World of Warships – Worcester WiP – MAXIMUM DAKKA

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MEGA ATLANTA! Maximum Dakka 😀


  1. #yearofthecarrier.

    • don’t worry, it ll be our feast this year 😉 (idk if this expression exist in English – but ll be “funny” ) 🙂

    • The aa on this thing can go 3 times as high as Demoines. So this ship does not simply provide a “no-fly zone” it gives your team an “instant death to all planes zone”.
      Up to 2,7k aa are possible (with consumable)

    • Holy Shit…Another CA that’ll make my days harder…Also, why so many CAs being released, the only targets now for carriers are BBs (I mean easy to hit, not only…)

  2. Thank you Chase for going back to what made me sub to you in the first place; good, well thought out gameplay first impressions of upcoming ships.
    I must say, this looks even more fun than the Atlanta. This and the Haragumo will in all likelihood be a blast to play.
    I have my free exp loaded and my credit card in standby

  3. My condolences to those in Toronto.

  4. Gareth Fairclough

    How much DAKKA is too much DAKKA?

  5. say it with me chase: WUSS-ter

  6. Gareth Fairclough

    Btw Chase, glad to hear you and your loved ones are ok.
    Sometimes, sleeping in with the other half really is the right thing to do! 😛

    My parents had a similar experience back in the late 80s, with the Hungerford massacre ( They were planning on going to the town to do some shopping before they set off for home in South Wales, having stayed with some relatives nearby.

    Essentially, they also stayed in bed later than they really should have (“a *lot* later, doing what young couples do” to quote my father) and just after they got up and put the TV on to listen to while they had some coffee etc, they heard the news.
    “Erm….I don’t think we’ll be doing that shopping today!” went through my parents heads when the news of the shooting sunk in.

  7. Just paint her red and she will be better … cause you know … red izs faztaaa.

    • So are we giving her the post-war proposed upgrade of the 6×3 autoloading turrets for moar dakka?

    • Jerald Lutney they MUST GIVE HER THAT IN GAME. Also paint the rounds yellow for more boom and paint the superstructure blue for luck.

  8. Another ca dependant on islands. Awesome…

  9. Also, how many consumables is too many consumables?

  10. Glad to see you’re still alright Chase! Stay safe and definitely takin’ your advice <3

  11. Who was like “USE YOUR HEAL” aswell ? 😀

  12. *cries in destroyer*

  13. The Ultimate ‘Lanta

  14. I agree with everything you said, really makes you appreciate everything around you. My mom used to work in the area and living in Markham it hits close to home. Hug your loved ones everybody

  15. Christopher Roberts

    We need a band on fully auto-matic transmisioned armored assult military vans! If you disagree you want me too die in a war zone from weapons of war, BIGOT!!

    • Christopher Roberts

      spartancanuck You do know i was making a joke pointing out the obserity of extremests and not arguing a political point. PS The US is a first world country and Lubbock is a shithole due to it being the main way north because of mountains so drugs are a problem

    • I’m not even sure what obserity is supposed to be. But, while Lubbock isn’t somewhere I’d want to go for vacation, it’s pretty non-murdery by US standards.

    • Christopher Roberts

      spartancanuck Detroit and Chicago have the tuffist gun laws, and because diverse means less white, these are highly diverse areas yet Chicago has a 25.7 per 100k. Also the US isn’t Canada so compairing the to isn’t going to work. Baised on what you are saying i would predict you have a nagetive option on Trump so why should we give him are guns?

    • Christopher Roberts

      spartancanuck Shit i am tired and my tablet turned spell correct off from my last update. Your smart, I know you know what I ment to say

    • Add “You’re” to the spell checker.

  16. shouldnt be the moral of the story rather “leave things to tomorrow”?

  17. If they were to give her a smoke, that would have make her a free-mium, not good for the WGconomy ^^

  18. Maybe they should add a “escape smoke” to this ship in the radar slot, not a normal smoke where you can fire shells from but a smoke when if you fire, the smoke disappears? It maybe adds something so that it can escape sticky situations??? Tell me what u think

  19. 5:59 why do CCs never press the damn repair button when the grey hp bar reached its maximum its so triggering to watch. could have saved an entire salvo in dmg taken

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