World of Warships – Worcester | From Cover to Cover

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Dusting off Worcester for some tense and fiery brawls.
One of the best utility light cruiser in the game, change my mind. #worldofwarships.
Interested in the game?


  1. yay!! hey robin, i always liked your commented episodes with ship description, but i see that they are difficult to edit… keep it up, you are the best!

  2. Any content from you is gold Robin❤️… There are very little players like you who are good at the game and explain us their thought process.

  3. Hello Robin
    I’ve first discovered you channel through the Des Moines montage, and then the Harugomo one. These two raised my attention and I started watching casually. Live commentaries are good in my opinion, it makes the videos a bit more human than a post game commentary.
    Keep up the good work !
    (I’d love another montage)

  4. Good morning, Good evening these words are so chill i don’t know what i like about it but it is a Highlight of my day.

  5. I prefer live commentaries, they are more engaging and it’s very fun listen to your surprise citadels. Maybe you can add the review of the ship before and then the live commentary.

  6. I hoped I wouldn’t be embarrassed seeing this round. But well… close match, well played (and thanks for the compliment :3)

  7. Others when depressed: drinking alcohol, smoke weed and many more…..

    Meanwhile me when depressed: Watching Robin videos😊😊😊

  8. I love your edited content. It’s like Christmas when they roll in but I really appreciate the additional content a lot more and I can tell how much you enjoy it so keep em coming and when something comes your way that needs a proper review then we’ll all be happy. But do what feels best for you no one is leaving. Keep it up Robin!

  9. Personally, I would like to see more live commentary. Also, nice game. I’ll try and do what you did next time I get tears of the cruisers

  10. Live commentaries, robin! Live commentaries all the way!

  11. Which ever you feel comfortable with is a win for us. Like most I enjoy both, maybe live with a few features now and then could work or the other way around. Doesn’t matter regardless I’ll be tuning in.

  12. Live commentaries are great. I also enjoy the old format so maybe use it on new releases or major changes which change the ships play style. Either way I will always watch.

  13. This is good content, don’t stress about post battle plays. Knowing how you think right in the match is actually more interesting to me!

  14. Hey Robin, Personally, I really enjoy live commentaries, I’ve been watching your channel for a while (Tokyo Memes to be exact) but I really started enjoying since the Halland Vid, and if it’s easier for you, hey men, that’s a win-win.

    Also, Vids like Tokyo Memes and Harugumemes are awesome too.

  15. Another masterclass,well played Robin, regarding the content type, I’m easy, Dont mind either way, As the content is great 😉
    I’m currently at Seattle on this line, this gives me some more motivation. o7

  16. I would like to see you focus on more quality content over live commentaries, maybe 50/50 is a good ratio.

    For instance the last Pommern video was really nothing special, 5 kills and an amazing salvo on a Yoshino, that’s about it.

    While I don’t mind these live commentaries I’d like to see a good amount of post game analysis videos too

  17. I prefer live content. because this way i can learn much more and see your decisions in the moment. What nationality are you btw? I can’t quite place your accent 🙂

  18. Living in Massachusetts, quite close to the city of “Wisstuh”, it is one of my favorite ships.

  19. I do like listening to your live reactions more as a viewer. When i see an upload like that, im most certain that it’s an interesting game on way or another, not necessarily funny, but good to watch, and that’s the reason im clicking the vids in the first place, you have a non offensive, enjoyable way of commentating while playing, without brainlagging which is by far the most important attribute for me to follow some1 and ofc you know how to play the game, not “juicy salvos” but more like strategy, long term planning and positioning.

    Long story short, thumbs up for your live games and especially if u division up with mates and banter.
    That being said, I would love to see once every 2-3 months to make a meme compilation with your super editing and memes. Cheers.

  20. Just recently started watching ypur vids and I love the format. The music is also super chill. 😎

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