World of Warships – Winning mistake?

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There was a good reason why I stopped playing CVs for a long while and you’ll see here exactly why…BUT THIS TIME…something went horribly wrong…which was not that bad at all?
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. bill Murray look alike in youth from Syria with love

  2. So many reds lemming for the CV like a T4 game XD

  3. You should map the Carrier selection key to G or some other key way the hell away from where you like your airgroups. Personally I mapped the carrier to G and the airgroups to 1 – 8. Prevents mistakes like that.

    • Holy shit i aslo have the G key as the selectiom key for my cv and 1 to 8 keys for the squadrons

    • I think that if you press move button few times WHILE changing squads game can register this as CV move command. Happens often when i spam move orders. But well. RIP strategic CV soon anyway.

    • I barely played CVs but hey I have the G key for carrier too! Its what Fara advised in his good’ol CV guide iirc ;D

  4. 3:15 call for ship to head east 4:44 calls for ship to move south (ship icon)

  5. Jutland. Cause it juts out into the sea

  6. You exposed yourself, but on the other hand when you are this close the frequency of attacks is simply disgusting. Could be valid strategy if you can get close enough.

    • yeah if you have good team as support that cover your back … the teams I have had lately ……. oh sorry Error …..Team ….. does not exist …….. it’s all for 1 and none for all ……. Weekends and Holidays Pfft .. HAppy New Year Captain .

  7. *Flambass* —- If I was playing Jutland – it would be pronounced Useless

    • +Flambass In the UK we say Jutland… Yutland is more European… and as she’s a British Destroyer… ;o)

    • +JetsetUK : yeah Ur right, but she´s named after a part of DK/battle early 1900 – that part real name is : JYLLAND earlier home of some people you called Vikings – lol, btw the real name is not London, its LOND-ON-IUM, and its not York, its JORVIK – ha ha ha ha

    • ingame its awesome

    • +Anders Eriksen Yep dude, I realise that… although the part of Denmark you are referring to was populated by the Jutes way before the “Vikings”came along, before a lot of them migrated to Britania’s shores along with the Anglii (also inhabitants of historic Jylland) and Saxons… I have been re-enacting Vikings for several years now, though have not yet managed to make the Jorvik Viking Festival which is in early to mid February… as a side note, I lived about 100 miles north of York when I was a child between 8 and 12, and the Jorvik centre hadn’t been made back then… and yet another strange co-incidence, I was born in Hillerød… my father was working out there when I came along… :o) bad news about that is we left when I was just 1 1/2 years old, so I am the only one of my family not to speak Danish… Dad was RNVR during the 39-45 war, so I am pretty aware of the Battle of Jutland in MayJune of 1916 – it is the largest Fleet battle of that war, though the Germans refer to it as the Battle of Skagerrak – both sides claimed victory, the German High Seas Fleet took 11 losses, but more damaged ships.. the British lost 3 of their New-ish Battle Cruisers, amongst the 14 of our ships sunk, again with more than several ships heavily damaged… Germany’s fleet never again left their ports in such large numbers… Weird fact number 5, I went to a private school, which was a Merchant Navy school, and I was in both Jellicoe House and then Nelson House… Sir John Jellicoe was one of the British commanders during that battle… but thanks for the heads up… ;o) PS… I know Jylland is pronounced Yoolandt… which makes the former inhabitants Yootes…

    • I have gained more knowledge here than I did in history class

  8. A Danish guy said its called JYLland.

  9. The next logical step would be the carrier mid-rush on Two Brothels.

  10. Flambass, as it is a British ship, call it Jutland with a J as that is how we pronounce it. It’s not like we’d start calling ships of other nations with different pronunciations just because we prefer to do that!

  11. The reds wanted your Bacon soooo hard XD

  12. Just a tactical AR buff flambass 🙂

  13. I would like to see you with IJN carriers

  14. When you spam buttons to move ur CV don’t blame the UI.  You were more concerned how to pronounce Jutland over the game.

  15. 3:33 Jutland has a hard “J” like jam or John has.

  16. Seems about right, hold all 3 caps and a point lead..Charge the CV!!! This is basic wows tactics..

  17. Man, watching this makes me understand why so many people dislike carriers.

  18. Jutland is with a hard J in normal English. Not Yutland.

    [edit – I see I am about #6 saying the same thing]

  19. “Be careful setting a trap for wolves… sometimes you catch a tiger!” Robert E. Howard.

  20. Ok, now this is a sleeper jingles game, I think 😛

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