World of Warships – Wooster Shark Attack

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Checking out the shark camo for Worcester, game turned out really great. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier X American Worcester Replay – Discord Server


  1. The rooster!

  2. Sharks versus Eagles…otherwise know as #dumb event design…?

    • Why do you say that

    • Max Saviano …genuinely, do I really need to explain? So Sharks gained a small advantage on the first day…people then join sharks…if you chose eagles, at some point the game will offer you the chance to switch to the winning team…ie Sharks…

      …day two, rinse and repeat as people will naturally choose Sharks as they won the first day…

      On principle I have stayed with Eagles…even though I keep being offered the chance to switch…

      Somebody in WG is laughing ?

    • yeah sharks winning every day by a multiple million points on EU, it was the same with the Clash of the Elements, it’s just stupid, but you get only one extra container for a faction win, or am i mistaken? you gain loyalty and token respectively at the same rate?!

    • I see what you’re saying, but this happens on either side. More people just naturally pick sharks. What WG could do is make it so that you couldn’t see which team was winning before you chose Eagles or Sharks, and then you wouldn’t be inclined to pick the winning team.

  3. 2:50 he put out two fires not one. Awesome video as usual man! keep em up!!

  4. Shark bait ooh ha ha!

  5. It’s a bit weird playing against a team while playing with your own teammates who are not on your own Shark team. But, it’s something different, there’s free stuff and us Sharks are kicking feathered butts.
    Yay Sharks !

  6. Matthew Zahringer

    Butt Notser is best Notser

  7. I’m sorry Notser, but aren’t Eagles the symbol of the UNITED STATES.

  8. thanks for the shout out there noster! ended that first game being the only one alive from our team. 🙂

  9. Notser, you must play indianapolis with the shark flag and player logo 🙂

    • Needs to have a picture of Quint in one of the corners when the replay is put on YouTube. #nolifejacket

    • my name is shark bait in the game and i bought the indy just because of that. also this was long before that whole event to get the indy for free. also im on team shark and plan on doing what you said now

    • The Fuzzy Unibrow

      Have Nicholas cage say “NOT THE SHARKS” when your ship gets sunk and it’ll be perfect.

      (He played a character in the movie of the ship)

    • Sharkbait FTW

  10. Not sure if I’ll get this camo or the permanent for the DM. I will have the Worcestor (some day soon-ish), and this camo is better (though obviously going with Eagles because my judgement isn’t severely impaired… seriously, was it too many islands to the noggin or what Notser? Sharks?). I have the Des Moines now, and it is easily my favorite ship though.

  11. Your lack of eagle is concerning.

  12. Got my pills ‘gainst sea sickness
    Montanas breathin’ her dyin’ breath
    Oh god please, won’t you help me make it through
    Here they come to snuff the Wooster, ah yeah
    Yeah here come the Wooster, yeah
    You know she ain’t gonna die
    No, no, no ya know she ain’t gonna die

  13. Alexander Ducaneaux

    Go Sharks …..

  14. Islands are the new smoke meta. Radar and sonar keeps DDs away from flushing them out. Game is going down hill to cater to low skill players that just spend money on cammos and premium ships.

    • Press “Y” for instant skill

    • When you play a ship that is falling apart just by a BB looking at it, you need islands as cover.
      Good players have always used islands as cover, but it became much more prominent when more and more (very) light cruisers were introduced to the game that were punished hard by not beeing protected by an island or by smoke.
      The issue with the smoke meta was that you were able to hide entire fleets in it, not just the (very) light cruisers, that’s why the smoke firing was changed.

  15. I find nothing wrong with a double citadel at an island camping target. THEY DESERVE IT!! As a Battleship player I would love to do that as well ?

    • What are they supposed to do? Engage you in open water where you the clear size and gun advantage? smdh

    • derek96720 I didn’t say they can’t hide and spam. Every ships is unique in it own way. I just hate them. Problm?

  16. Colonel David Davenport

    Another excellent video showing the science fiction rate of fire for the “Wooster” – I love how people rage on British BB “HE spam” and completely overlook the DM and cruisers like the Wooster who are literally HE volcanoes! LOL

  17. I think there’s about 12 of us Eagles left. Everyone else has jumped ship.

  18. Hooray for sharks~! XD

  19. Digging the snarky (rhymes wigh sharky) tone you took in this vid, Notser. Show off that snarkiness moar plz!
    Ed: Oh yeah, GO EAGLES!!!

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