World of Warships – Win Hard 2: Win Harder

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Yeah, I know I’ve used this title before, but that was on a video I didn’t realise I’d already commented on, and damn it, this title’s too good to go to waste!

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  1. how to be early never sleep

  2. Oh Jingles, how many times must we endure Die Hard titles? Yeah, I know, double shift….. I’ll get my pick

    • Oh and Jingles, Error actually got the last kill on the Shima. Jingles?


    • please do not anger the overlord or else we gotta
      Dig Hard, Dig Harder
      anger him further and he’s gonna make us
      Dig Hard with a Vengeance
      got any extra pickaxes?

  3. Thank god for my crippling depression and alcoholism I’m able to stay up long enough for a jingles video cheers ?

  4. Admiral dreadnought when? I know its in alpha but I bought it and I personally think its great.

  5. Jingles are you ever going to do more Historical videos like your HMS Warspite video? that on was my favorite

  6. No, we do NOT refer to our ships in the masculine!
    I think one person referred to the Bismarck in the masculine, it is NOT the rule!

    • he is old and crap , so what do you expect ? 😀

    • It was Lindemann, the Bismarck’s captain. He is the only one who did it and insisted the crew did it, too. But they only did in his presence to oblige him. Otherwise she was always a she… But it stuck because too many “documentaries” like the story about the masculine invincible all powerful ship that was really average for its generation.

    • I second that comment as a native German speaker with long-standing maritime predilections. Ein Schiff ist immer eine “Sie”, kein “Er”.

    • No idea how you even create a sentence with a ship in the masculine.

  7. BadUploadScheduleツ

    Im going to miss scrolling to the bottom of the recommended next screen to read comments

  8. I think its a misconception that germans refer to Ships as “he” the Bismarck is the only ship for which that holds true, and that was only the crew of the ship as well i think
    But its also the most popular.

    • Actually, it was just Bismarck’s captain that referred to the ship as masculine, iirc.

    • What about Prince Eugene? Or Admiral Graf Spree? Or Blucher? Or Admiral Hipper? Or Königsberg? Or Admiral Sheer? Kaiser Wilhelm II? German ship names have a tendency to be named after Men or masculine things, like Königsberg which is Kings City.

    • @Jorge Justin

    • @Jorge Justin the name of the ship isn’t connected to what you refer to it as, most ships are referred to as feminine

    • @Jorge Justin King George V was referred to in the Feminine.
      I’m sure if you tried to use “She” for the actual King George V he’d smack you with his sceptre.

  9. The Mighty Jingles

    Welcome to YouTube, where I get shit every time I refer to a German ship as “she”, and the first time I refer to one as “he”…
    “Actually, Jingles…”

    • Jingles is too soft for drunk me.Its like listening to pewdiepie sober. Ill stick to Claus he always has an angrier sounding voice. So Jingles you’re my sober Cpt and Claus will remain my drunk. ffs that took a lot of deleting just to get spelling and grammar ok.

    • Russians refer to ships in the masculine. Germans don’t, as a rule. They might do it to the Curry though because it is named after an actual person and ruler from history who was a man, and whose title “Kurfürst” has the male sex. Grammatically.

    • Just recently you gave an enemy player shit for broadsiding. At the same time the player we were watching was giving broadside as well, but he got lucky because the guy who could have shot him didn’t pay attention to it.
      And of course you regularly misidentify ships, get their stats wrong …
      If you don’t like getting shit on a regular basis, maybe stop “being crap”.

    • Dude speak English. If its not your native language is fine just let me know for Google Translate. itll solve borders bro

    • bro its good

  10. You could have used “Win Hard 3: Win with a Vengeance”

  11. Actually Jingles, The YueYang didnt kill the Shimakaze. Error’s secondaries did…..Jingles? [*Racks*]

  12. Actually Jingles the GK killed the Shima at the end of the battle as they got the killed ship badge and close quarters expert, the secondaries got him

  13. That turtle back is just a legend …
    GK gets citadeled when angled at 45 degrees in the first place
    Secondly: You no longer take 14-15k from a citadel like other BBs, you take 22-23k salvos from normal pens because reasons…

  14. Actually Jingles, it whas the Kurfursts secondaries that killed off the Shimakaze xD

  15. Actually jingles…he killed the shima.

    Yeah yeah i know the drill
    Give me my pickaxe

  16. 19:52 It was at this moment he knew, he effed up. *Retreats to the saltmine for a triple shift*

  17. Actually Jingles, we refer to our ships with the feminin pronouns. A “she” for the Großer Kurfürst was correct 🙂

  18. Yue yang didn’t kill shima, Error got close quarters on him at the last sec

  19. “WE HAVE a JUSTIN TiMBERLAKE!” — someone explain this pls — I don’t think I’ve seen him more than accidentally.

  20. Actually it was Error who killed the Shima with his secondaries

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