World of Warships with The Mighty Jingles

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Join our team as they division with none other than The Mighty Jingles himself. Ask questions, enjoy the fun and maybe even win a hat!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. New dds looks interesting

  2. How will they interact with Submarines? since they have anti-submarine weaponry not found on other ships since they are more modern.

  3. “Never trust a Russian asking for help”
    – Might E. Jingles. 2019


  5. let’s get a drink on every ähhh ^^

  6. just jealous you don’t match his numbers 🙂

  7. I want to see Jingles, using Jingles as a captain. Quoting Jingles during battle

  8. I am happy for Sweds that they get own paneuropean line , and I think I know what WG plan , few paneuropean destroyer nation branches T4-T10 , now Swedish , then I guess Dutch and after that Polish , Spanish , Yugoslavian , but I am dissapoited how WG do that , so there will be few DD branches but … emblems ? , I would like to have emblem with gold crowned white eagle , I guess Sweds would like to have tre crowns on their emblem , not same emblem for whole paneuropean line ! I feel that is issue that WG need to resolve …

    Polish branch could look like that :
    T4 – Ouragan in game bourrasque
    T5- ORP Burza in game Bourrasque inproved version
    T6 ORP Garland in game Gallant sister ship
    T7 – ORP GROM in game Blyskawica sister ship
    T8 – ORP Orkan in game Lightning sister ship
    T9 – ORP Warszawa (1956) need to be created
    T10 – ORP Warszawa (1969) need to be created

  9. Playing on Xbox one x are carriers exclusive to PC?.

  10. Jingles, Jonah something is the same

  11. Booo WG 🙁 dont do pan-EU tree then, finish it as Swedish tree

  12. scheiise wenn die RUSSEN ein Spiel kaufen, die KI und das MM is vorn ARSCH

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