no fly zone but RU CVs can consistently fly into my AA bubble without losing a plane before it’s made a drop

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