World of Warships: WIP Pittsburgh, Using health as a resource

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We got to show off the WIP Pittsburgh which is the Baltimore going to T8 and how it preforms. We also got into the conversation of using health as a resource and when its good to trade life.


  1. NickelPlateRoad779

    Notification squad where y’all at

  2. so you basically get much more hp, superheavy shells and worse concealment when compared to the new orleans right?
    any other noteable changes?

  3. Please help me. I got a new comp, I have gone from no grapfix to perfict and had no idea the game looked so cool!
    That said. Now it looks like every things very far away. I dont have ship names or player names. I can badly see planes because they are so far away. Ranges have gone away as well.
    Part of it is cool because its a bit harder but I dont see range on the planes.
    What do I need to do to get them back.

    • It’s in your settings. I believe it’s a check-box labeled “Enable Alternate Interface”…that will get you the ship names back on your screen. As far as things looking farther away, that’s probably due to your better computer displaying a higher resolution; you can either adjust to it or change the game’s resolution to a lower setting.

    • Harv72b I will try that.
      It would be a shame to have all this amazing stuff ans then dial it back! Part of it is cool necause its decently harder and a bit more real.

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