World of Warships – Will WG allow us to keep a fun German ship?

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Odin is such a refreshing and positive exp in WoWS. You know I like German ships, Tirpitz used to be my fav ship in the entire game but its accuracy now is simply lacking in comparison to everything else that has been released since. German BBs are getting buffed which is awesome but Odin seems like such a fun and good ship. I wouldn’t call it OP but I would call it powerful. The only question now is will WG allow us to keep such a powerful and fun ship which is not Russian.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. “we are here for the kick-ass” – BOTH ways I would say… The recent look on your face, while you were playing Brindisi was priceless:)

  2. When you miss Capt. Jingles should say “Jingles, you’re crap!” THAT would be hilarious.

  3. Wuhuu… Got to be on youtube… In the DM. Donskoi…

  4. A spiritual quacken is still a quacken ?

  5. Tier 8 Battlecruiser with half health: lets attack that strong tier 9 BB with 3/4th health.

  6. 7:58 Jingles was Ironically true there lol

  7. “I love the fact they went full ham with the old man” – Flambass 2019.

  8. I love hearing Jingles voice! Its just so awesome!

  9. Hinrich did a pretty solid job there. Hans must have been sent back to the academy for further training!

  10. Finally a battlecruiser that looks like it’s fun to play!

  11. It’s not worth it to build for secondaries on Odin, she has less of them than Bismarck, and the ones you do have have bad angles, better to go for a tank build

  12. Captain Jingles is funny……was in my Gearing, hit an GK with torps, he died a little later and captain Jingles said: “we sank an friendly carrier”….. and me OMG WHat ? am i pink ?…….Son of a Mom…….

  13. According to today’s stream: Nope.

  14. I didn’t know I needed Jingles to say “penetration” right in my ear until I watched this video….

  15. F: Will WG allow us to keep a fun German ship?
    WG: BLYAT!

    It is already outrageous that the navy with the best-punching and most accurate artillery made by Krupp & Carl Zeiss is the worst shooter in this game.
    At the same time, the Royal Navy, known for not being very accurate and for notorious slow firing solutions, is way too accurate. What takes the cake is the Yamato as the real-world-Yamato was equipped with outright low accuracy, unstable, slowly reloading and low durability 46 cm guns with underwhelming penetration and range for their caliber.

    • xellossaxon this is an arcade game

    • @Péter Baukó So you think it is ok that the Russian gamemakers release tons of fictional Russian ships and make them extrastrong while British ships are too accurate as well as the Yamato and some American ships…and German ships can’t hit jack shit. Come on.
      Even an Arcade game can pay respect to reality of WW2.
      German ships had the best guns and the best range finders. Even more modern ships of the Royal Navy like King George V, Nelson etc. were not as quick to get good range on almost completely immobilized Bismarck, yet the Bismarck had the correct range on Nelson with volley no. 2

      It is just not fun if you purchased the game to have megafun with the German ships 🙁 it has been nothing but a love-hate-relationship. 🙁
      Everybody expected the German ships to be much more kickass.

  16. When is that out? I want it.

  17. The best thing are the amazing torp angles which is perfect for a brawling BB and their positioning in the back where they are not incapacitated that often.

  18. well, if the Odin is the scharnhorst’s big brother, i will have to get one. love my scharn.

  19. The Kraken is your spirit animal.

  20. „Enemy submarine sighted“ ?????? Why did he say that? 😀

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