World of Warships Worcester Preview – Your First Look at the USN Cruiser Split T10 CL

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I got my hands on the Worcester and am happy to give you all a quick preview of the T10 USN light that will become a goal for many.

It has fast firing guns and a plethora of anti-DD modules that will make it a nightmare for most destroyers.


  1. Cat With Bag on Head



  3. Ahh can’t beat a splash of worcester sauce

  4. [MMAD] [KMS3] ultimatu

    Oh my god Zoup say it right… You’re gonna give people from Massachusetts, like me, a coronary. A very high percentage of our towns and cities aren’t pronounced anything like how they’re spelled, so it’d probably be a good idea to Google how they’re pronounced ?

    • Cat With Bag on Head

      Swampscott, Gloucester, Concord, Leicester, Peabody, Quincy…

    • and every Brit….. lol

    • poodlemeister22314

      New England isn’t the entire world. Stop thinking the world revolves around you ;)…and it’s a milkshake, not a cabinet. A water fountain, not a bubbler 🙂 though, let’s be honest, coffee milk rocks (Had to suffer through four years in Providence for college…)

      and don’t get me started on CUH-ventry vs CAH-ventry…

    • Any Bostonian will tell you that Boston is proven to be the Hub of the Universe, so your claim is moot.
      And it’s not a “cabinet” unless you’re in Rhode (ak!-Spit!) Island, which is in a different universe. Have a frappe instead.
      You didn’t get to the main point, though. If Worcester is Wooster, and Gloucester’s Glosster, why isn’t Dorchester Dooster?

    • Peter Stickney extra ‘h’ makes all the difference ?

  5. Sooo…she’s a super Atlanta…minus the torps…

  6. Wost-Er.

  7. The hydro seems to be a bit excessive. As if her radar and firepower doesn’t do enough against DDs, it can pop hydro and be almost impervious to the DDs retaliation? Basically it is a very hard counter to CVs and DDs that is still quite good against CAs, CLs and BBs? Seems a bit much TBH.

  8. Still wish this cruiser had enhanced HE penetration. Without IFHE, she’s nearly incapable of harming ball battleships she faces as well as german and american heavy cruisers. Other than fire starting of course. Makes IFHE a skill tax, basically. And with no defensive consumables like smoke, thin armor, and massive citadel, she’ll take punishing hits from all angles.

    Although she will absolutely murder any DDs she comes across. Basically, she’s the tier 10 version of the Atlanta. So any players that can’t make the Atlanta work (myself included) really should not be playing this ship unless something changes.

    • “oh no, this ship can only torch a ship from bow to stern, its underpowered” stop

    • Yes, but so can all the heavy cruisers. Rest assured, Des Moines, Hindenburg and Zao have noooo problems doing that while also actually causing direct damage.

    • Karl Barbosa exactly, that’s my point. It’s fucking broken and WG needs to stop adding ships that do it, and as for this thing, it’s designed to kill DD’s, and can do it’s job very well, there’s no reason to make it able to do everything else too

    • what kind of CL captain dont have ifhe?

  9. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Why would anyone pick this over the Des Moines? I wouldn’t that’s for sure.

  10. Mega-Lanta!

    The age of Destroyers is over. The time of the Cruiser has come! 😀

    • Proceed to get triple citadelled by a BB while perfectly angled… or a Conqueror shoots at you, sets 3 fires, breaks all your AA guns, engine and steering gear… while your damage party is down. 🙂

    • Yeah this ship is gonna result in even more noob tears from idiots who get deleted by bbs than the mino (due to the lack of smoke).

  11. im calling it “Atlanta ^2”

  12. A tier 10 Atlanta or at least play like she is that means spam your salt and pepper, hug your waifu Islands, and go after DD’s first, then set the world on fire because everyone will be after you. Also check out “How to Atlanta” for a more detailed description of how you’re going to need to play Worcester

  13. Its a Super Atlanta and its going to be hilarious.

  14. Sooooo
    Worchester and minotaur yueyang div in future…
    Rip DDs

  15. It’s a big Atlanta. My favorite ship!

  16. Actually I’m most looking forward to the Helena. I love the Brooklyn class more than any other US cruiser.

  17. She’s not sunshine and rainbows? Her arcs are pure rainbow.

  18. Loving the space battle music in the background Zoup. If you don’t want it stopping a third through the video though, there is an hour long version up on YT.

  19. She is a Megalanta .. with More Toys 🙂 🙂 Love My Atlanta and My Mino <3 so She'll fit right in 🙂 Starting the Grind 🙂
    Zoup .. In Your Opinion how long do we have until the Split ?? Approximately that is

  20. Ok. So it won’t fit my playstyle. Doesn’t matter. A T10 for me is a trophy that’s not played much.

    Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

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