World of Warships – Working as Intended – Missouri

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To me the seems to still be in ship shape.

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  1. Give it to me! I won’t complain lol.

  2. A decent game, but you’re too damage focused and it frustrated me that you didn’t take a shot on any of the DDs. BB AP or HE is ridiculously strong against DDs if you hit them lengthways in particular. Sure, you might miss. But if you hit, and if you get a full pen, you might do 5k dmg – that could have been 1/3rd~ of it’s HP which would have 1) given your DD friends a massive advantage in killing them (obviously, but unless it’s a Khaba Tashkent with a heal, the dmg you do to them is permanent (in contrast to the many BB’s you shot)) as well as spotting and torping the enemy BBs. 2) would have given you a tonne of XP (you get the same amount of XP relative to the % dmg you do to a ship. E.g 5k to a DD is like doing 25k to a BB. 3) you would have greatly reduced your chance of taking torp damage and would have allowed yourself to push in further. 4) you stop their main method of recapping. DDs win or lose you games, it’s just how it is.

    Again, this is just constructive criticism, not a moan.

    • Qckslvrslash Gaming

      Tom Lockwood I was also operating and speaking to my doc mate who was actively fighting the dds. For him he preferred that I try to take out the Baltimore and their only radar. Like you said a dd late game is super strong. And I will always bet on myself or a div mate in a dd so giving them the best chances was the goal.

  3. I have not found any difference in her since I got her in October . accept that RNG seams to favour over and under shooting . so more praying to the RNG gods is in operation 😉
    nice game there . but i would have had a couple of shots at the DD’s just to help my team ..

  4. What is it about this ship that makes her the legendary moneymaker? I read somewhere once that it’s her assigned premium camo, but nobody who talks about her reputation actually mentions the reason.

    • jsm666 I think there might be a multiplier associated with the ship with its money income, and I think the camo plays a part in how much money you make

    • Qckslvrslash Gaming

      Camo comes with the ship. She makes money because of her economy set up. WG intentionally set her up to make people money. Incentive to spend free exp to have bought her in the year and a half she was available

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