World of Warships: Winning with Battleships in 60 Seconds

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Battleships in World of Warships are big, slow and happen to be the most powerful class in the game. We’ll show you how master these big ships in under 60 seconds.

Watch more World of Warship tips here!:


  1. Enjoy the fire!!

  2. holy shit this game looks awesome, never heard of this! Anyone know any
    livestreams of this game?!

  3. What’s next?! World of warhorses?!

  4. sniperkitty 3000xx

    shouldnt it say that this is sponsored?

  5. You don’t say!,,

  6. the guy who titles these videos should be fired.

  7. Here’s a one second strategy/Pro tip

    Don’t play the game, it’s shit.

  8. Misleading title …. Expected to see a video on how u can win a battle in
    60 seconds with battleships …

  9. ……..battleship is slow and big , one sentence in 60 second.

  10. Pointless video. Anyone with any common sense would already know this!

  11. I was dissapointed with this game, really looked forward to it and it
    turned out being repetetive and even less realistic than world of tanks.

  12. so torpedoes are bad and shooting is good

  13. are there CVin Wosh too?

  14. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand another view-farming video that’s completely useless. GJ

  15. Here’s an even better tip: Don’t use Battleships. Until they improve the
    serious issues with patches just use a cruiser instead.

  16. i thought i would see a win in 60 seconds yet we get a 60 second video of
    how to win.

    nice misleading title…

  17. boogie2988 is biased -Ghost Banned x2-

    I don’t care what anyone says, this is a World of Tanks rip-off. How
    shameless are devs nowadays where they explicitly steal from other games
    and gets videos of it featured on a prominent gaming website’s Youtube

  18. This just stated the obvious. Thanks ign.

  19. Primarch Alpharius

    if it ain’t in the Warspite it ain’t right.

  20. Mars “Angel” Ruiz


  21. 5th

  22. Last!!!

  23. First!

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