World of Warships with Duncan – British Battleships!

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  1. I love watching the yogs playing wows and other games like it, even if they may not be that good at the game its very enjoyable to watch!

  2. That…was painful to watch.

  3. This is a sponsored video… just to let you know!

  4. All of duncan’s crew is deaf after that volley straight over him xD

  5. I love this Game, play it quite a bit, love it, recommend 10/10

  6. Imagine the damage Duncan could have done if he knew the difference between AP and HE shells…and the citadel is where the important part of the ship like boilers are, the magazines are under the gun, generally.

  7. that feeling when they completely wrongly use torps though

  8. Weird Random Gaming Channel

    My dick was ripped further than all of those missed cannon shots

  9. HMS Cambletown was an out of date US destroyer sold to the British who loaded it up with explosives and rammed the dock gates at St.Nazaire.

  10. *unzips*
    Right… let the dick ripping begins!

  11. haft of this  ivdeo was just Duncan,s video

  12. I Am Not Gustaf aka Dalak Dariel

    if you want a game thats has more action, go play war thunder where you can play as planes, jets, tanks, armored cars, boats and ships. and now with tier 6 you can play semi modern tanks with reactive armour

  13. Sjin really cheered up my day in today’s videos <3 Today's notes for Sjin & the Yogs are now at my Yogs Posts Tumblr <3

  14. This was very cringe

  15. Wait why do I have to be start fresh for a dodge premium ship? If a premium comes free it’s not worth the effort lads.

  16. ARGH! Duncan! Use AP in the BB

  17. “…on the Dez Moyneeze.”

  18. Cool I live in Campbellton…but it’s in Canada.

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