World of Warships: Worcester Spreading Freedom

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A random battle played by ADMIRAL_KUTUZOV in the Worcester.

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  1. wow, those are certainly orbital arcs on this ship.

  2. Well played Adm. Kutuzov! what build?

    • Well, some skills are easy to guess… he at least has PT, SI,CE+IFHE…most likely AR because his hydro cooldown is 120sec, that leaves 5 spare points…. if it’s an allround build those last 4 would most likely be AFT and then something like PM or Expert Loader since he is running Halsey.

      Which for me raises the way more interesting question: Why is he running Halsey on a ship that imho doesn’t make much use of his 2 buffed skills (EL&EM)…is it just to get a even bigger disparity between his radar range and concealment value if he gets a double strike? Or just because he needed a high point captain (15+) for the ship anyway and Halsey was the only one available?

    • rami ben abdelkader

      Hey #Thomas i’m using PT SI CE DE IFHE and no AFT bc no need for extra AA range 7.2 is already fine but need DE + IFHE to deal damage

    • Can you share your reason for using Halsey on the Worcester? But yeah, outside of a CV div AFT may be slight overkill, personally I still went for it instead of DE. Reason for that: not enough ECXP to boost another captain to 18+ points, so mine also sees use on the Atlanta and that ship w/o AFT imho is too painful to play solo.

    • rami ben abdelkader

      i’m using Halsey on Worcester bc it’s too easy to get confederate and benefit of the -20% reload time and also the double strike to get -10% detection 😉

  3. I fail to determine any reason to want or grind this ship compared to every other tier x

  4. GG, this ship looks like a Mino without smoke and a crappy heal 🙂 But gets radar and hydro AND defensive fire 🙂

  5. Rain of liberty

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