World of Warships- Why Were Free XP Ships MURDERED?

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Hey guys! Today we talk about the history of FXP Ships and discuss why WG decided to axe them.

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Jędrzej Wrotyński

    Somewhere in the meantime a research bureau was introduced to the game. So, players use their free xp for a regrind (also grind) in order to get ships for research points. And free xp ships are not that interesting nowadays as they used to be so, together with the former and other important reasons mentioned in the video they decided to finish xp ships now by changing them into coal ships.

  2. we still have fxp ships, we have tons of them, they’re just locked behind a system that is designed to be subversive and instead of a t10 costing 2 mil or a t9 costing one mil, they cost about 3-4 mil with the research bureau. Trading money or time for a resource and then transfering that resource into another resource is a very common tactic predatory businesses use to get you to spend more money because it’s more confusing. You pay money to get doubloons, then you transfer those doubloons into fxp, then you transfer that fxp by researching lines and then getting RB points, at the end of the cycle, the goal is to confuse the customer on how much the end product really costs, and there’s also a bit of sunk cost fallacy sprinkled in there too, you may have ground out like 50k rb points but you only need that 10k more, just take out your wallet and buy the rest.

    There’s a version of this predatory business practice that many businesses use by doing gift cards or when gas stations have their own cards that you can put money on. You take your money that you can spend anywhere you want and give it to a company to transfer it to a card that you can only spend at that company, meanwhile the money you gave that company for that card is already in their account and they can spend it or collect interest on it while you take your time spending it on that card. You’re not going to spend a $100 starbucks card in a day, yet starbucks already has that $100 you gave them. Or some companies like pizza restaurants have a points system that take advantage of sunk cost trying to get you to spend hundreds of dollars at their specific business in order to eventually get a free pizza.

    • Virginia scurti

      Yea, I stopped playing between shit like this and absolutely having to spend gold on ammo for T10 in WOT means I just don’t want to have anything to do with this company anymore.

  3. They wanted to multiply the fxp requirements by a factor of 4.

    So they invented the research bureau to do just that and also monetize those unique upgrades (at least indirectly).

    • Skarhabek Greyrukh

      to be fair, getting free XP is a lot harder before dragon signal exist. not to mention getting T10 is ridiculously HARD. 750K Free XP missouri is equivalent to getting T10 ship.

      and then WG add dragon signal, easy million free XP and easy T10 tech tree.

    • @Skarhabek Greyrukh And Free EXP ships tend to earn better EXP and Free EXP too.

      So once you get your first Free EXP ship, it snowballs from there. When I first got the Musashi, getting Free EXP was way easier than before then got the Nelson and Alaska soon after.

      And since Free EXP ships are good, you can easily regrind lines purely by Free EXP and Credits via Research Bureau. Getting my Ohio took very little effort of just playing 1 game per tech tree line ship the Free EXPing up. And since I only regrind lines whenever Double Research points is active every 2 months, it’s even more effortless.

  4. christopher shrank

    FreeXP are now just coal/steel/research bureau ships. And FreeXP is used for regrinding lines for RB points.

  5. I think the first FXP ship was the Nelson for 375k FXP. I got her so but back in the days, it was indeed a hard grind

  6. I got the Groningen with the birthday coupon, it’s an awesome ship in its own right. Don’t waste your free XP on these ships though, get em for coal, and use your Free XP for the Research Buro ships (which are usually better anyway)

  7. There’s definitely a lot of greed, truth is WG could keep the lights on solely with some big collabs (especially Azur Lane).

  8. While you are in point there, how ever i think one major thing for wg is how to pumpup player base. They are not thinking how younger gamers wont want to spend a year to gring out first coal ship (without too much money involved here). Me personally i think it is a bit long way to earn your stuff too, but like some survey said , players tend to be little older here in wows, and they have more time or they are not in hurry, so do speak. And thats actually the thing that keeps this game a live anyway. I think wg is also missing long term planning here, so it sees. Updates keep on coming, which is nice, but they should have clear vision where the game should go. Buffing more and more ships is maybe coming into end in one day. Like many have commented that those x games starting to be little boring, whit some over powering, impossible to defend, events in game. I mean you only are motivated to do that for so long. After all this is game, like you always say and it suppose to be fun at playing.

  9. As a casual FTP PvE player I get coal easier than FXP, or so it seems. But that is effected by me using the FXP more often as a supplement for CXP to promote captains.

  10. Well, I have to admit that is always very interesting to listen to you Sea Lord, especially when you did the money-things for our lazy minds!

  11. I just bought the Azuma with FXP since I didn’t have the Yoshino or the Zao. I’m glad I did since I would never get it with coal and the ship is actually pretty damn good so it was a win.

  12. some of the best ships in the game are behind the biggest paywall in the game (Christmas containers) or are we ignoring the Smolensk and such?

  13. I fully agree.

    I play this game for 7 years total and as my main over 3 years every day usually at least to finish daily missions, but even more, when ranked, brawls, special event or CBs on.

    Just to mention free XP is daily login reward too, and it drops from containers aswell.

    I am maybe bit sorry for those players who won’t get these nice free xp ships until its moved to armory, but the fact is, those coal ships were harder to get some time ago, there was not so much coal flooding (literally) as it is nowadays.

    You can get T10 coal ship by only daily 3 containers in 7months, but it is way faster, as you are getting daily login coal, missions containers with coal too, brawls and sometimes auction coal for either credits or free xp.

    I got around 4 millions of coal in total.

    Got all T10 prem coal ships except Malta and all lower tier I wanted, but also 3 unique captains, all those 35K coal captains too, bunch of modules for coal and completed all collections by getting missing items.. buying boxes for coal.
    Most extreme example was Resolute collection 1/16 completed only, I finished with buying rest for 6K coal each. Sansoneti for 156K coal relatively cheap unique captain for me, lol. (expected upto 210K if bad luck with duplicate items)

    I am not even average player by stats, but daily dose of Warships brings its coal too.

    I can really recommend Agir and Groningen to get, but I got all last 4 ships left here for free XP.

    Long story short?
    Is there any ship for coal you want? Log in and get it;-)

  14. Now they can in secret buff the chances that when you drop a random economic buff, it will be a free xp buff which will naturally shorten the credit buffs and players will buy more likely credits in the gold Shop. And buffing free xp wouldn’t hurt them because you can’t do much with it that could reduce the golden rivers that run towards Cyprus

  15. Impending Joker

    I got Musashi with 100% Free XP, and didn’t pay a time to convert any Ship XP to get her. The only reason I didn’t get MO, is because they removed her about the time I had acquired the Free XP I needed to get her. So I go Musashi pretty much the same day it dropped because I just sat on my Free XP.

  16. Broccan Mac Ronain

    Same here except that I can’t seem to keep a lot of credits in the bank.

  17. Broccan Mac Ronain

    Yep got my Missouri for the original 750 K followed by the Musashi. Thanks to your advice, I also have the Agir and the Azuma. I definitely need them to keep the currency coming in to afford line ships. I do believe that they are doing this to keep the money flowing in (got to pay those for those excellent artists doing the new ship models.

  18. Impending Joker

    Now, in terms of coal, I have a LOT of coal ships and only a couple of Free XP ships. Coal ships are a lot easier to get and you can grind them out pretty quickly. As a matter of fact when Hayate goes to the Armory I already have enough coal saved up to get it the very day it lands. I think it is similar to the Flint, Black, and Neustrashimy going to coal instead of steel purely because there just wasn’t enough interest in them as Steel ships when there were better steel ships available, and I would expect some of the current T9 Steel ships will end up there as well for the 289k coal. I never had enough steel to get Flint but as soon as it went up for coal I had it day one. I don’t play ranked so I don’t get a lot of steel so it has taken me literally years to get enough to buy the Austin though I am still about 8k short of the 29000 I need to get it and by that time there might be something else I’d rather have but as a cruiser main my choices are limited for steel ships.

  19. Back in the day I got both the Missouri and the Musashi free. Before they released the Missouri I was grinding the lines a lot and never spent any FXP so I had enough to get her when they released her. Same with the Musashi. When I am in need of a infusion of quick credits I always turn to my Missouri.

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