World of Warships- Why Would You Do That?

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So…this happened as I was joined by CV and Italia.

Outro Music- Stranger Think by C418

Have a replay?

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  1. An amazing game, Sea Lord! Thanks for the upload!

  2. Link the Yoshino dude the Yuro Vid on the yoshi pls

  3. Why? Because he is an mooron…

  4. Being smart is hard…. While being a dumb a$$ is only painful for others.

  5. That was alotta missed shots and mistimed shots, Buff Sealord now. Nerf GK…..

  6. That ram, maybe he thought he had ramming flag equipped but actually, he didnt…

  7. Hah, I too was aiming to get steel for Bourgone but gonna settle for Stalingrad. Ranked not worth it.

  8. Dat Implacable is so damn bad that it’s really no point in dodging its planes in a tier x ship. Just eat the puny little dmg it can do and you will loose less time.

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