World of Warships – Worcester in RANKED

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This season I decided to play everything and not just DDs.
There are so many tempting things out there but most tempting of them all is this monster.
It is a broken OP ship that can save your star super easy. It’s really not that hard to do massive amounts of dmg and it’s not THAT hard to play imo.I mean I realize that there’s gonna be a lot of you out there thinking “oh there we go, there’s my ticket to rank 1”. Don’t forget that this is a light and it can die really easy if not played correctly and it does not forgive mistakes.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. I played a lot of Worcester in ranked now. Its incredible powerful against dds, and when kiting against single targets. The problem is I just get matches without dds at all most of the time and hiding behind islands is so dangerous because many bbs can play in higher ranks and shoot with spotter plane and actually hit. That hurts a lot, even 2 pens and is with 3-5 bbs a game not inevitable. Thats why I am kiting most of the time and it works really good and its fun too. 100k dmg+ is not so difficult,. I get 150k dmg most of the time but its not enough to save a star in a defeat. Your team in this game is just full of potatoes. Normally there is at least one guy that can play and actually knows something of the game. There just has to be a bb that shot some citadels and did damage to bbs and you will always loose a star with only 1,2k base xp in a defeat. It still is fun(in a victory xD) but it really feels like a worse version of clanwars.

  2. Hey Flambass do us a favour and upload every game you play while playing ranked battles, win lose or draw 🙂

    • Hahaha are you nuts?
      Do you know how many battles that would be xD
      And trust me not all of them are fun to watch, some are just boring but don’t worry there will be plenty more, both wins and defeats and if a miracle happens and we get a draw than you can bet your ass I’ll put it up xD

  3. WG removed HE from Royal Navy cos everyone lost their shit and said it was no fun to play against… They release this and no one says a fookin word… guess it’s OK if it’s not British!

    • Who else noticed they changed shell type on Black Swan? Used to be AP only…now it’s HE

    • Commander Nightingale

      CarefulAtheist : Wargaming just nerfed Black Swan like they nerfed Erie, take away the AP so neither can citadel melt their target…

    • First mistake and you get blapped. So yes, you need skill. Not to play it but to know how NOT to play it. Good health? Everyone and their dog can pen you regardless of the angle. Ranked BB players can and will blap you in smoke even without spotter plane. By the looks of it you didn’t actually play it you are just jelly or got rekt by it. If you haven’t gotten used to power creep than you don’t know WG. There will be a shipline that will surpass the rooster. Give them a few patches. Also note that I didn’t say it wasn’t OP.

    • +Karaboudjan Why am I sure you dont have the worcester 🙂

    • WG removed the HE because of the smoke, Worcester is powerful but imagine a T10 Belfast…

  4. so, does Flamu call you ‘daddy’?

  5. Umm didn’t know you are flamu’s dad, well your son is one hell of a crybaby ??

  6. I blabbed so many Woosters who apparently think that sitting broadside to a Yamato is clever…have to encounter a well played Wooster, yet.

  7. WOOSTER!!!
    Also, the three fires on the Kurfürst were disgusting!

  8. well first of all the BBs are doing it wrong, they should be bullying the cruisers and DDs to the sides of the map, not going down the middle so both flanks can shoot them – every GK player needs to learn this with that huge size and stock detection. I can solo a few ships at once in a GK if I can actually get myself delivered there, the hard part. BBs that sit back and deal 5k salvos all game and take the enemy damage are doing it wrong. The enemies’ guns have the same pen chance at range, which is DIDDLY FUCK ALL. Stop taking unnecessary fires and torp damage on broadsides and get up there and get YOUR guns to overpen, and be able to get 8+ hits while taking fire from only 2-3 ships allowing your armor and abatable hitpoints to do their job; youre not doing anything significant from the mid or back ranks. Every BB can play midfield and vanguard. Scared of torps? you shouldnt be using a repair party until you have 2+ fires (fire prevention on every BB) and go ahead, take a torp on the nose, it’s no big deal, while you blap them back to the port screen.

    People need to get over taking 5k damage per 30 seconds, you need to take damage, it’s inevitable, but during that same time, YOU need to deal 20k, 30k, 50k damage back to them.

    • Why even bringing a GK? Play Conq all day long and have fun by playing an oversized sneaky cruiser. Im not a big fan of playing Conq normally but since I dont wanna spend more than 150 games I just use the srongest ships available in the current meta. GK is fine in randoms but misplaced in ranked.

  9. Flambass, you are awesome. I’ll send you papers so you can be my mentor. 🙂

  10. I would rather see that fire dmg depended on how many fires you could set, 1 fire could only do dmg to that part of the ship which its on instead of percentage based dmg. For every fire that you could set the ship should have a block of HP that you can burn down. Once saturated with fire it cannot be set on fire again cause there is no more burnable material left. That would balance out the HE spamming a bit in my humble opinion. love your vids keep it up

    • Well it would also be fair to implement fire spreading all over your ship as well, which is not here so I guess that balances things as well 😉

    • Touche :), true but we gotta give those (XP-pinata’s ) BB’s a fighting chance against HE-cruisers.

    • Just dont shoot from long distances, use your volleys wisely and ofc only on Cruisers or DDs and dont shoot all the time. Use your concealment to the utmost and capitalize on the mistakes of the enemy CA players. That already helps a lot. The general problem is mostly the player and not the mechanic. If u suck at playing BBs it takes a while to get to rank one. Sadly most of the players dont realize it and think they are good the way they play and blame it on HE spam, RNG etc.

    • The current way that fire works is annoying. But I doubt WG will ever change something that integral to the game. Fires are influenced by modules, consumables, captain skills and flags and all HE shells have a certain fire chance. All of that would have to be touched.
      But yeah, that a single DD HE shells can do as much damage as a BB HE shell, because it set a fire, is stupid. Maybe they could add more fire spots, like 10 instead of the 4, but at the same time let them do less damage? That way the random fire by a single HE shell wouldn’t feel as bad. Or how about they make a module that lets trigger the damage control party even if it is on cooldown, but your guns stop loading and you have to reload them after that?

    • Dont agree. People burn down because they misposition themself or yolo in in the early game in a BB. Its simply the players and not mechanic. Why do u think ull find such a little amount of good/unicum players that complain about HE spam? Right because they have no issue with it.

  11. why you always check detection on “H” screen, your current detection (dynamically changing to whatever condition your concealment is in right now) is always visible below the range finder on your crosshair

  12. bibimemyi studios

    Actually this video didn t convince me to change my Henri IV to Worcester in ranked. I score 120k as average damage with some games at 0-40k damage cus I fked up. Most of my games are from 150k to 180k damage. But I feel that Henri has more impact than Worcester since:
    -faster so he can compensate mispositions of teammates
    -with reload boost he can obliterate ships, Wooster can t (I destroyed a full life Yama in 15s scoring 10 citadels and bunch of pens)
    -better tanking (more hp/speed tanking etc)
    -he can rush caps and get caps when the enemy is leaving and somewhat obliterate a single ship defending the cap… harder to do with Wooster

    Yeah ofc he is not as good against DDs… but he is better against other Woosters or Minos (great AP and reload booster)… which are more often met in ranked than actual DDs.
    Yeah he is not as good against BBs in burst damage but if you slot IFHE you tend to have more pens and the reload booster compensates the lack of burst (and lack of fire started from IFHE) so it is still very potent. PLUS at close range, against broadside unaware BBs, the Henri is truly deadly.

    • U cant be more wrong. thats just a really subjective opinion. A good Worcester player will outrade a HIV all the time plus it has radar and spotting advantage etc. I played Henri myself and i like the ship in randoms but its lack of influence on the early game is so significant that u can only play it effectively on the lower ranks where most of the players are total potatoes.And its only good in burning down BBs or against potato CA players. Worcester is just too strong compared to other cruisers this season if u know how to play it correctly. If there would be a rating its a 10/10.

    • Павел Коровкин

      Woster would kill your dd, then I dare you to go and try to cap in a HIV. Still By burning BB at range you could save a star(IMHO hinden would be better).

  13. 2 Worcester’s and a Minotaur in RB…cancerous

    • Павел Коровкин

      that’s why I parked my conq and start using yamato and monty. At least with spotter plane you had good chances to punish smokers and islanders.

  14. Thanks for changing ranked meta to flame throwing Flambass. Lolz…. (sarcasm)

  15. Flambass my mother and father died recently in a car crash and your one of the only things keeping me going so I just wanted to say thank you

  16. I tried taking the mogami in (I am pretty ok with Mogami), starting at Rank 17. its a joke…DD’s suiciding and BB’s camping up the back, cruisers getting hounded and dying early, its just too hard to carry or keep your DD alive.

  17. 1:26 Flambass – next time you’re in a match with Flamu, have him change his name to Luke.

  18. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Hey Flambass, how about a Worcester, Mino, Stalingrad division???

  19. As a 120k avg dmg monty in ranked, it ain’t that bad to b a BB u just demolish any cruiser. If you are any good I mean.

  20. Die flambass you BB molester

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