World of Warships – Winging It

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The Great Aircraft Carrier Rework of 2018™ is upon us! Aside from being a late, right now there’s so much so new so fast that we’re all pretty much just winging it.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia 1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. christopher tucker

    Cv rework makes the game boring. Please tell wargaming to limit CVs to 1 per game

    • Oh, I consistently had 3 CVs per game. It was CANCER. Can’t imagine those 4 CV games…

    • Александр Воробьёв

      its not limit, its core concept of CV rework

    • Personally, I don’t mind 2 CVs in the game I had games with 3 is horrible as it always was back in the day when that was the limit but it just because after 1 min they relax the MM and more after each min up till 5 when MM just throws you in without any care to the MM rules as 5 is the max they are willing for you to wait. As for getting spotted by CVs, it’s not new it seems the same as last patch if you got a match with a CV which was about 1 in 10 matches, so you did not notice it as much, especially if you got on the team with the good CV and not against a good CV. Personally, all the Cruisers are what is scaring to play DD as everyone is trying to counter the CVs. Every game with more than half the team is Cruisers and half of that having radar on top of that makes it almost unplayable in anything other American or Russian DDs without playing so passive camping battleships would be shocked by. So far I would not say the patch is Bad until everyone calms down on playing them so much. It’s a clusterfuck but that is the same with any new line they bring into the game the first week MM is shit as everyone is flooding it with the same ships.

    • +thegeneral123 That must be low tiers your talking about because that is definitely not the case at high tiers. CV’s get OWNED at high tier.

    • +Evil Black Cat That is really weird because this new mechanic means CV’s can no longer blanket the map with multiple squadrons and multiple eyes. They can only have one squadron up at any one time not counting returning aircraft. That means a huge nerf to their ability to dominate a map. I think it is a case of DD players not understanding that things have changed so you have to adapt. That means no more charging for the caps right at the beginning of the game and not going it alone without CC support. More teamwork instead of lone wolf tactics. You had to adapt when radar came out, this is no different. Only having to deal with one squadron at a time is WAY easier then dealing with 3. No more cross drops or combined torp and bomb attacks. Only multiple CV’s working together as a team can pull that off and once the novelty of the re-work wears off there won’t be many cases of multiple CV’s on both teams. Nor does teamwork happen very often in this game.

  2. The new CV gameplay sucks, no CV investment for me?

    • I sold all of mine.

    • +SiriusMined
      Hope u did through the refund in inventory

    • Alexander Maliziola

      It feels a bit underpowered in my opinion, though I probably just have to git gud. At the very least, I like that its a lot easier to control whether AA shoots down your planes or not.

    • I see what your saying but your also missing the point, being a DD guy it was hard enough before with Radar/Hydro and planes. Now the planes are on you and stick on you before you even get half way to any objective or capture point.  Unless I run the Gearing or Gros’ full time you can’t run a DD. Game play was difficult before the’s impossible now.

    • I personally love this patch. Made carriers a lot more balanced, and with a few kinks, like spotting sorted, this might be the best change balance-wise in WoWs that I have seen (keep in mind I haven’t been playing this game for long, year or so).

      Also, I find the carriers a lot more fun now, with a different type of strategy involved. Now its more focused on your aim, ability to keep planes alive, and map awareness rather than simply alpha-striking the enemy. Now you wait and see what targets are alone, what targets have used DCP, and attack those in order to maximize damage, while aiming the payload yourself, getting rid of a fair bit of RNG. Carriers simply no longer carry a huge alpha potential.

      Your opinion on CVs may differ, but personally I love it.

  3. Morning Jingles. Just wanted to let you know that I noticed you mentioned the Battleship Massachusetts the other day. Thought youd find in interesting to know that the actual ship is a floating museum here in the US state of the same name. I am a member of the historical society here and have been on and in it many many times since I was a child. There are other ships also. Im sure you can google it and see for yourself. However, I am going to take some pics of it with a sign and your name for your amusement. 😉

  4. Is it just me or is the audio really silent?

  5. you volume level is rely low for this vid

  6. Yuri Kanbaru 神原 駿河

    thats it gonna quit the game for a week

  7. TBH Jingles you keep flying through the black flak clouds!!
    You are supposed to avoid them and you wont suck so much and lose so many planes.

    • Yes I have, I am not perfect, but I don’t just fly through it all and then blame the planes.

    • To be fair, a decent amount of those flak clouds are unavoidable, especially in the higher tiers.
      But yeah, Jingles’ commentary in this video suggests that he probably doesn’t realize that those clouds aren’t just for aesthetic..

    • +GrumpyFink Must be nice having the twitch abilities (weren’t they trying to get rid of the influence of that?) to be able to predict, react to and avoid the AA. So much fun when you are trying to evade and AA bursts right in front of you… Try to reverse your turn and fly through it, all ready in a hard turn, can’t turn any harder, and fly through it…

      Never could master manual attacks under RTS; thank you WG for making the new system ONE HUNDRED PERCENT the part of the old system I never could seem to use.

    • +Ibuki01 it’s not 100% but you can avoid a lot of it. Just watch some flamuu, flambas or Noster videos and see how it’s done. They are much better at it than me. You do have air breaks and a boost as well as limited movement, so make use of them all to avoid as much as possible.

    • The flak clouds were appearing right in front of his planes with no time to have even turned away. I’ve been playing the rework too and the flak clouds don’t give you enough time to react.

  8. So what you are saying Jingles is… AA build our Yubari’s?

    • +Akula971 I had a similar experience just now but in an ATL and against tier 6 carriers. I even had a Hood next to me with our AA overlapping. I died and we only managed to win because the Hood survived the remaining 30 seconds that were left in the game. Absolutely broke as fuck. I shot down maybe 12 planes all game. It would have been 50 before the patch.

    • +Akula971 True but it´s not crap. Still the best AA in tier 4.

    • Magnus Gudmundsson

      WHAT? he said something? I was thinking it was a silent video, a homage to the silent movies he was watching when he was young

    • +Akula971 Huh. Mine has been swatting planes with regularity. Had one case where my AA apparently brought down five planes at once.

    • +qtipmotha .. even funnier was me in a Leningrad that couldnt shoot anything down before 8.0 . In my first game after 8.0 I shot down 7 planes .. go figure

  9. A tier 7 cruiser, like the Atlanta, with an AA build, can’t touch tier 8 airplanes. This patch has killed most AA cruisers.

    • +MonkTheWorldTree I had 38 shot down in my GK in a game earlier.

    • Worcester Fully Spec’d AA Captain with all the AA modules, got killed by a Midway, go figure!

    • the reason some people are having trouble with AA and some are not is cause the main threat to aircraft (the flak bursts) are mainly RNG as to were they get placed … the game with randomly place flack along the path of the squad much like the convenient torp gaps you get in DD spreads flack will often do the same but some times it makes a wall in front of you with no way to avoid it you will get instances were you will get no plans shot down or you kill them all in one burst from full health … i for one play all ship classes and have not seen any constant AA i even forgot to respec my montana and managed to shot down 35 plains … in the end the CV gave up on trying to attack … sticking in groups for now seems the best strat and yes up until now team work has not been a abundant thing in Wow’s but maybe WG know this and is trying to force people to do that and i am seeing people now working closer to coordinate AA and even fire support

    • Minotaur is still a monster. My last game I melted a T10 squadron like it was nothing when it tried to strike a nearby BB. CV didn’t come near that spot again.

      I did notice that upgrades/captain skills didn’t bump my AA rating, but the numbers certainly changed, if you look at them. WG will have to re-calculate how the “rating” is produced to reflect effectiveness.

      Also, ships with Manual AA and Fighter Squadrons are much more effective than ships without, but it isn’t reflected in their AA rating.

    • +dave yesterday dummy

  10. The only reason for the CV rework is for WOW to work with consoles

    • +Muck006 But that’s the thing. They *are* balancing two separate games. World of Warships Legends on the console is a separate game with a separate dev team responsible for it. And things like the completely different commander system and placing ships at different tiers than they are in PC World of Warships is inherently going to result in having to balance things differently. The developers of the PC game don’t have anything to do with the console game, and vice versa.

    • Александр Воробьёв

      orr sudden piss to the brain

    • +RedXlV
      so…its a mere coincidence that their new CV gameplay is perfectly suitable for console…while the RNG CVs are no way suitable? i think not.
      and their other goal was to dumb it down…and they certainly did

    • +cobrazax Their goal was quite openly to dumb it down so that any idiot could play CVs.

    • +RedXlV
      Yes that one too…but I’m not convinced consoles had nothing to do with it as well.
      Still its a horrible idea.
      Rts cvs just needed some tweaks

  11. Flying directly into enemy flak bursts and then complaining about your squads survivability probably isn’t the best practice…

    • +jamespfp I stopped playing tier 8 due to always being one of 2 tier 8s in a tier 10 match

    • +Suodemon If you are desperate, you can initate an attack run with torpedo bombers to duck under the flack barrage. Even if you then abort it, you still have your planes.

    • +PaperiLiidokki And yet I consistently see squadrons flying right around my NC’s flak bursts and make multiple runs without losing more than a couple of planes.

      I’m not saying it’s easy, and I’ve never done it (As I have no CVs at all). But players are avoiding those flak bubbles somehow. From what I’ve heard, if you approach the target at a wide angle, you can get inside that wall of flak no problem, then line up your strike once you’re in the very weak passive AA range. Plus, if you pop your attack order before you hit the wall, the subsequent change in altitude will let you pass safely over or under the flak.

    • +asaeampan You sir fail in understanding how an RNG systems work and in basic person to person communications, you must be fun person to be with, also the flying controls of the planse don’t allow tight turning enough to avoid and if the flak is not one but five burst in a wall, you can’t avoid it but you’re, assuming we are turning to the left from a straight line, right most planes will take dmg or flat out die to this wall of flak which you tried to ”avoid”

    • +Aegis270 There really is not much intentional avoiding going on, yeh i have a tier 8 lexington and i can push an attack though against tier 10 Worchester with rocket planes and get a strike or two in, yeah it’s a dedicated AA cruiser and even in later parts of game where you expect hes taken some dmg, the flak is consistent and plenty enough that making the claims that just dodge it and you’re fine is really stretching it.

      From what i looked at my Lexingtons own AA, the short range AA has 90% chance to hit and medium and long have range flak have 95% chance to hit, no much dodging there, against enemy lexy with out any fighter cover i can push one attack in or two losing all planes, not much dodging helps, yes again it a CV with strong AA obviously but again dodging the AA to avoid dmg… ehhh.. not so much.

      Even my T9 Friedrich which has 68% short range hit chance and medium and long range with 73% hit chance with only expert marksman (which affects my secondaries which also count as AA guns) and Basic firing training, i reinforce the sector and i will shoot the planes down, though not sure if the carriers are trying to avoid the flak or not, but from shooting down planes id say they don’t or can’t to an extent where they could save their planes.

      Not sure if it’s planes HP or the Rng of the AA but i think the WG needs more ”testing” on live servers to fine tweak it to make it as they wish it, to me the systems is fine for now, you can play and enjoy it but saying you can just dodge just feel wrong

  12. I hate that WarGaming removed all the odd-tiered carriers.

    • Well, hold onto hope that they ~may~ be reintroduced in some other form later as a Carrier with a different “gimmick”.

  13. You should see iChase solution to the heavy AA zone overlap…
    long story short, the key is simple… do not bother with second strike pass, return to ship immediately after you do the 1st pass because if you don’t suck you WILL get the 1st pass to be successful even if the enemy huddle together as long as you don’t do something stupid…

    then most of your aircraft would survive because they basically become near if not fully invulnerable the instant they are considered to be on the way back

    and you launch the next strike with whatever plane is ready, do the 1st pass… return back and voila your initial plane type are ready in full complement because none or few are shot down…

    rinse and repeat… he didn’t bother with increasing survivability of the aircrafts at all… just speed, so you can get your planes back into action from the carrier asap…

    it was… pretty horrifying to watch…
    he effectively bombed, torpedoed, rocket strafed… and that includes TierX AA cruisers…

    And there wasn’t much they can do about it.

    • Iono Sama Yeah, I hated chase for that, he’s exploiting the system that was put in place with that style, and it ruins the gameplay for all but the cv player a lot more, though it is a much more boring and repetitive style of play. I have had more fun going about with my planes trying to dodge and outplay the higher tier ships, doing my best to avoid the aa, while looking for my chance to get in and hit them. And I don’t bully the DD’s as my main goal is to help our team out by providing support to the friendlies. Though if need be, I will take out a DD to end their capping, or to help out friendly BB’s that get caught off guard by a flanker.

    • Damn I didnt think about that. I tried to have multiple runs and just got my planes all shot down. So either you have one run and do damage and get all planes back or you do damage once and lose all planes.
      Really nice system…

    • +deathlegionair You hate him for exposing a glaring issue with CV that will cause a lot of people to walk away from this dumpster fire?

    • Constantin Müller

      +dave I guess that’s how people think nowadays -.-

    • Yep definitely had this happen in a lot of matches. Pop DFAA which does nothing but waste it, shoot down zero planes, get striked, then 30 seconds later there’s another squad on your doorstep… yayyy “reworked” CV’s

  14. how to make destroyer irrelevant 101.
    spotting? 100 knots planes is more than enough to spot.
    torpedoes? planes has it.
    fire power? rockets.

    • +RedXlV Well, if people want DDs to be usable right now they better learn to cooperate.

    • +Cody P Just been playing for most of the evening in my DD, My only question is have you been using your AA sector controls?
      After hearing what you said I felt the need to try it out myself, Destroyers get a bonus 50% efficacy on top of your normal AA rate when doing that.

      You do feel week alone, but as noted working in a team alleviates most of that

    • +Gareth Fairclough Well you can. Hit the M key for overview and you can move your carrier. It requires timing with your squadron because you don’t want your squadron engaged while your in the overview map. I usually do carrier adjustments just after launching my squadron as long as I’m not in direct combat.

    • How to make CV irrelevant. WOWS 0.8.0.

    • After seeing all this,
      DD’s lack of AA is something that is need to be fixed.
      The only solution in this patch as DD is being around cruisers or just had DD’s tea party (which i already try and do in the game). Result is more on the luck and cooperation on how can your cv spot the enemies DD’s and you and your team react to that, but by doing this kind of strategy DD’s lose most of its firepower either by gun or toprs, bcs your movement is limited around your cruisers or DD’s squad.
      Using that strategy you may have chance to not die until the game ends, but only will do little damages, which is why i say DD is kinda irrelevant.
      Choice is : being around cruisers for the rest of the game or just being really sneaky (basically waiting around in the backline until a lot of enemy radar ships is sunk or cv’s planes are not focusing on finding DD’s anymore).
      Problem is.
      There is no real anti-thesis to this CV problem, i hope in the future DD’s AA will get a buff, so that it feels like it can go more on the purpose of dealing damage, spot, and capping.
      If you talking about real-life. This is a game, pls, you want to have fun, to do something and do some impact to the team. Right now, DD just feel can’t do as much as it want to.

  15. Can we expect a subnautica bz video tomorrow?

  16. german ships shouldnt be able to shoot down fairey swordfish

    • Yeah, cos they fly too sloooooow

    • +Anthony Riches Back in school (which was a few decades ago) we had a teacher who was a german soldier in the war, and he told us that they would get 2 weeks holiday for shooting down one of those slow spy planes with wings made of wood and cloth. You can shoot quite a few holes in them and they will continue to work, so you basically have to shoot the pilot or engine.

    • Fire control minimum setting:300kph. Swordfish max speed 90kph derp

  17. I think the Defensive AA, like planes, should be unlimited. Anyone else agrees?

    • Dorsn’t address the issue of unlimited resources, just adds to it. Needs a complete rework as the game is becoming more arcade like every patch.

  18. well Im glad to hear someone is enjoying the rework… I hate it

    6 games with the new carriers and I’m already bored that for the record is just 2 Co-op games (1 T4, 1 T6) and 4 Competetive ames (1 T4, 1 T6 and 2 T8 in the Saipan)
    the new gameplay is boring as sin and so heavily dumbed down its quite frankly insulting to everyone but the most brainless battleship lover.

    I hate to be that guy but 0.8.0 has effective killed the game for me. the only ship line I was waiting for was the RN carrier line. I dont pretend to be some god level player of CVs quite the opposite, I was pretty medicore with them but I enjoyed the RTS playstyle.
    to see half the upcoming (and existing) carriers scrapped before they even get into the game and to be lumbered with such a repetitive and criminally dull gameplay is the straw that broke the camels back.

    this came a pretty good time for me to be honest. my WoWS premium time runs out in 2 days and I was ‘umming and arring’ over whether to renew it or not. what Ive have seen with this half assed farce of a rework makes my decision a hell of alot easier
    If this is the path Wargaming is going to take then my wallet will be staying closed in 2 days time and will remain closed to all wargaming products current and future.

    • +CynicallyObnoxious
      i think their cash flow is about 0 from those that hate the rework…which is probably more than half the players

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      @cobrazax thats how you let a company know they fucked up if you dont like it dont spend money on it just like people are doing with Star Wars right now Im gonna treat WOWS the same way

    • +CynicallyObnoxious
      i never really spend real money…spent less than a dollar on WOWS in the last 3 years 😛

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      I regret ever buying Tirpitz or prem time I regret grinding CVs I hope everyone thats happy enjoys playing a game thatll have the population of WOWP

    • +CynicallyObnoxious
      I’m happy i grinder the cvs…ill get a full refund, but what can i use 5m fxp for?? Got all ships anyway…

  19. Infinite aircraft waves limit the strategy for other players and CV players. The RTS system had its benefits and downsides but this definitely is a step backwards.

    • they may have unlimited waves but the aircraft still have to re-spawn, so in effect you can deplane a carrier from one type of its planes for a period of time. the best way to think of it is that you have a long reload for one type of ammo but can switch to other types straight away.

    • +simmons865 Yes, but as seen by players already exploiting these changes: you strike once, recall, strike once, recall… etc. You end up with a mechanic that revolves around how close you can get your cv to your enemies without dying so you can hit them faster. Yeah you have to rotate but you still end up with thoughtless play.

      AA becomes irrelevant besides to shoot down the first strike which leads to teams wanting to huddle together always. This system will not punish bad CV play like before, but instead punish playing a CV in any other way besides this.

    • +Gretownzu This is definitely an issue at low tier but high tier it is an entirely different ball game. AA fire is murderous at high tier. Even single, isolated ships can de-plane a carrier VERY fast.

  20. Jingles there is so much I want to say in response to this entire video, however I am typing this out on my mobile phone, so I’ll keep it short. Thank you sincerely for keeping it real about this whole CV Rework debacle, I mean it. I was coming into this video expecting some rant extremely similar to Reddit and forum posts as of release. But l’m glad it wasn’t. Instead I found more relation to what you had to say than foreign. So many good and mature points you’ve mentioned, particularly from 32:22 and on. This is exactly how it was in 2015, post release. We worked together as a team, stuck close to each other and actually THOUGHT which ships should be together to cover important areas, such as AA. This is the dawn of something new and fresh and I couldn’t be prouder. No more of this buffing ships to the point an entire class is phased out (which is so wrong). I’m not blind however, I recognize there are kinks that still need to be worked out, like the speed of the planes for instance. But I’m genuinely happy, really really happy that CVs can be more accessible to non-RTS players and shake things up in this game!

    • Playing CV’s is a little more fun than before for those that didn’t enjoy the top down RTS style carriers, however I disagree slightly with part of what you say.

      This patch has ‘buffed’ CV’s to the point that DD’s are now unplayable and have essentially been phased out as you put it.

      There have been so many DD counters in recent months, the proliferation of long lasting radar ships that can stealth radar and can see through islands, cruisers that can very quickly kill a spotted DD in 1 or 2 salvos and now CV’s that can keep DD’s spotted a lot of the time, meaning certain death if they even dare venture forward from the spawn.

      I’ve played a number of DD games since this patch landed and DD’s are a nightmare to play now, two carriers in every battle, immediate recycling of squadrons with no cool down periods, I was almost constantly spotted between a tier X and tier VIII CV for trying to cap and while that would happen before to a degree once your smoke fades and you try to leave they harass you with rockets, torps, bombs, the cruisers don’t need to use their radar because of this when you smoke up to hide from the planes they blind drop the smoke and when skilled enough are quite accurate in doing so at much closer ranges then before that it’s practically impossible to dodge, then when the cv’s can’t see you the radar gets you and blam you’re dead all for trying to secure a cap.

      They are now unplayable IMO.

      Battleships don’t seem to have any issues and pretty much shrug off any aircraft attacking them, particularly at high tiers. Cruisers can get by but oddly, I’ve found that cruisers that were previously known as strong AA cruisers suddenly seem quite weak against aircraft at times, I think this depends on whether they face higher tier carrier aircraft or same/lower tier but either way the results have been varied from what I’ve seen.

      I think this patch has made carriers more appealing to a wider section of the playerbase, battleships and cruisers can get by without any major drama in fact some of them come out of games with high aircraft kill counts. But destroyers are now not worth the stress of playing as it’s incredibly difficult to play them and achieve anything unless they are lucky with the matchmaking and CV player ability.

      Maybe I’ll be able to adapt in coming weeks but I don’t know how to at the moment, you had to pick your moments to cap to avoid radar, maybe try to trigger someones radar etc but now those moments are non existant with the rate aircraft can keep you spotted and with the rocket planes breaking your engines, steering, setting fires etc then you smoke up to avoid the aircraft spotting you behind any appreciable landmass in a cap in a vain effort to protect yourself from ships blind firing, radaring, hydroing, dd’s blind torping you etc, then your smoke fades and the aircraft are there again rocket firing and bombing etc, all the while ships are shooting at you and you can’t even get 10 feet before you’re wrecked.

      I could go on and on about this, I’m not trying to be hysterical about a patch that has ‘wrecked’ the game as I don’t think it has, but major changes like this were always likely to cause some other problem which would then need to be rectified or balanced in some way, and it seems that destroyers ability to contribute in a game are now the problem that needs to be fixed.

      I did play tier VI carriers to see what they were like and in my first game I destroyed a monaghan, gaede, nicholas and new york. I’m not sure killing all three of the enemy dd’s, the first two with 1 torpedo squadron alone is particularly balanced, apart from the odd game where you faced a super unicum CV player, I can’t recall a game where the carriers were able to quite quickly remove all the enemy dd’s from a team, in fact only 1 of 6 dd’s managed to survive the battle at all.

      This has upset me a little because I have about 30 destroyers and enjoyed playing them, you had the ability to be sneaky but if you made a mistake it was often your doom, but now the mistake is hitting the battle button!

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      CCs gotta love it and lick its back side remember

    • i would agree except that i was permaspotted in my haida for the entire match all 6 matches i played last night. they need to rework that aspect before i continue playing the game

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