World of Warships- World of Money Laundering?

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the accusations that WG itself is involved in money laundering in cahoots with a company called “GlobalMoney”. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Drossel Von Flugel

    World of jail sentences is the next game they release

    • Market is already saturated by titles like ‘Deadman Wonderland’, ‘Running Man’, etc.

    • id play world of prisons. gang management, running the outside crew from inside, not getting caught by gangery in the washrooms, fighting under the stairs. Id like to try the Russian or North Korean map out, sounds like it would be a challenge.

    • @Paddington Prison Architect, if you haven’t already seen it.

  2. can’t wait to hear about the new “miscommunications” and promises to do better if this ever goes into some sort of legal battle involving wg

  3. Reminds me of when gaijin ‘accidentally’ sponsored a Ukrainian-Russian seperatist group lmao

    • Misaka -Railgun- Mikoto the ace of Tokiwadai

      hello based ?

    • Well to be fair, that time Gaijin was outsourcing their advertising to a different company, and said company did a oopsie. In that case, Gaijin did an oopsie that was completely unintentional… completely preventable by actual supervision/oversight of course, but unintentional.

      WG on the other hand… committed this oopsie on purpose out of their own greedy machinations. And now they have several governments bearing down on them. They have absolutely nobody to blame besides themselves. Woops.

    • Or when gaijin was “hacked” and all credit cards details were taken by RU hackers :)) i wonder how safe is wargaming …

    • @Bogdan Chiriac I’d say WG is more secure, because I think it’s a larger company, with more budget, etc

  4. Well that actually explains alot about why they do what they do.

  5. My wife works on anti-money laundering in Europe. I would be surprise they are not money laundering. If at least for fiscal engineering. They have the perfect setup for that.

    • The whole of Europe does it west and east. It is a joke to think otherwise. I know plenty of scandalous fraud cases from my own country. The only difference being you don’t end up cut to pieces in the Danube river. In the west people simply laugh it off and don’t give a fk.

    • My wife works in health insurance.
      I think you are wrong.
      I have equally as much evidence, and expertise behind my claim, as you do.

    • @Zumzifero we have several players in the money flow. Basically they can be divided into gateway: the companies that process the payment transaction, acquirers and middle men, and the final receptor of the money: WG. Certainly each have their own responsibilities. Gateways are heavy regulated and monitored, companies are less until there is an audit which only happen when an alert is raised.

    • It is a perfect set-up for Smurfing but that’s true of any online vendor involved in a large number of relatively small on-line transactions.

    • @Emily Hofland he never claimed he was the one with expertise. He’s drawing on the expertise of sometime very well qualified to speak on the batter. It’s also worth noting that, being married to the woman, it’s not at all hard to fathom that they have numerous conversations about her work and how money-laundering operations work.

  6. A russian company with headquarters in cyprus. what a surprise…

  7. Check out this claim I have been making for weeks, the new EU digital consumer rights law covers nerfing premium and reward ships after they are obtained. This includes global nerfs for so called “balance”. WG will have to pay cash refunds, even for coal and steel ships, or restore all the nerfed premium ships to original state at the time they were offered. This law was approved last year and is going into effect in the next few weeks at different times for each region. Check when it goes active in your area and demand a refunds for nerfed ships or insist on restoration to original. The new law says content obtained in long effort and time consuming contest have cash value, such as coal or steel ships.

  8. I am from Czech republic and I watch the news on daily basis. So I was really surprised that I saw the article about the money laundering and havent heard about it on our news. I couldnt even find any article in Czech about it. So yeah it looks a bit fishy. And I consider our country a bit more developed then Eastern Europe. Even though Americans like to call us Eastern Europeans.

    • @Benedictus Widodo EU that some idiots called EU comission, not elected by any member states main representitives or their citizens, deside on something and all states have to incorperate it in their laws otherwise face penalty?
      EU that focuses on disarming citizens legaly owning firearms instead of properly fighting illegal weapons?
      EU that few years ago said “we need to lover energy consumption”, so they limit output of vaccum cleaners, fridges, washing machines etc. and now wants massive numbers of electromobiles yet has not enought energy sources to cover their consumption?
      EU that wants to ban lead ammunition, to protect birds and wild life from eating lead ammo, for civilians that shoot on shooting ranges, yet armed forces, police and rangers (gamekeepers) will be allowed to use it in the nature/wild?
      EU that with its subventions/grants to companies, farmers etc. totaly destroys basics of free market economy?

    • I’d say in the US, Czechs are viewed in the same cultural group as Austrians/Swiss/Southern Germans. I hear nothing but good things from people about how beautiful Prague is, how refined the architecture is, etc. Plus anyone who knows their firearms knows how phenomenal many Czech firearms are. I’ve never heard any American (one who knows what/where Czech Republic 🇨🇿 is) talk about your country as if it were some seedy backwater country like some others. Central European, firmly in the developed category.

    • Welcome to capitalism

    • I am pretty sure Czechia is sometimes called Eastern European because Czechoslovakia was an eastern bloc communist country, not because of its development. In the Human Development Index, Czechia is a very highly developed nation (ranked 27th).

    • @C B Yeah, but we were part of USSR for 44 years, yet we were a Central European country since 7th century AD (Samo’s Empire is considered first orginized state in our lands). So what has more weight in terms of history? Will not plunge into who sold us, again, to other dictator after WW2.

      @Bill Bopperton: Austrians, Swiss and Germans are Germanic cultural group. Czechs are Slavs, Western Slavs to be precise, not much geneticaly today though. And yes, you are right about the firearms. We were one of the best industrial countries after WW1, but WW2 and especialy allied bombing in the last weeks of WW2 (no compensations as of today as far as I know, since we were considered ocupied country) were a serious blow to our industry.

  9. Shitty Pony OC Recolor

    Thank you for pointing out these details. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Wargaming really is involved in shady stuff but I’m glad you took a look with a level head and an unbiased position rather than pursue some sketchy news article drama.

  10. Jose Maria Serrano

    This is serious stuff and could drive the need to monetize now rather than later that we are seeing

  11. So we’re going through Cypress to pay people in Eastern Europe and someone surprised there’s money laundering involved. War gaming keeps pushing ways to spend money on the game in large amounts instead of making small sales everyday all day. Money-laundering you say really? The money healing people are in hiding the transactions as part of warships

  12. The courts should offer War Gambling an option of pleading guilty straight off, or taking their chances by opening sentencing boxes which give them a 1 in 72 chance of being found innocent. They can explain to the court how this is all a miscommunication issue and they can promise to do better in the future.

    • Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

      It would be better if they needed to open loot boxes for parts to build their case. Then open loot boxes to get their verdict. Then open loot boxes for their sentence. Each step takes phone game build time unless they pay for coal to shorten it. We would get all our money back and then some.

  13. Good point SLMB: there are reasons to despise WG as a company, but making up accusations just to create more hype is just bad journalism.

    • Actually it is criminal to tell to public this kind of stories. Also those are criminals that spread out this kind of stories.

    • @Arto Heikinaro It’s not criminal in the United States although it may be subject to civil law suits. In other places it is possible it’s actually criminal.

  14. Warmly recommendin a good read: ‘The Future Is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia’ by Masha Gessen. It’s got everything: organized crime, Putin and the security forces.

  15. Okay, so I tried three times to post a fairly lengthy comment here, and youtube kept eating it. Not sure what it didn’t like about my post, I didn’t have any links or anything in it. Anyway, hoping this will go through, the TL;DR version: one of those sites (amico) is nothing but a combination of auto-translated, auto-generated and plain ripped off content from other sites (they don’t even change the names / links of the sites they’re ripping off). So yeah, unless and until a more reputable news source reports on this I’d take the whole “WG is laundering money” story with a grain of salt. Something the size of Mt. Everest should do…

  16. about 2 years ago or so WG were partnered with some mobile app companies that got you to watch adverts for x amount of doubloons/gold those app companies were a part of an actual bank that was investigated and shut down after being found guilty of corruption and money laundering too. It’s not the first time WG have been linked to these types of activities.

  17. Thank you for the research. I am not a fan of WG but it’s nice to have the facts and not base decisions on rumours. WG is in plenty of hot water for things they have actually done. Wallet remains firmly closed.

  18. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    To clarify some things that I didn’t think needed clarification but apparently do:

    1. “WG being complicit means they’re guilty”
    Yup. At least the employees involved. If these charges are true. However, I was trying to point out that WG itself is not DIRECTLY laundering money like GlobalMoney supposedly is. I use the term “complicit” in that supposedly according to these articles, several employees know that GlobalMoney is using their services to launder money. But have not stopped them from doing so. There’s a big difference between that situation and WG itself organizing the laundering of money. Is this still a bad thing if true? ABSOLUTELY SO.

    2. Legitimacy of the sites.
    I’m not exactly sure how one can defend the majority of the sites running this story. Most of them are barely even functional and are incredibly sketchy.

    3. Cyprus
    Yes WG financial offices are based in Cyprus. So are several thousand other corporate offices from companies around the world. Big surprise corporations want to pay as little taxes as possible. I didn’t dig into the issues with Cyprus and the passport fiasco as I was just focusing on the money laundering accusations.

    4. “Reputable source”
    No. The sketchy website isn’t a reputable source. If they had offered up ANY EVIDENCE AT ALL of the claims against WG, that would have been different. It was easy to dismiss the claims of the US investigation, there is no mention of WG of GlobalMoney on the Department of Justice’s website. Anyone is free to look that information up.

    5. “Other companies do it too”
    Yes, I’m sure of it. I doubt there’s any squeaky clean large corporation in the world. Does that make WG’s involvement in this any better if this story is proven true? No. It’s an illegal action no matter who or what company does it.

  19. Just look at the equity shareholders. They are a very shady company, likely because of the CEO and his sibling.

  20. How much a premium T8 actually costs: $5
    How much goes to the mob and mafia: $40

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