World of Warships- Will Submarines Kill The Game?

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Hey guys please watch the video in its entirety. There have been many people shouting that the introduction of submarines will kill the game, I explain my reasoning of my opinion in the video. Please try look at it with an open , and, as always, enjoy!

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  1. trickponystudios

    They won’t as long as they don’t leave their own special mode. If they put them in general play and don’t limit them to 1 a side only then yes it will make the toxicity of the CV rework pale in comparison.

    • Preach

    • Zachary Jackson

      just watch them release the russian sub that gets guns despite WG’s word and see it HE spam. Easiest 120 bucks WG will ever make…

    • There will be limit 1 or 2 subs per battle in random

    • @Zachary Jackson And ICBMs too, probably.

    • @Miłosz Karpa The current team size is 12 ships. If you have 2 subs you need to have at least 2 dd.s for ASW ( anti ubmarine warfare). So the team has 2 subs, at least 2 dd.s and the rest of the team cruisres and battleships and a carrier. So on top of capping, spotting, engaging other dd:S, avoiding radar cruisers and CV airsquadrons the dd:s will for now have to be the main counter to subs. I hope they will give the BB.s and CA:sfor example longer range hydro for detecting submarines that works only against submerged subs . The current ranges are no good because once you get your ship in hydrorange you have incoming homing torps. The biggest problem is that all other ships CV not included) depends on a certain amount of skill to land your salvoes and torpedoes on an enemy ship. The CV can deliver them up front at close range and, although the squardons get punish, can deal out heavy punch in one attack. They don´t have dud torpedoes or bombs and rockets not detonating do they? Subs will have an almost guaranteed chance of inflicting damage with homing torps.

  2. Yes
    If someone can spot shoot me all the time without any comeback then this game will be just for people who like to be punch bags

  3. So their was this little game many years ago called navy field and I played the absolute crazy amount of navy field and when subs were introduced they tanked their population numbers.

    • Blizzard killed Warcraft why you think wargaming are any better ? I believe subs will arrive fast after mass test

  4. From my experience in steel ocean and battlestation pacific. Subs were not fun to play against as a battleship but at least they had their historical speed and didn’t fire mark 48 torpedoes. So it required skillful positioning to be effective. The only counter in that game for battleship was to speed up and zig zag but it still not fun being attacked by something you can’t shoot back ,If you were patients and managed to dodge its torpedoes. It would eventually surface and you could shoot at it.

  5. Subs should not have homing torps, should have the same torps as other classes.

  6. Depends on how WeeGee balans the ASW

    But seeing how they do things these days…I’m pessimistic

    • Magna.Zero The main ASW role is up DD. The Class which is currently most b***f****d by every other class. The team loosing a DD will loose. Period. Unless you have Flamu, Flambass and Aeron in your team, they sail russian Ships and RND smiles at them.

  7. I mean is there anything left saving.

  8. This is my question exactly: how do you counter subs in a BB or a CA?
    I will try a few battles against subs in an BB’s just to see how they present themselves.

  9. Just the threat of them being introduced is killing the game! Along with Russian bias, rigged MM and HE spam. It’s a pity but this game has totally lost its way.

  10. It’s been seen before, business got over ambitious, and killed a good thing.

  11. “Will Subs kill the game?” – WarGaming’s doing a good enough job of that all by themselves and that’s without Subs even being here yet…

    • But the player numbers are pretty steady? When players leave, because of the subs, some players might return to the game, because of the subs (new content)

  12. As a wise man once said “I hope for the best, but I fear the worst.”

  13. Majestic Hotwings

    Idk how the addition of subs will affect the game, but I still can’t find a reason for them to add them in other than simple PR, it gives them something new and fresh to advertise. I don’t want subs in the game tbh, I don’t think they fit with the core design of the game, CVs were kinda pushing it in the first place. The issue for me is that you are essentially taking a game that has always been 2 dimensional, as a surface ship you can move along X and Y directions on a flat plane (the surface in this case). By adding in subs with variable depths you are now introducing a Z direction to work with, furthermore only one class in the game as access to this 3rd dimension. It unnecessarily complicates the game, makes the previous game balance obsolete, and gives subs a unique advantage in the game, even with ASW. I think it’s neat that WG wants to experiment with subs, but adding them into the game doesn’t seem to add anything of actual value to the quality of the game. It’s hard enough for WG to maintain a balanced meta as is, I think people are just worried that this addition will needlessly change the game without any guarantee that it won’t completely screw it up at the same time. That’s not even mentioning the constant screw ups WG has had with this game. In my honest opinion, they should be focusing on making the game feel good to play before even considering adding in a class that has no precedent in game.

  14. I honestly preferred the torps from the Halloween event that knocked out engines, not these homing torps. It gave them a good support role, I could understand the logic, seemed balanced imo and feel free to disagree. But someone please explain to me how the hell these homing torps just ignore the torpedo bulge that its hitting and citadel you?

  15. They don’t have to, WOW is doing that perfectly well themselves

  16. Subs will be broken one way or another. Go historically accurate, they’re useless. Keep in mind subs never contributed to any large scale naval battles, primarily used for commerce raiding. Listen to fanboys they’re OP AF.

    • Alone the fact that WW2 subs really didn’t have any means of communication to surface ships while diving (below the few meters the extended antenna could be used, just like the periscope) needs to be ignored so ‘going historical’ is pretty much not gonna happen anyway.
      I like the idea of operations with subs, or this assymetrical pvp with subs hunting specific targets, but they will never introduce subs just to have them as a sideshow only.

    • Johnston Steiner

      I don’t know…. Sinking a battleship at anchor might influence a battle. Royal oak.?

    • @Johnston Steiner Thats the point. Not sunk IN a battle with other ships, because subs usually wouldn’t want to get close to surface ship battles back then.

  17. “Murdering their game by adding in a class…” Have you heard of Wheeled Vehicles in World of Tanks, by Wargaming?

  18. With the toxic level of dosage that CV’s have already brought to the game, yes subs will kill the game if they ever are entered into random battles in their current state. People will think, “I came here to play warships…this is just stupid.” And they will leave after a short period. The never ending line of new people will dry up eventually, and WG will still think it was just the stupid players not doing it right….cannot wait for that day hahahhahhaaaa!!!!!!!! WG and Comcast should have a contest to see who is despised the most by their customers…would also like to see who wins that one, I think it would be close….

  19. ImperatoriaRomanus

    More people really need to see this, very informative and an amazing non biased prospective.

  20. Johnston Steiner

    Screw subs, we need liberty ships and q-ships added. Extreme convoy action!sailing in formation and so on

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