World of Warships – Wombat Warrior

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In which WombatWarriorHuN sails forth in the best ship in World of Warships (but with a highly treasonous camo scheme) to show Johnny Foreigner not to mess with the Royal Navy!

All music licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. No views but two likes, youtube at its finest.

  2. “Threw away a practically full health tier 7 cruiser”

    Prinz Eugen is a tier 8 Jingles. Never change

  3. Jingles, Lightning doesn’t have the engine boost. None of the RN DDs have ?

    • @Florian Bielawa you said “all RN DD’s”, not “tech tree RN dd’s” sooo… He’s right ya know?

    • Assassin Agent woo big deal

    • @Assassin Agent To the salt mines with this one.

    • @SeaBass Message from Human Resources; You have been spotted stopping mining to tell people off from not working. While the intent of your efforts is appreciated, managment expects all workers to speak only while maintaining an active productive workflow while speaking if you must speak at all. Manamgent is currently evaluating if workers will work harder if air was provided based on output.

      No punishment is required in this instance but your credentials have been forwarded to the Salt mines management team to ensure proper workflow is maintained in your sector.

      p.s. Some please smuggle some food into the HR department: mangagement has desided that our feeding time is to be provided after the days paperwork is completed, and the appropreate paperwork to prove the paperwork regarding the days paperwork was completed with the correct paperwork. If they stack any more recursion we may have to resort to eating some of the paperwork just to survive!
      And the paperwork for consuming paperwork is even WORSE.

    • @Vincent S207 : Well yeah. Jingles might well have known that some RN DDs do have engine boost, and at 16:03 the Lightning seemed to emit the typical extra-black smoke. I can see how in medias res one might have been confused.

  4. One Torpedo from the Prinz Eugen hit the Gneisenau……………..oh Jingles, never change!

  5. Jingles, you put the Union Jack onto an USN BB, so who are you to complain? ;-P

  6. I do so miss the days when The Mighty Jingles was a smaller Youtuber…and could get away with things that he can no longer get away with now that he is a big internet star. I miss the clip of the Kraken playing after someone gets the Kraken medal in a replay. I miss the silly music and other little bits of fun that Jingles can no longer use in his videos due to the moronic YouTube policies on copyright. 🙁

    • Dear @Graham Baxter : Unfortunately, even if Jingles were to adopt your solution and implement such a wholly original clip, there is a good chance his own work would be claimed, demonetized, and taken down – whether inadvertently (in the case of Content ID) or deliberately – as with those who issue takedown notices, to extort from the actual creator. These cost the abusers nothing, and there are essentially no negative consequences.

    • @David Your reply is idiotic for this reason – the people who animated that clip of the Kraken are no longer being paid for it. They earned their money during development as part of their salary. Now a corporation that did nothing other than employ them continues to reap the benefits of their work, while in most cases the original workers have been laid off, because the company doesn’t need to continue to produce content (or at least content of quality) when they can squeeze every last drop of revenue out of the original animators’ work.

      Wargaming actually conducts this exact same practice – most of the staff who originally worked on World of Tanks and World of Warships have been laid off because Wargaming has a product that brings in tons of money. As long as they have enough workers to merely keep up the guise of “improving” the game, they don’t need to actually do anything at all. And do those workers get a dime from Wargaming for Wargaming’s continued use of the game that those developers created? Nope. Because Wargaming owns the copyright on it.

      Copyright law is a tool used by the rich to oppress the lower class. It needs to be radically reworked in and of itself.

    • iKvetch he can still use them he just chooses not to. Also being part of a niche community doesn’t qualify as an internet star.

    • @Kevin Webster : He has 614k subscriptions at this point, but what makes him a star is his contract work outside twitch or youtube channels.

  7. At least you remembered this time that the Graf Zeppelin is insanely protected and armed for a carrier.

  8. A fellow fighting Wombat! Wombats of the world, unite!

  9. RN ships with acceleration built in don’t decelarate well.

  10. I just got my Fiji this week and it is a great ship to play.

  11. That Graf Zeppelin wasnt even secondary specced.


  12. when can we expect some more of that drowning simulator?

  13. Christopher Herrington

    “there goes his engine boost” HMS Lightning dont have that jingles xD another great vid tho! and ive just got the Fiji and i think im in love!

  14. I’m not sure…But did I detect “British” bias?… C’mon Jingles…Tell us how you really feel…HEHEHE…

  15. Well played, but his constant pinging and spamming was infuriating! I’d have muted him.

  16. He may be the focus of the video but he is just another POS map ping spammer. They need to hurry and disable that crap or give us a way to disable it.

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      AAAnd then?
      I want to tell you to PAY ATTENTION TO A MAP QUADRANT!
      At the moment: holt CTRL, double click it. Bam, you get the message. It is called *communication*

      Your proposal:
      Press Enter
      write: watch out in F6
      Press Enter
      Hope that people READ the chat.

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      Anyways If you are annoyed by a spammer, right click that persons name in the teamlist and select “ignore” / “block all messages” There IS a way to do that.

    • ​@Achim Hanischdörfer But to send a message you actually need to press corresponding button ONCE, you don’t have to furiously spam it over and over again, like in that video.

    • There is an amazing feature in another game where if you are to ping a map more than once in 5 seconds, it gives the message “chat spamming” and resets the 5 seconds every time you try and spam before the 5 seconds is up.

    • His back hurt from carrying the game, and he wanted some help from the backliners. Cut him some slack

  17. Honestly I don’t like how much this guy spams chat. Everything he announces he does like 6 times and spams the map repeatedly
    Such a frustrating teammate

  18. International Relations Approved Gameplay.

    Australian Gamertag
    British Ship
    Murican Camo

  19. “isn’t everybody ineffective against angled battleships?”

    *Yamamoto Isoroku aboard Yamato would like to know your location*

  20. Man that Atlanta didnt do bad himself.. 3 kills and second on the team in XP, behind Wombat GG……??

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