World of Warships With a Steam Controller – Thunderer

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Thunderer is so easy, you can play it with a controller! I got my Steam Controller yesterday and tried playing Thunderer with it.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Royal Navy battleship Thunderer on the map Northern Lights.


  1. So, you did not figured out how to change ammo type? Also, feel free to return to your mouse and keyboard. I cannot watch suffering like this..

    • I did, but I think there were only a few times where I should’ve fired AP in this match. HE was a far superior choice in the majority of cases.

    • @Aerroon I try and run Expert loader on all RN bb’s although the target turns away quite a lot of the time leaving you to fire ap at an angled target or switch back again. I’m not good enough to take full advantage. As for the controller I’ve always played on pc or mac never a console, had a go at cod on a console when it first came out, I couldn’t get to grips with it at all. I wouldn’t have thought WoW was suited to a controller. Thunderer looks to be a great ship, I have 66k coal to go. Great content Aeroon

    • @Aerroon the HE is still something else on this ship, the shells seem to do heavy damage on any ship type at any angle

  2. Next level of Seal Clubbing: SEAL CONTROLLING.

  3. Now do Hakuryuu with a Steam controller!

  4. I’m about 70% sure I touched your controller before you did.

  5. Aerroon, would you pick Georgia or Thunderer to have first? I only have enough coal for one.

    • Raul Alexandru Bota

      Idk but Georgia is a much more solid choice because with the GK I’ve taken care of Thunderers like crazy from all sort of ranges and we talk about old German dispersion( I suppose you can call it that way since 0.8.11 is here) so if you get the Thunderer do not broadside, a yamato or kremlin or even GK can blap you easily. I’ll admit he was super lucky to survive the battle with the amount of broadside he gave to the enemys but than again they barely shot at him.

    • I personally like Thunderer more than Georgia. With Georgia I seem to struggle to have great games, with Thunderer it’s far easier. It does require you to like Conqueror-like gameplay though.

    • Raul Alexandru Bota

      @Aerroon yeah it’s a matter of what you like more but avoid just avoid to give broadside in the Thunderer it does no good at all, now that doesn’t mean it’s not the same for Georgia but idk it’s just my experience, it’s like shooting a broadside minotaur if you have a good idea how the guns of the ship you play behave.

    • stefanos perivolaris

      @Aerroon yeah because is t9 so there is ohio as better version

    • They’re both very good, I’d take Thunderer personally, I just love the baked in conqueror legendary modual coupled with the concealment and the god tier guns, I ran down a Vanezia with it and avoided both sets of torps at different angles thanks to its aglity, only second to the Vanguard which is what I think the RN should have been all along.

      That being said the Georgia is still a hell of a ship and I really wouldn’t blame you for getting one over the Thunderer, not at all….

      Now…if we are talking tier for tier… comparing say the Jean Bart to the Georgia…. i think the Georgia is a bit better mainly because of the guns…but again I like the JB very much…..
      Short version: they’re both very good and both worth getting
      …personally I’d get the Thunderer but you really won’t go wrong at all with the Georgia.

  6. Hi lovely video. I have a question, how can you follow your bullets when you fired them?

  7. WOWS with a controller?! BURN THE WITCH!!!

  8. Oh Wow, CV Play is most interesting

  9. stefanos perivolaris

    Genova can be played…oh joke is old time for the laser accurate 457mm gun thunderer op even with a controler

  10. Was it easy to make the controller work with wows?
    I once tried wows with my vr headset… it was… interesting… kinda. Used Vorpx for it to work, but it was in “theater mode” so not as impressive as i thought. Nevertheless, very interesting to just look at different ships in port only or to just swim around in training mode. No good for battles though, unless there would be a way to independently look around and turning turrets.

    • You add the game to steam as third party if you don’t already play through steam. Then you can pick what button does what with the gui. It’s pretty easy

  11. Christmas Challenge: Steam Controller and no HUD

  12. Playing with a keyboard is too ez right?

  13. I regret buying steam link, even tho game states controller support some wont work.

  14. The renaissance man

    Analog stick or thumbstick as I reffer it

  15. The steam controller is highly underrated imo

  16. I am playing all the Time on steam controller. Is much better… And easy 🙂

  17. When i bought a steam controller it came with 2 batteries which i assumed was for a rumble effect like some other controllers had. I plugged it in and charged it every night and used it for around 5 days then it stopped working. It was at that point I discovered it does not have an internal battery and was running on the 2 standard AA batteries which had gave out. It always pays to read the Instructions.

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