World of Warships – WiP – Slava Tier 10 Soviet Battleship

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Who thought this was a good idea?


  1. Remember what Work in Progress means, folks. We may see this, we may not and I’m personally rooting for the latter. As of today, the 14th, the Slava will receive two buffs (here’s a link to the Dev Blog on *through gritted teeth* facebook –

    While the changes all but nullify my footage of those specific ships I will still try to release videos with the changes in mind. Enjoy!

  2. Well, WG doesn’t care if the CV rework was in the wrong direction, why would they care now, about this?

    • Because the Slava is as minimal an investment as there is. The ship has the same model as the Kremlin and only has some different numbers on it. The CV rework is at least a year’s work from a team. They lose almost nothing if they don’t go forward with the Slava

    • @Business6 It’s about the principle and precedent. If they do it to one broken ship, we can demand that they do it to others 😀

  3. Biggest surprise, given the lunacy of World of Tanks, is that it’s taken WG over 3 years to introduce OP Russian bias into Warships!

  4. you do know colorado has 2.0 sigma again right?

  5. Bran Tse Mallory

    Good video and I have to say I agree, the game is going in a direction that is not good for our game play.

  6. looking forward to the full two branches of soviet CVs!

  7. You don’t $ee a purpo$e for thi$ Ship?

    • It’s tech tree, supposedly

    • I would be surprised if this was not some sort of premium if it stays anything similar to what it is now. The cash grab here would outstrip the Payfast.

    • Dan Darling it’s an alternate tech tree T10 for the Soviet BBs. Still a cash grab in the sense that she will strip out free xp and doubloons (permacamo and free xp conversions) from the game economy with the bonus that WG can nerf her in a few months due to her being a tech tree ship.

  8. You raided a stream the other day, and I said hi to you and that “I wish I had your skills”…the streamer you raided thought I was talking about their skills…haha nope. Glad to see you uploading again, you’re def my favorite CC no one has the skills and talks about what they’re doing throughout each match like you man-you help us potatoes!

  9. this boat is alternative or. premium boat?

  10. “Linear Curve” Business 2019.

  11. ships that the Soviet Union could never have built in time for WW2 armed with artillery far superior than anything they could have produced with armor the soviets couldn’t manufacture until the late 50s if at all. Seems legit. Weird how a Russian company would make their paper ships the absolute zenith of naval power and design says no one, ever.

  12. hahahahaha very great the end! hahaha

  13. They did the same thing in World of Tanks, each new line, each new premium is more powerful and pay to win !

  14. Laszlo Jerkovits

    Three videos in one week? WTH? Awesome. I enjoy your videos. Just glad I don’t run into you on the opposite side of the map when I am playing.

  15. remove the ship? Aahahaaa… and the bank says….. no. Note: When you want to look around, RMB down prevents your turrets from turning. 😛

  16. Thanks as always for great vid but also for your honesty about what will inevitably be yet another ridiculously OP premium that will stand head and shoulder above all memes already in the game and reinforce beyond repair the Russian bias aspect that Sub_Octavian has been at (futile) pains to deny for so long. WG – please – don’t. Please.

  17. Such a shame we can’t possess the ability to punish stupid broadsiding players without WG screwing it up, all it needed was the range reduced to >19km and the ship would be acceptable

  18. what kind of display for teams is that?

  19. nice video but my question is…how did you get the panels like that? Where they show the health of the ships? That is freaking awesome.

  20. Balance in Progress again.

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