World of Warships – Win Easy

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I’ll run out of ways to exploit this title theme eventually, but we’re not done just yet.

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  1. Ah yes, right when I was just about to sleep, Jingles posts a warship vid that sounds interesting.

  2. Poll for jingles cat to get their own ship

  3. Is that Gamer’s Nexus mouse pad? Very much approve.

  4. Aww you can hear Juu purring! Cat’s really are a joy in life right Jingles?

  5. Geez. I’m regretting more and more for ever spending money on Wargaming.

  6. I was looking at the time and reckoning that Jingles was on “leather personnel carrier” internet again. Either that or he forgot to feed the carrier pigeons!

  7. the howdy folks sounds american and british at the same time

  8. Uhh, Jingles, your Palpaltine is showing!

  9. North Carolina: a beautiful ship in game and IRL.

  10. Leningrad is one of those few Soviet ships that is actually good without being OP. And that player played it extremely well.

  11. They should copy consoles new crew rework, you can swap the crews of non premium tanks for 9k silver without them having to retrain or start at 75% and if you wanted you can change the crew to a different nationality for 60 gold

  12. Wow I’m Dutch, and we had a ginger feline cat named “Jimmy”, sadly we lost her about 6 years ago. Strangely enough all her brothers and sisters were lost to (so they craved the wild or something). Funny this makes me think back to her.

  13. Stefan Ditlev Jønsson

    To the question, “Why would you not want to go into battle with your best crew in your tank”
    Very Simple, because i don’t want to throw ALOT of money at wargaming for a Free-to-play Game

    • @Kevbro9 It’s a lot worse to be downtier now in my opinion, most uptiers due to powercreep can bounce your AP and shatter your HE, not to mention you get a % nerf to them for every tier down you are to them to set fires. Obviously if they’re older boats you’re shooting you can probably still do ‘Okay’ but thats only really if you’re lucky enough to be in a match with majority old boats. God forbid a up tier CV targets you, which again in my opinion and personal experience up tier CV’s love punching down. As i’ve had the displeasure of discovering anytime I start new lines.

    • @bertjesklotepino Unless your Flambass, you do not.

    • I’ve pretty much quite playing free games. I just can’t afford it.

    • @MWSin1 lol, same

  14. Jingles, you’ve forgotten about the results screen again!

  15. Agreed.
    I mean, in a way it’s more complicated than that, but surely a 10% reduction means more on ships with more dispersion. Whether it makes them viable is another matter, but this is another “Jingles moment”, I’m afraid…

  16. Bird hunter prolly had that mod,
    so knew he had enough time

  17. The Vittorio Veneto also did admirably. He held on as long as he could in Cap C, and only fell at a very high price for the enemy team.

  18. Actually, Jingles… in WoT you can qualify your crew to three different tanks of the same class in the future, not to every tank of the nation. And with gold you get to keep 100% of the XP cumulated by the crew, but for free-to-play players there are options with credits but you lose some persentage of the XP.

  19. Friedwald der Lebendige

    @landochabod7 No, it is not right!yes ships with poor accuracy so benefit more but Not because they have more shells that could miss! That just isnt the reason!

  20. I’d watch a 21 minute video of the cat sleeping on the keyboard, just saying.

    • As long as there’s a high quality recording of the purring to go with it, me too.
      We used to have a ditzy old kitty called Tilly who would sleep on my head – I’d lie down, on my pillow, and she would curl up on the side of my head, chest pressed right against my ear and purr straight into my skull for the whole night.
      It was honestly the most restful, soothing and restorative sleep I’ve ever had. After poor old Till had to go for her last ride to the vet’s, I literally could not sleep properly for several weeks.

  21. Basically, larger dispersion is bad….which means the biggest reductions in dispersion are on the inaccurate ships.

    To be fair to Jingles, negative relationships like this are hard for most people…including WG.

  22. @dclark142002 The reason is that Jingles thinks the 10% buff is additive, in which case the benefit would indeed be better, the more accurate your ship is to begin with (even with the potential for going into negative accuracy!) – but I certainly hope it is a multiplicative modifier, so all ships gain the exact same relative benefit, with less accurate ships gaining a bigger absolute benefit.

  23. the Leningrad carried hard. because he entered the B cap when going for the C cap, he stopped just enough points right there to end the game in a win.

  24. @Troels Hansen you say this like war gaming care about making sure the game is fun for all. It probably is an additive, he did say it in the video but. Making it so it scales better in each ship individually would require a lot more work and effort than just a flat buff that effects all ships the same

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