World of Warships- WHY Wargaming, WHY?!?!

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Hey guys! So today WG seems determined to get CVs back into CBs in some way shape or form. Let me know what you guys think below!


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  1. Interesting and bad decision. Maybe they are doing it to push the hybrid concept as they make more and more of them…

  2. They need to Change the plane spotting, asap. To just minmap spoting, thats already strong enough.

    • They’ll only nerf it once they’ve released premium hybrids and they’ve made their money from them. Then something even more OP will appear and the cycle will continue.

    • Skarhabek Greyrukh

      just asking are you primary BB player?

    • @Skarhabek Greyrukh just asking are you a primary cv player? Plane spotting does not hurt bb as much as to a dd. Well spotting damage contributes a large part of your cv earning so I get why you do not want this to he implemented.

    • Skarhabek Greyrukh

      @Hai i am used to be RTS CV player but CV rework is boring because its too weak and barely map control.

      now i am mostly play DD or BB. as playing both class i have no issue with plane spotting. in fact when playing BB its make me happy if ally CV spot enemy so we can shot them.

      I can bit understand if DD player complain about plane spotting. but its so fricking weird if BB player complain about it. anyway, i am not rely on smoke. so spotted or not have no difference. in real naval warfare, you cannt dissipate into concealment lol

      did people forget the old days or just newbie player? back in RTS era when CV is more rare, there is no spotting and BB is just sitting duck. pummeled by invisfiring, and getting torpedoed….

      the class that benefit alot in the current meta is actually BB. BB only lack one thing and its spotting.

      i am not sure if people really hate sniping or just terrible at long range aim.

  3. Mount im telling ya….. they are trying *Hard* to go bankrupt

  4. Skarhabek Greyrukh

    German BB for Brawl and ranked is lit….

  5. Krzysztof Narloch

    Well WG shot themself with the bans. The orginal Lousiana ban was made cause she was “early access ship” She is NO longer Early Access … Also im waiting for some streamers to stream clan battles in CB so i can enjoy seing world burn ^^

  6. WG was already having problems getting people to play KOTS. Many already didn’t want to play, to the point they had to extend registration period and are actively reaching out to people who used to participate (and these guys are refusing it). After this stupid decision in CB, people who had already registered for KOTS got so mad they asked to have their names removed. Some even gave up on the game entirely, not just KOTS.
    A few days ago, someone asked if WG was doing anything to bring in new players. Boggzy said they were and they had very nice and smart people tasked with bringing in more players. But I guess WG has the meaning of bringing more players completely backwards. They are hemorrhaging players. The number of battle played are at its lowest point ever. NA has about the same number of players now that it did when the game launched and they keep losing more with stupid decision after stupid decision. I stopped playing, my brother quit, several guys in my former clan have quit. WG is dead set on killing this game for good.

  7. To be honest….I’m glad I’m closing all weekend. Have fun, everyone who is still on the steel grind

  8. They could also introduce hovercraft into the game. Top speed above 100 knots, weaker than dd armor and dd guns, torpedo immunity (except flying AA torpedos 🙂 )
    BTW, it’s 1st of April.

  9. Yea this sounds like it’ll be painful, though I haven’t had much experience with these ships. I have been working on grinding USN CAs and RN CLs.

  10. It would be nice to have a “brawling matches only” matchmaker option. No subs and CVs.

  11. Seriously thinking of taking a break from this game. So many games that not only have two carriers, and two subs but now I am seeing and increasing number of hybrids as well. All I do now is dodge torpedoes and airstrikes. Where is the fun in that?

  12. Totally agree on the CV spotting. Several possibilities- All ships only share spotting with ships within their concealment circle

  13. @Skarhabek Greyrukh airship escort is also great for them. Hope it comes back

  14. Just let the CV, hybrids, and subs play amongst themself in a special mode that only they can play in. The surface ships can then opt-in to playing in that mode if they want or just play other surface ships.

  15. I’ve given up on WoW and WG as a whole at this point. It’s just no fun anymore with all the stupid crap they’ve put in. I wish you all the best and hope WG comes to their senses in time to save the game. Good hunting all!

  16. + a fighter airplane squadron launched from the actual ship and manually controlled that can only attack enemy airplanes, so CV actually can play against the other CV. The CV class would be way more interesting that way.

  17. I figured something like this was going to happen, considering they thought it was a great idea to add CV’s and Submarines to ranked.

  18. Coop is the only place you can brawl these days, even though WG still despises PvE.

  19. That is not the worst decision. On the main page is a coming soon announcement.Boarding Mechanics “Ramming an opponent now triggers a special “boarding” mode when the two ships are in close proximity. A nine-square grid appears on the screen. You and your opponent take turns to mark squares on a grid with the goal of getting three squares in a row.” A nine square grid is Tic Tac Toe! Ram the Louisiana and play the new boarding game.

  20. XxRedCreeperxX Melone

    WG: They should be able to play their favourite tech-line ship–> allows Louisiana
    Also WG: bans Preussen, Kremlin, Vincent, initially bans Republique, bans RB-ship Ohio which you can get f2p as well

  21. play ranked

  22. My clan gave up clan-battles entirely when Supers Ships were allowed in. Well done WG … BRAVO!!!

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