World of warships – Worcester WiP

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Here is Worcester which is a new USN tier X light that has more consumables than keys on a keyboard.
And I decided to play it in this match solo (so no smoke screen assistance from any division mates) and on the constant move, which is not how I would exactly suggest to play it cause it’s turning circle is not the greatest.


  1. All I see is a Minotaur with HE. And do we need More HE spam at tier 10?

    • Absolutley not!

    • A NC blapped my smoked up Mino yesterday, using his spotter plane – do we need more high caliber AP spam?

    • Yes LOL but I do see you point. There has to be a better way as power creep is starting to set in on some of the older ships

    • Y’all keep forgetting – There’s only more OPTIONS for ships.

      Still only 12 vs 12. Just players can choose “Do I want Worcester… Des Moines… Zao… Hindenburg… Moskva… Henri IV… Minotaur…”

    • AP actually requires one to both aim and have the favor of RNGeesus to delete someone. All you have to do with HE is hit, apply a dot, and disappear. Rinse and repeat as many times as needed.

  2. Bert Vorsselmans


  3. I’ve seen a ton of CCs saying bad things about the way the game’s heading. They’re right – a lot of the CCs and experienced players are great DD captains and I dare say the stats point to this. I don’t want to start a conspiracy theory here, but it seems the new changes make it harder for them, while making it easier for recent arrivals to high tier matches to catch them. Some sort of covert anti-bittervet seal-clubbing tactic?! I know it’s a struggle to attach any logic to the radar issue in particular, but it’s still a better explanation than something like the Dev found some weird mushrooms out hiking, ate them, had a trip in an alternative reality, stumbled back to their desk with these ‘awesome’ ideas, then somehow managed to convince their boss.
    Flying gnomes dropping turd grenades in 0.7.7 perhaps ?!!!

    • How do you think an average DD main struggles when top tier players like Flambass are starting to have issues with the game ? Because the only high tier rival that benefits from more Radar is the battleship …

    • There are tons of issues the first is the power creep. Every new unbalanced ship cause changes to the old ships. WG is looking at ships being played and win rates and basing weight on decisions with those numbers. The player base is less capable of working together and screaming for super ship so they can play solo warrior. None of this is a surprise, if you have been watching the CC channels. The Belfast is now a normal ship if you look at what is coming and not as OP as it was.
      Possible Solutions:1 Make radar/Sonar not see thru islands base it on line of sight.2 Make a chaff cloud dispenser, Use it as a smoke or chaff maker it blocks radar but doesn’t provide concealment. It can have the same duration and puffs as the classes smoke. just have it block radar from seeing through it period, so it blocks advancing stealth ships as well.3 stop releasing ships with improved modules use the old ones as standards. and start de-buffing ships modules.4 state what the ships for each nation strength and weakness and see if they match the philosophy of that nations ships when testing.5 at this rate might as well add Nukes and cruise missiles to all ships so each match can end 1 minute it, with what ship died last as the winner and everyone else lose credits. (basically it is the same as now but faster games)6 add team speak or something similar to the games teams so at least they can scream at each otheer and maybe coordinate a bit

  4. To me it’s more of a swift of WG’s perspective of how the game is to be played.
    Before there was more of an emphasis on the rock-paper-scissors of strengths and weaknesses of each class of ships as well as teamwork of supporting and relying other classes of ships to perform well.
    However these need dedication and teamwork, which is becoming more and more rare with the increasing player base, thus resulting in certain classes’ strength unchecked.
    So WG had to make the implement changes to keep those unchecked strength in the new average game sessions, but doing so would mean when playing to the style of how the game was originally intended the strengths would be greatly diminished and at times their weaknesses amplified.

    • this would make sense in a way, but where’s the balance? They’re literally doing everything wrong that they could be doing wrong. It’s like Murphy’s law at the moment.
      They make BB’s completely helpless around tier 8 by introducing the worst addition to the premium shop: Asashio. A ship that doesn’t fit in the game whatsoever and the gameplay feels like almost a different game, and there’s no counter to it aside from making it absolutely defenceless against cruisers.

      Then they make cruisers garbage because all of their consumables – which was the core of why there were cruisers in the first place, for team support and DPM – are given to BBs and DDs (*cough* YueYang and German DDs, Missouri, hydro’s and radars and even bloody speed boosts on French BBs)

      Then they fuck up DDs by making it so that their ONE strength – stealth – is taken away by introducing radar ships that have ridiculously unrealistically long duration, precise and far range and a short cooldown, so that it becomes a “you die” button.

      So BBs are forced to camp at the back because of Asashio, Cruisers are forced to hide behind islands all game, and DDs just sit at max torp range never getting anywhere near the action otherwise they’re dead, further making the BBs camp back aswell because of torp spam, taking away cruiser support, which makes them camp more and use their radars from stealth , discouraging DDs from capping even more because they don’t even see the radar coming, ETC. ETC. WG has created a vicious cycle of these balance changes making *EVERYONE* less powerful and creating this hesitant, slow, passive gameplay. What is it exactly that they’re trying to do??

  5. Reduce radar range to 8km so dds can not be instantly radared? And yes I agree reducing bb fire range 10-15%

  6. I don’t think the BBs range is the problem so much as there is no reward for proper BB play. I love brawling in my BBs. I love locking down an objective in my Yamato at 12km range, digging in like an Alabama tick and not moving until every enemy in front of me is dead. Take 2-3 million potential damage and allow my team to crush the other flank. That is fun to me. However EXP and credits wise, i’ll get more if i sit back at 17km + range and snipe. The EXP and credits system needs to be reworked for each individual class. BBs main source of XP needs to come from potential damage taken first and damage done second. Make it so when you sit at long range, you need to have a 300k damage game with a Kraken to equal the guy who went and tanked for his team, did 80k damage but soaked up 3 million potential damage. DDs should get their rewards from objective captures, spotting and damage, in that order. I don’t play cruisers and carriers so I won’t venture a guess as to what they should be.

    • good idea, CVs should spot and give aa cover, and then do damage.
      Cruisers have utility, radar defensive aa hydro and shit, so should get more for doing teamoriented work.

      Basically, Damage should be one of the least important things in the game, not the very most important one

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      People simplify playing a BB as “You are tank. You go 1st.”
      It doesn’t work that way. Focus fire kills you in about 2 minutes. If they manage to keep you burning in 3 seperate location, you sink within 2 minutes from full health. End of story.
      At T10 you also can’t really charge in because Montana, GK, Yamato and such are very unmanouverable. You can’t really dodge a torpedo spread. One burns very easily. In short. Playing well in at T10 comes down to avoiding DoT (damage over time; Fire/Flooding). Yes, BBs can tank.
      2 Minutes are enough for 4 salvos.b
      Additionally, at T10 you can citadel other Battleships at 20km and further away.
      As BB you want to avoid taking penetrations to the citadel. If your Montana or Yamato player charged in for you with nearly full health, you see 2 Battleship salvos heading his way and then he sinks, I don’t think you’d say that is good BB play.
      Battleships are the most vulnerable class of ship at T10. All things considered they have the largest sum of weaknesses. Their only real strength is their thick armor. And for that to count something at least they have to be at range.
      A Montana can knock out another Montanas Main Battery turrets at 15km or less. The Turret front is 457mm of Montanas main battery. The Barbette is 541mm.
      In short, for the armor protection of T10 BBs to work, they need range. The only real strength of T10 BBs is their armor. They are not fast, they are not manouverable, they are not stealthy. And the average player wants them to ignore the 1 strength they have.

      I am a cruiser player. I dislike that BB camp the rear very often. I however know how easy it is to burn down a BB. The wall of text above is not a letter of complaint about the fact that BBs are too weak, or need buffing. In the end, BBs are the backbone of a flank. I love to have compenent BB support as much as I love competent DD players on my team an will go above and beyond to keep them afloat.
      When playing ranked this season in the bracket Rank 5 to Rank 2 I had multiple games where myself in a Hindenburg, a Yamato and a Yueyang (that both ended up in my games on my team regularly that night) rolled over the other teams flank that sometimes had 4 or 5 ships. We also stopped a 6 ship push and held our flank.
      The Yueyang boldly and bravely stayed between the Yamato and the enemy DDs, scouting the other team and the torps their DDs sent to sink our Yamato.
      I bit my teeth into sinking the enemy DDs 1st priority, and the Yamato did its thing acting as an immovable object. That night I reached rank 1. I gained 8 Karma. and whenever we 3 were on the same team, we ended up with ~2k base experience and sometimes more.
      I cannot tell you why from 10 games this evening I had 6 games with these 3 fellas. I thank RNGesus. I made the jump from rank 2 with 0 Stars to rank 1 that night.

      Greets and apologies for this wall of text.
      4plains (I play on the EU server)

  7. I’m still miffed about radar going through islands. Radar and sonar don’t work like that. They should go through smoke and ignore range yes not not go through walls

  8. I was in my shima earlier and every single cruiser on the enemy team had radar and also 1 of the 2 enemy DDs also had radar.

  9. I’m gonna be honest, any tier 8+ game in a DD right now is atrocious, most of the time (I’m a rather aggressive IJN DD player that actually tries to cap and shoot, unlike that shima *cough cough*) I spend more time being radar’d than undetected. Couple games ago in my Yuugumo, I actually spent over 9 *SUCCESSIVE* minutes being radar’d, having to dodge, having to hide behind islands, etc and living for a total of around 13 minutes. It was absolutely horrendous. It’s forcing people into this passive Ass-ashio gameplay of just sitting at max torp range and hoping to get any torp hits in. I LITERALLY cannot even get into torp range without being radar’d because my torp range is 10km and radar is 9,9km at the LEAST.

    Wargaming either has to make radar duration or radar radius smaller. It makes NO sense at all as it is right now.
    Wouldn’t it be an idea to have radar be a vague ping instead of regular spot? It would be rather easy to hit a slow-moving, smoke camping DD if it’s location gets pinged every 2s or so (like, ya know, an ACTUAL radar) but someone actively dodging and not camping would have a really good chance at dodging most shells. What are your thoughts on this and if it’s a good idea, could you give that feedback to WG? Because that way they don’t have to buff/nerf anything, they just change the way radar works to something that – in my opinion – makes way more sense to begin with

    • its a good idea, this may be a contrary opinion, but to expound maybe on this idea. radar has 12 km range, but follows your ping idea as it acts like a snapshot. The ships pinged don’t become visible though on regular view, they instead have a circle denoting ship location that has its diameter changed by range on the minimap. so a 12 km full range ping has a circle 2-3 km radius, an 8 km has 1 km radius, and so on and so forth. While also having your guaranteed spotting at say 6 km from radar ship. This gives the team useful DD hunting information, but without completely wiping out the enemy dd’s with pin point shoot on this dot targetting data..

      edit: Just an idea, feel free to expound or come around with work arounds. This could also be a useful implementation for hostile aircraft tracking on minimaps.

  10. I mean, people are still complaining left and right wanting full-realism in the game.

    If there was full realism, like EVERY USN ship would be spamming radar at you.

  11. Last night I played random. Was top 3 in every game and went 3 – 8. One loss I was T8 DD in T 10 match and killed more ships than the rest of my whole team and only did 138k damage. I love the game but wargaming is screwing it up. You tell me how for 3 weeks I get stuck on lopsided losses 70% of the time. I can adjust to the ridiculous radar but my teams can’t. Zero support going into any cap now. I continue to try but get run out and lose half my h p in one attempt so I have to play passive rest of game because Bobs and cruisers for some reason won’t step up.

    • Amen brother, i`m a cruiser player, mostly, and am baffled to see i`m often the only supporter of a DD, than i have to pray that DD don`t get scarred and runs, leaving me with my pants down. BB`s start the game going parallel on spawn line and cruisers staying close. It makes nobody is around to proffit when the enemy makes a mistake, or even to scare enemy DD in cap. I often think the team with the least amount of idiots wins. Hope to sail with you sometime, be well.

  12. I love playing my Dads but lose half of my h p trying to cap. Also I can’t get cruisers and battleships to give me any support other than sniping at 21k. It’s getting frustrating.

  13. Destroyer Inazuma

    Please reassure me, Zao 12 km torps is a joke, right? It used to have 10 km unless I’m mistaken but like with invisi fire devs made it impossible to invisi torp.

  14. The smoke camp meta was because cruisers were too dang weak to nose in and go balls deep to run the DDs out of smoke. Lack of team play and support over all because team play and support doesn’t get you anything personally other than maybe a win if you are lucky.

  15. Robert Pettigrew

    Why not try shorter radar duration but faster cooldown as a change rather than longer duration?

  16. hinde is from the most balance ca on game and they want to nerf cause is the most playble ship like wtf???why to do something like that this is clear bs!!!!

  17. I am gonna flip my took next time I see a DD ask for Intel data

  18. Hindy with that legendary upgrade.

  19. That Shima is the result of everyone saying IJN DDs guns are crap, never use them.

    They have bad turret traverse and terrible reload on the Torpedoboats, but their alpha is quite impressive in most of them. If you have your turrets turned and surprise the enemy with your better concealment you can do quite a bit of damage.

  20. I want her so hard <3 ty for video

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