World of Warships – Worcester First Impression

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Check out Worcester to see she performs as a light cruiser for the American line. Hope you have a wonderful day IR;ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Cruiser Worcester Replay – Discord Server


  1. Noti squad!!!


  3. Another goddam minotaur


  5. Mc Shagan pronounced Shaegen

    Again good morning Sir.

  6. Thanks for the video.
    Regarding the AA: Please watch Flamu’s video of Worcester vs. 3 Hakuryu…

  7. Ah, yes, WG business model at its best. Ship pretty much requires premium everything to be its best, and you need premium account not to bleed money.
    I suppose that’s better than the alternative, however. I’d far rather this model of consumables than their appalling premium ammo farce in WoT.

    • you think thats appalling all my tier 9-10 ships have premium cammos and your whining about buying premium haha

    • No WG uses North America to fund the rest of their company since the US player base spend more then SEA, EU, and the freeloading RU clusters. What does the NA players get? Not much. WG does nothing to build the game in the US or Canada. Many have felt this dislike of the region player wise, promotion wise, and either stopped spending, or left the game.Something is not right when you can only get 7,500 to 8,000 peak weekend players, when NA WOT gets 19,000 to 23,000 players. Our money is good enough for them nothing more or nothing less.

    • Steeltrap shhhhhhhhh dont give em any ideas lol

    • This is a tier 10 ship. You’re never gonna be making money in it anyway.

    • Steeltrap Don’t have to run all Premium consumables. Heal definitely. Other others are pretty much optional. You don’t encounter CV that often in tier X, don’t run premium defensive AA. Even if you do once CV have you as primary, your premium def AA can’t cycle fast enough anyway.


    Note: new category of “Pulling A Notser” announced today.

    This is in addition to Sideways™, Frontwards™, Backwards™, Tactical™, Double™ etc.: at 5:55 note the new “Monster Notser™ ” pulled by the Edinburgh, whereupon she just drives full on into the middle of a large obvious island with no clear tactical advantage, reason, or understandable accidental cause.

    • It was a hilarious ram, couldn’t have been any bigger

    • Meme Merchant Freddy

      Moveover it completely rocketed into a full team damage farm on that undefended Zao thereby ensuring the whole team proceeded to damage farm him almost immediately – only by lodging himself into an island in the one place viewable by all could that have gotten any worse for him….bravo! I’m assuming this kid shits the bed on a regular basis.

  9. A Minotaur with HE and defensive fire… I dig it 🙂

  10. Pretty sure what you did to that Montana at the end was illegal.

  11. just another island hugging HE spammer with a fast rate of fire and yet it has radar and hydro AA and a heal…..really…really…this is just want the game needs more HE spam like this now we will see even less BBs pushing up because of this ship that just spams HE and sets fire after fire looks like Wargamming learned nothing from the British BBs and how much they are hated….and even with IFHE witch is meant to lower your fire chance you still set 17 fires this ship is so fucked up… did 56k damg just from fires this is so messed up

    • i think i might just a little sick of the ships there putting into the game now and the ships there thinking of putting in like the Russian ships there going to put in the Stalingrad i think its called but your right i think i will stop playing it just the HE spam is getting to me

    • TheRobbiUno Then again any legitimate skill required for correctly angling a battleship is thrown out of the window because now the brits HE deals nearly the same dmg as pen AP while setting 2 fires every half a minute. No matter what angle or type of ship. The brits HE is braindead, get over it. And the situation gets worse by the tier. At lower tiers where the game doesnt get shafted too bad by british HE theres a chain reaction with new BB players just spamming HE after witnessing their British counterparts effectively demolishing ships with said type of ammo.
      “Perfectly legitimate for heavily angled BB” Then why not universally buffing HE ? Stop defending WG, they tried to create an unique selling point for brits BBs and it backfired. Now they can’t nerf it because the line is already established and Brits BB flops for the most part without the braindead HE. That is all there is to tell.
      Good players and WGCCs are relunctant to use HE in regular BBs (they’ll just aim higer to pen) but with Brits BB, the HE is selected 80%+ of the match duration.

    • You do realize that if the BB drivers would put on their big boy pants and push, cruisers like Worcester can’t do jack. She lacks ANY method for killing a BB quickly. A BB that pushes effectively neutralizes any USN cruiser because once you’re inside that island’s shadow, they either have to pull out or risk getting brought to battle and killed by something they can’t harm. Yes, you’ll get set on fire. On noes. If only you had guns powerful enough to kill Worcester in one salvo. Oh, wait. 😀

    • i play my yamato most of the time and yes i do kill light cruisers fast when they push to hard but i just cant deal with it anymore im not mad or ranting i just cant play this game anymore i give up just had a game were i got 3 citadels on a Neptune and nuked him but i cant take any more like i said im not ranting or man just saying the truth

    • Battleships get punished for doing their jobs with endless torpedo or deep water torpedo spam. The game in its current form is broken. What is the cause? WG it’s self. The rock, paper game meta they promised that each class has a counter class is not true anymore.

  12. atlanta at tier 10

  13. Zao is feeling slightly left behind these days, as with a lot of the IJN line.

    • Matty Ovens Well, Zao is more of a demolition expert build w/ tops.

    • Zao is a better gun cruiser than the entire USN CA & CL Lines. Her gunnery is very good at long range, her HE hammers people, and her Fire Chance is still very high. Her AP is still quite good. She also has excellent stealth and trollishly good armor. Zao is more like Henri IV, Hindenburg, Moskva in that they prefer ranged gunnery.

      What Zao does not do is the Utility Cruiser, i.e. creeping in and dealing with DDs and the caps with Radar, Hydro.

    • Zao still has the highest Avg. Damage per Game of any cruiser. Don’t worry, Worcester’s going to end up a lot like Des Moines… very powerful with support and/or in the hands of a skilled player, but bad enough in the hands of the masses to give it some of the worst overall stats.

  14. AlphaNapalmBravo 22

    Can you do Seattle next

  15. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    5:25 – Notser, Worcester *CANNOT* bow tank 380mm with just 25mm!

  16. Nice, but it’s the Helena that I really want to see.

  17. Notser: “Is like a Cleveland.”
    iChase: “Is like an Atlanta but bigger.”
    Me: *shrugs* So a very American light cruiser, which most players marked as their top favorite.

    • People calling this ship a US version of the Minotaur are either lazy or stupid. Why? That class was never built , where the Worcester was where she served and her sister did a lot of heavy lifting in the Korean War. She and her sister unloaded more rounds during the Korean War then WW2.

  18. Its “Sister from another mister”.

  19. It is more fair to say that the HMS Minotaur is in fact a Royal Navy USS Wooster instead of the other way around… the USS Wooster was actually built… the Minotaur was at best a paper ship…

  20. Worcestetaur

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