World of Warships – With Friends Like These

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Sometimes the help you need comes from where you’d least expect it. Sometimes. Most of the time it doesn’t.

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  1. Hey Jingles I’m having a good day and I hope the same for you and your cats as well!

  2. There is a brand new Mogami in the Japanese Navy

  3. Jingles, morning (haha), hoping we can get more grosser kurfurst stuff soon, hoping for some cool secondary stuff

  4. the carrier is at least gulity in not spotting the second DD throughout the whole game, that is a fatal mistake as cv player

    • @Shaw Fujikawa Not so much for not finding the dd, but not getting away from the ships he was focusing on before they were almost literally in spitting distance is certainly something to blame the weser captain for.

    • Most CV players have no idea about team play, because they dont play with the team.

    • @Prisoner of the Highway, Weser isn’t slow. She is ok from a speed perspective. Her planes are faster than other tier 6 planes…her torpedoes are the fastest tier 6 aerial torpedoes in the game. Her rockets are the MOST easy to use after the rocket changes.

      Do you actually play the Weser? Or are you just Monday morning quarterbacking?

    • not sure how it was a mistake of the carrier player to prevent the right flank from dying sooner by spotting and harrassing the enemies there.
      the left flank only managed to clear out the 3 enemies because they didnt get outflanked by the rest of the enemy team rushing them from the side after clearing the right flank wiithin the first 3 minutes of the game.
      if anything the rest of the team should be blamed for getting shredded despite the carrier spotting and plinking enemies constantly.

    • @Uteriel the rest of that team did suck by going up the channel on the 7 line and getting slaughtered, instead of waiting for the enemy to lemming out in front of them. But they had a DD in the front of that push, and anyone who plays the game knows that if you want to stop a push you kill the DD. That’s the CVs job. Gouge out you enemies eyes and they’re helpless. But CV players don’t understand about team based play, so they just continually strike instead of spot. The west flank was even on ships but the enemy CV harassed them the whole match, so in reality, the right flank was the heavier flank since they had friendly carrier support. Im glad you didn’t defend the CV stupidity of sitting and waiting for the push to come around and flank him.

  5. What a game. I am pretty sure that Z-23 driver was already fed up at that point after seeing a row of special CV captains…

  6. It’s always nice to see people playing the team aspect of this game…it just seems like it’s always the enemy team doing that…

    • I once played with one of those great DD captains. My BB was hiding in ambush behind an island, and the friendly DD lured the last enemy ship into my trap. Even if I didn’t sink it with citadels and got my ship sunk, one torpedo would’ve later finished the job.

    • You just, never know…
      til you’re in the thick of it.

  7. Duca is the italian for duke, “duce” is the “old” italian for leader, commander or guide. Same root as “conductor”, in english, the latin verb conducere, usually abbreviated in condurre in modern Italian.

    • Duly noted; I love the Italian language (and country, kitchen, people), so thanks for the heads up. By the way: what a fantastic navy does Italy have! Beautiful ships. Can’t wait to go to my favorite place near the Lago di Bolsena. Cordiali saluti dai Paesi Bassi.

    • @Pincer88 living in Amsterdam since 2019 I am sad to say that Dutch is a huge struggle for me 😀
      But thanks for the nice words, I miss my country every day (but here you pay people a lot more so I am staying :P)

    • Bravo Riccardo!

    • Thank you for the info.

  8. Im pounding through the Mogami right now. As a professional pyrotechnician I enjoy the fireworks this ship provides. Unfortunately its usually my magazine producing the show.

  9. That’d be the “*London* naval treaty”, Jingles, in 1930. Which defined “light cruisers” as having guns of less than 6.1 inches.
    As for the “lack of armor”, that’s not entirely wrong, historically. Mogami and her sisters were built a bit light so as not to be TOO obviously over the treaty limitations as to weight. This also led to her being a bit unstable.

  10. Wow, what a game! Congratulations to Colonel. Shame you didn’t call him by his more familiar name in Wows every time you have some trouble pronounciating @Jingles: good old Dave. Been missing him. Hope he’ll make an appearance soon again.

  11. “The Mogami has terrible, TERRIBLE anti-air capabilities”

    RIGHT as he says that – “AA expert”-award…

  12. Please start sharing some “War on the Sea” gameplay by killerfish games, it would be awesome with your commentary.

  13. I love my Mogami, it has my highest damage for no damage received (153k), although this was a while ago and a friendly Neptune rammed me trying to get into cover

  14. I’ve been using the Mogami a lot recently, I really enjoy this ship

  15. that Z23 captain is that one friend who always tell what they think, very blunt, borderline impolite… but would drive 5 hours to help you because you have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere

  16. I love the Mogami, was the first ship I went after in AT.

  17. Z-23 being the cliche asshole protagonist that gets good character development.

  18. At first I was like “damn, so refreshing to see a Japanese ship that doesn’t have Yamamoto for a change!”.
    Then he got the Kraken and I was like “OMG I would have loved to see Mogami’s 155 mils with Yamamoto’s reload buff!”.

  19. GG! Thank you for that awesome replay with amusing commentary.

  20. I had a fool moment in a game the other day. Second time out in my Cleveland since picking the game back up after about 3 years. I has access to the ship from the legacy of having one when it was T6. My highest tier ship, I hadn’t been using it because I didn’t want to make a fool of myself in higher tiers till I was back in the swing. Well, I managed to completely forget I had radar and blind fired maybe 12 salvos at a DD in smoke and hit 1 shell at a range of 4.5km. I nice chap in chap reminded me without vitriol, too late, that I had radar. I felt dumb.

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