World of Warships-Worcester Patience is key.

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Today we have a Worcester game. We start of by going to C and wait till we get an opening to move out. Patience will be key here.

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Dino pic from-


  1. i think woos is my least played t10, its so boring

  2. OldSchool Gaming

    Great game Puddin! Love that ship.

  3. Nice game, love the salt in the chat.

  4. Laszlo Jerkovits

    Text book light cruiser play. You just can’t push with the light cruisers, that isn’t the role for them. Lucky that JB wasn’t a Soviet ship or all your angling wouldn’t have mattered.

  5. I watched yesterday Flambass clan battles, and there was ????? with TWA buddies trolling with 6 DDs, it was epic

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