World of Warships – Win Hard 2 – Win Harder

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You know I thought this battle seemed familiar so I went back and checked. I should probably have checked harder. Yeah, sudden rush of shit to the brain, this one’s been done before.

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System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 , GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. It’s that bloody boat game again

  2. Yo jingles i finnaly got a pc an can play wow now instead of watching your vids
    Keep it up man

    • Be carefull with abbreviations, WoW = World of Warcaft. You mean WoWs, and considering that Jingles himself played a lot of WoW there are a couple of pendantic people here who would react a bit violent to this.

    • +astrofan ackshyually

  3. Cung Tuan Thanh Le

    hasn’t this replay been featured before

  4. Wait that’s literally the same replay as in your “Silence is golden ” video

  5. Oh Jingles… You’ve done this replay before

  6. The Mighty Jingles

    You know, at the time I was editing this I thought this battle seemed familiar so I went back and checked. I should probably have checked harder. Yeah, sudden rush of shit to the brain, this one’s been done before. Oops.

  7. 4:46… I remember, a wise man once said… ” Dont check your email folders, that was mine, I really have to turn the client off when I record.” HE DID IT AGAIN XD, still love your content jingu-san

  8. Jingle loved that replay so much, that the narrated it twice and uploaded both versions (see Jingle’s Silence is Golden video)

    • Hey and this time he made even more jingles moments yeah the winning team is leading by 3 (they are only leading by 2) and at the end “yeah he only got 5 kills” (jingles he got 6 kills)

  9. Names a cat after a destroyer. Expects the furniture not to be destroyed. ?

  10. Did you get distracted by the kitty video Jingles?

  11. The Master Maciej

    i didn’t realize it was the same battle until the very end. don’t worry jingles it happens to everybody… it’s just really funny when you do it!

  12. @TheMightyJingles We need fewer T10 games and more T9, T7 , T6 &T5 games and yes I did not put T8 for a reason. It is getting boring to see these ships, I have memorized the stats of these ships due to the number of T10 and 8 games

    • Jingles posts video’s of people doing well.  If there is a lack of tier 9 and 7 video’s it’s because they are just hard tier’s to do well in.  Tier 7’s for DD’s and cruisers they get tier 9 games a lot and don’t get the concealment module while the battleships are mostly either WW1 era ships or very undergunned WW2 era.

  13. Neo: Whoa, déjà vu.
    Trinity: What did you just say?
    Neo: Nothing, I just had a little déjà vu.
    Trinity: What did you see?
    Cypher: What happened?
    Neo: Des Memes video was uploaded, and then another that looked just like it.
    Trinity: How much like it, was it the same video?
    Neo: Might have been, I’m not sure.
    Morpheus: Switch, Apoc.
    Neo: What is it?
    Trinity: Déjà vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something.

  14. You know Jingles? Who cares if it’s a repeat. It’s still a great battle and the key lessons certainly need to be taught over and over to get it through some thick skulls that there’s more than one way to win.

  15. I heard the name Spicey Toast at the beginning and got really excited remembering his previous performance…in the same ship…on the same map…DAMN IT JINGLES(Rick Roll begins playing)?

  16. The whole time I’m sitting here thinking… I’ve seen this battle before, I swear I’ve seen this battle… Jingles!!! You double dipping gnome overlord you!!!

  17. I’m an occasional World of Warships player and I watch these games and think “Jingles would have called me a noob there for steaming broadside to that ship too, and would insult my intelligence there for using the wrong shells and totally blowing the game with my bonehead moves.” Lol, honestly, I do learn more by watching one Jingles video that by playing 10 games of World of Warships myself. Thanks for the great commentary.

    • By the Time u get your first Tier 10 Ship u normaly know what ammo in what circonstances and that u should better not be broadsiding….well DO NOT BROADSIDE is teached by the Game in the way that u will Sail T5 Cruisers that are not the Furutaka and therefore made of Citadelles. Im sure that u are not resistent to education so u will learn out of your errors. And be better then most of these Broadsiders 😀

  18. Anyone else hear the Samsung phone startup at 4:45 ?

  19. Hey Jingles… If you post this video another 3 times will you get the Kracking Video Unleashed award..

  20. wow this whole vid is one giant jingles moment

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